Airlines – Har Udaan Ek Toofan 7th December 2014 Episode 15, Star Plus – Written Update; No Telecast on 21st December 2014


Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash and all, Star Plus

UPDATE: 21st December 2014
* There is NO telecast of Airlines on 21st December 2014.


Aakash’s senior Intelligence officer wants him to join INDE Airlines but Aakash wants to be on-field and know more about project ID 2877. His boss speaks that only if he goes back to INDE Air only then he can unearth about the project. He also informs Aakash that Ananya is coming closer to him and has reached his home and asks him that Ananya might face lot of problems and her life could be at risk as well. Aakash is being told to look at INDE air mails on priority and gets info that his leave have been cancelled from his Sr. boss. His boss doesn’t say goodbye to Aakash and asks2014 Bonus whether they are meeting for the last time and Aakash replies maybe. Ananya is seen at the airport and speaks of Aakash being on indefinite leave and then why his name is there on the list. Mr.Sen comes there and informs that Aakash Saluja is back and Rohit has pressed for him to be back and thus flights are re-scheduled at the last moment. Aakash is seen drinking coffee/tea at airport and there are some boys having fun. He looks at them as they take drinks and preparing to go to Goa. One of the boys is hesitant to drink. Ananya looks for Aakash and soon finds him and calls his name. Both look at each other with smile on their faces and Natasha sees them from distance. Aakash learns about his Sr. Boss words and instead of a hug just offers her a hand shake. She becomes surprised and he looks serious too. He greets her and she replies on being fine and suggests that he haven’t sent a message and was thus worried. He speaks that his holidays are cancelled though he kept much secrecy earlier.

The announcement is going for flight IDF 485 from Delhi to Goa and gate 10 is mentioned. The same boys want to take more shots and a boy speaks of having an idea and prepares a shot. Aakash and Ananya are on their way for boarding and Rohit comes there. He greets both of them and appreciates Aakash’s sincerity and calls the duo as indispensable. Rohit speaks of flying in G-650 plane with Ananya on board and also offers her whether she agrees to fly new INDE airlines fleet of planes. She thanks him while Aakash goes at some distance and feels bit uncomfortable. The boys tries to harass an INDE Airlines hostess Monica who was taking their boarding pass and asks whether she knows the song – Monica… Oh My Darling. Ananya comes in and the boys also makes fun of her. She speaks on her authority to decide who will be her passengers and doesn’t want any trouble on flight and thinks that they know exactly what to do and what not to do. After warning them, she wishes them a safe flight. The boy Rahul gets angry. Natasha hugs Aakash on-board and asks about his top-secret travel, Uncle/Aunty, and also the dog who is fondly called Kaaju by Aakash. Both share anecdotes on how kaaju has eaten her dress and he thinks that Kaaju had a crush on her. After that exchange, Aakash comes to his seat while Ananya feels bit unhappy. She looks at him but he is preparing to take pilot’s work. The boys come in the plane and shows rude behavior to a middle-aged man and calls him uncle. Natasha comes and asks the boy Rahul to sit on his seat and have his seat-belt. He makes fun of her and also of pilot and calls Ananya as hottie. He also tries to pull Natasha’s leg in a bad way.

She goes from there after becoming angry. Rahul takes out the shot which he has prepared earlier and a passenger calls Natasha and she learns that the boys have put something to block that passenger’s seat. The boys harass Natasha more and wants some cola. Aakash at his end says that its time to go on auto-pilot and she asks him about his holidays. He didn’t say much and asks for checklist. She is very thankful to him for saving her life and suggests that she would have informed him before going on holidays but that’s not the case with him. She says that he means a lot to her. He replies that she is justified to feel in that way and suggests that if there was someone in her place even then he would have saved the life. She agrees with him. Rahul and his friends bully other passenger, a girl and Natasha earlier knew they are drunk. Natasha gives them colas and they call her as Aunty. They put colas in their cups and drinks alcohol. An old man warns them after seeing their drunken behavior and the boys confront him. The old man tries to pacify them but the boys suggests whether he knows with whom he is speaking. They inform that Rahul is the son of Minister of Communication – Deen Dayal Verma. Natasha and other airhostesses comes to pacify the old passenger and the boys. She upgrades the old man to business class and Rahul harasses her and pushes the old man. Rahul then beats other passenger who tried to confront him and then threatens more. Aakash learns about it and decides to go and intervene. He tells Ananya to lock the cockpit. He goes there and suggests Natasha to take those boys to business class. Aakash goes to speak that the boys are VIPs and minister are important. Actually, Aakash was making a taunt at boys and the boys learn it as well. The boy tries to speak about his identity and tries to slap Aaaksh but gets a punch in return from Aakash. Rahul gets taped on his mouth and other boys get a lesson to see Aakash’s defiance.

