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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar:

Neil and Ragini have come face to face after 15 years. The divorced couple meet after 15 years and their first meeting starts with an argument over their past. Neil shows some attitude and Ragini gets irked. Neil has become the doctor in the same hospital where Ragini works, and Dr. Aman, who loves Ragini, welcomes Neil. Ragini asks why did he come in her life after so many years. Neil says he has come to attend his daughter’s marriage. Let’s see how Ragini manages to keep him away from their children.


KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi dances on the Dhol as he is happy to welcome Suresh’s baraat for Pragya. He makes Pragya ready by making her adorn the jewelry and even applies lipstick to her, to make her look the best for Suresh. Abhi is crazy and Pragya does not know why is Abhi doing this. Abhi gets ready in a black suit. Pragya gets dressed as the bride. She hugs him by the fear of separation. She still believes in their marriage, but Abhi is determined and breaks her mangalsutra and their marriage. Pragya cries and the love and hate relationship between them gets intense.


Chakor has fallen in new trouble, as she is caught in chains, and her dreams have shattered. Lakhan takes her to Bhaiya ji, as its last day to free Imli. Chakor feels she will sacrifice her dreams for Imli’s sake, while Imli asks Baa to stop Chakor from giving up, as she is ready to stay as Bandhua, and will not let Chakor’s dreams break. Imli goes to make the Bandhua stamp herself, to save Chakor. Will Ishwar save Chakor this time?


Kurti Apa accuses Aarzoo to be pregnant with Zaki’s child. Aarzoo breaks in tears when Kurti Apa calls her characterless and make a relation with Zaki before marriage. Zaki’s Casanova image goes against him this time, when he was in true love with Aarzoo. Sahir hears all accusations and stays silent, shocking Aarzoo. Even she does not speak in her defense. Samaira is pregnant with Zaki’s child, and wants to marry Zaki. Zaki is worried and confides with Aarzoo. Aarzoo gets trapped in this matter, as Sahir sees Aarzoo signing the pregnancy form. Sahir misunderstands her and gets heated and jealous.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Everyone happily celebrate the haldi ceremony, and even Suresh ends differences with Raj Singhania. Karishma and Naman get glad as the haldi ceremony happens at the Goa beach. They are special to have their dream wedding in Goa, as per theme. The ladies wear fancy hats to get protection from sun, and as per Goa traditions. Karishma enjoys all the rituals happily, and Devyaani does not find her extra free nature. Akshara explains her to accept Karishma by her heart and regard her as daughter to ignore her mistakes. The haldi ceremony is unique and the wedding will be more unique as Naman and Karishma will get married in Goa. But the twist comes in the show, as Karishma goes missing on the wedding day, making everyone assume she is not ready to commit and have run away from the mandap.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

The Birlas and Srivastavs keep a kabaddi match, and Soumya plays from Birla family, while Suhani supports her family. The Birlas win the match, and they celebrate by keeping a party. Yuvraaj is slowly falling in love with Suhani, and dances with her, making Soumya really jealous. Soumya gets Krishna’s message to meet her outside the house, and she goes to meet him to avoid any other issue like before. Soumya misunderstands Suhani again, thinking she is the one who is trying to keep her away from Birla family.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:

Astha and Shlok’s business has started running well, and the chawl goon gets an entry in the show to take his commission/hafta from them. While Asthha refuses to pay any bribe, as its illegal and unethical. The goon threatens Astha and Shlok to pay the price or lose the food truck. The goon takes away the cash box, and Shlok angrily beats him up. The fight leads to the life threat on Shlok as he points gun at him. A scared Astha decides to end the business for Shlok’s life, but Shlok asks her not to quiet being afraid of anyone. They are stunned seeing the food truck damaged. Will they fight against the goon or give up the business?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Shagun has troubled Ishita once again by filing Ruhi’s custody case. Shagun tells the judge about Raman not being a good father, and reminds the judge how he has fought in the school and beaten the guys without caring the little Ruhi is watching him. Mr. Iyer, Mrs. Bhalla and everyone give statements in Ishita and Raman’s favor. Shagun says she wants Ruhi, and shows her motherly emotions and love. Shagun is worried in heart too, thinking how will she manage the expenses of Adi and Ruhi. But she can’t see Ishita winning Ruhi. Ashok talks to the judge and says Ishita and Raman will be better for Ruhi’s upbringing. He speaks against Shagun, who is not a good mother. He says Shagun beats Ruhi for petty things, and gets angry in seconds. He says Shagun does not have any control over her temper. He says Ishita will be better for Ruhi, as Shagun just wants to acquire Ruhi, and she does not love Ruhi from her heart. A shocked Shagun gets angry and goes to beat Ashok. The judge is shocked seeing Shagun’s hot tempered behavior. Ishita gets Ruhi’s custody and hugs her, and there is a happy family picture again.

Ek Hasina Thi:

Dev has seen Arnav’s murder video by Rajnath. Durga has made Anuradha blackmail Basu and made him quit from his political career. Dev is determined to take revenge from Goenkas. While Shaurya has shown his true side to his parents, about being on his legs and killing Dr Dayal Thakur, a shocked Sakshi decides to take revenge on Durga. Sakshi plans to hit on Durga’s weakness, that’s Payal and reach to Nitya. Sakshi hires someone to kidnap Payal so that she can catch Durga’s neck. Sakshi fails to get Payal as she is already shifted. Durga starts falling in love with Dev seeing his true love for Nitya. Dev mourns for Arnav’s death and recalls about his childhood. While Durga has plotted Akash/Akram to threaten Sakshi, both the players are clever enough. Shaurya plans to harm Durga, while Sakshi stops him. Durga asks Sakshi about Payal and doubts she has kidnapped Payal. Sakshi confronts Durga for her real identity and asks about Nitya, to offer a deal to give Nitya and take Payal. Shaurya tries to kidnap Payal while the two ladies doubt each other. Payal goes missing. Everyone wonder where she went. The mystery guy turns out to be Rishi, who brings Payal safely somewhere else.


Ranvi has made Ratan wear the red dupatta, and tells Chai ji and Ratan about his decision to get Ratan married to Nihaal. Ranvi has noticed Ratan and Ranvi’s friendship and pure relation. Chai ji is very happy with this decision. Ranvi asks Ratan not to hesitate and make her life complete by accepting Nihaal as her life partner. Baldev and Nihaal have an argument, and post Nihaal’s death, everyone doubt Baldev for it.



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