Aakash comes back to the cockpit and Ananya speaks of seeing the boys earlier at the check-in and were creating nuisance. Ananya informs the ATC about the boys misbehavior and they need to get caught and a breath anaylzer test is to be done. Mr. Sen speaks with Rohit who informs that the core team is important to execute a good vision. Rohit wants a team who are passionate and loyal and Mr Sen replies that we already have such people who have the spark as well. Rohit thinks it as a project and names it X and calls it a top-secret project and the mission is to find best talent for INDE airlines and to train them. Rohit thinks that project X will be like a textbook for civil aviation industry and wants best talent for the pilots and the team. Sooner then, Mr Sen receives a call about an incident on IDF 485 and it is about a boy who makes claim on being the son of Minister Deen Dayal Sharma. Aakash meets the boys at Goa Airport upon arrival and asks Rahul whether he will handle his friends problems as well since Rahul’s friend shows much worry on not able to go abroad if he gets punished. Mr. Sen calls Aakash and wants him to stop testing the boys for breath analyzer test and suggests that the boys are kids. Aakash speaks of getting the fever of truth and justice after flying with Ananya and will allow the test and the boys are going for breath analyser test and Aakash himself will be the official witness. He suggests the boys that if there is no test then there will be no bail as well.

At the hotel, Ananya finds Aakash to be very quiet and she goes to meet him. Both are seen sitting in the lounge and she asks whether he lives alone in home. He replies his mother comes from time to time and Rohit calls Aakash during their conversation. Rohit speaks that Aakash doesn’t follow corporate protocols to which Aakash obliges. He suggests that politicians are important for favors and Aakash speaks of understanding his dilemma. Rohit thinks that Aakash didn’t listen to him since he went ahead with the boy’s Rahul breath analyzer test. Rohit then informs that the minister wants Aakash’s resignation as his compensation because the minister thinks that Aakash has manhandled his son. Aakash informs Rohit that whatever decision he will take he will agree with much grace and just he needs to inform him and ends the call. Ananya thinks that Aakash has done the right thing and cites Tokyo convention article 10 instructions which suggests that the pilot in command have all the immunity and there will be no legal action in case the pilot have followed the rules. Aakash thanks Ananya for that input. Natasha comes there and hugs Aakash and speaks of going to dinner with him. Aakash replies not today and she leave from there with some dejection while Ananya carries some smile.

Aakash goes to the swimming pool in the night and Ananya sees him going to take a dip there and smiles. Ananya’s sister Shefali have started giving music lessons and Kunal comes and asks her for the dinner. She agrees for it and very quickly he takes out her phone and replaces some SIM card but he finds Ananya’s call coming. He becomes nervous and soon Shefali comes and takes the phone as it was ringing and learns about Ananya’s call. She starts speaking with Ananya and asks about Aakash and where he had went earlier. Ananya replies of not knowing where Aakash have gone and seems there is some mystery. Shefali thinks that Ananya have developed feelings for him and asks her to accept it. Ananya informs of seeing some drastic change in Aakash and doesn’t know what happened. Aakash’s senior boss learns that Aakash has been tracked and his informer has been murdered in the disguise of an accident. The intelligence team and Sr Boss wants Aakash to be informed of the lurking danger on his head and the boss even remembers his last words which he spoke with him. He calls Aakash but couldn’t get connected as Aakash is swimming in the pool. Some men approaches Aakash inside the pool and he sees them and tries to evade. But those men get hold of Akash’s leg and he battles them while they try to pull his leg so as to drown him. On Aakash’s phone, unknown caller is being flashed from his senior boss. His senior boss is much worried.

Aakash’s head gets hit with the stairs of the pool and Ananya also thinks there is something wrong since it has been more than 5 mins and Aakash didn’t came out of the pool. The men after their attack finds Aakash unconscious and leaves. Ananya comes at the pool and soon finds him floating unconscious in water and swims to take him out. She manages to bring him in conscious state for few second and he murmured attack. She soon finds his head injury and is in a big shock and shows much concern and worry.

No   Precap

Additional Note:
* Airlines on 14th December 2014 will not be telecast since Bollywood movie 2 States, a romantic comedy will be going to telecast at 9 PM.
– Yudhishtir’s Tweet about the same.

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  1. We are waiting to see ananya & aakash in airlines please tell us when will theserial next episode is. Today also we were waiting to see the serial but diappointed you did not telecast . Please tell us what date & what timing is this serial

  2. Its fabulous i watch it every sunday even leaving my essential works also i want to see aakash and annanya and all others again plllllzzzzz


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