Manik acts defiant to make Nandini admit her feelings of love for him full-heartedly


kaisi yeh yaariyan

Manik was frustrated with Nandini since she was not accepting his apology and planned to extract her feelings for him. Manik also vowed to prove Nandini wrong earlier since she suggested to him of not getting affected if something bad happens to him. He also knew Nandini’s words that if doesn’t hurt its not love which she spoke with Cabir. Nandini thought to not apologize Manik since she wanted him to know how one feels when hurt. She has strong feelings of love for Manik which was evident since she couldn’t sleep thinking about Manik and unable to get him out of her head, and Manik too have the same feelings. For getting answers from Nandini – forgiveness and realization of love, Manik abducts her and takes her to a home and apologizes again. Both Nandini and Manik acted stubborn with Nandini haven’t accepted Manik’s apology until now and Manik went ahead with his abducting plan.


After reaching to that home, Nandini informs him on his second mistake which he did to get forgiveness for the first. She says I hate you… many times but couldn’t say them while looking into his eyes. Manik starts to understand her inherent feelings. She cries after locking herself in another room and doesn’t wish to talk but he manages to go there and makes her smile. She attaches the nickname monkey to his full name. Later, Cabir calls Manik about Q label manager’s demand of 2 songs from Fab 5 and Manik asks him to not worry and shows more concern for Nandini. He asks Cabir for some help to woo Nandini as she was crying/not listening. Cabir in turn suggests Manik to apply some TLC’s (tender love and care) and his own efforts to woo her in realizing their love. Manik take those suggestions with interest though he has some concern about love.

He prepares coffee first and offers to Nandini with care but she doesn’t accept. She soon finds swelling on Manik’s hand and shows care for it but he starts showing pain in his heart, eyes, cheeks which didn’t evoke much interest from her either. As part of applying TLCs in different settings, dancing with her comes next and Manik succeeds partially since after a while she drops out and shows lack of interest. She begins to leave and just then finds Manik falling down after getting hurt which brings out the twist. Earlier, just after their first fight/Nok-jhok there, Manik believed that its a matter of time until Nandini will give in (her heart will melt), accept his apology and also express her love, affection for him. For this to happen, if Manik enacts getting hurt then Nandini will rush to him and starts pouring out much care, feelings of love for him which he was yearning for so long. Whether Manik has really crafted something like arranging things to get beaten up so as touch Nandini’s heart ? How his swelling would help him ?

Earlier, Nandini spoke with Cabir that love needs heart and not courage but Cabir suggested the need of both. She has reminded him about Raghav [R] when she spoke about him understanding well that in love you get hurt. All this was heard by Manik. Coming to Dhruv – Manik’s buddy, he has provided good support to him by making it clear that he has moved on from Nandini and also spoke of his believe that one-sided love is never complete. This gave Manik much needed boost and also clarity on his own love for her. Coming to Dhruv and Aliya’s bonding, she thought on taking place in his rebound phase but he clarifies on not regarding her as Nandini’s substitute. This has removed her previous doubts about Dhruv’s emotional state on loving Nandini. While, Mukti informed Aliya that Dhruv is a guy who will only kiss a girl to whom he loves and thinks Nandini as that girl. However, Aliya has a different belief which got much stronger after he didn’t consider her as a part of his rebound. Aliya and Dhruv’s unspoken love continues to prosper and blossom.

Harshad is still locked up in jail after Navya didn’t support his case for bail and the policeman continues to have evidence and witness against him. Navya is unable to trust Harshad though earlier she was thinking him as innocent and wanted to help him since she was his last hope to get out from jail. But Mukti did her part in asking Navya to grow-up and not let Harshad use her. Whether Mukti really meant what she said to Navya or there is something else cooking in her mind since she earlier spoke to Aliya about still having feelings for Harshad and suggested love being a complicated thing. Mukti knows and have seen Navya and Harshad sharing intimate moments. Does she intend to come close to Harshad and make him drift farther from Navya ?


  1. awesome….manik haa…acting kare ya kuch bhi …jakar nandini se sach mat kehna …agar tum act kar rehi hoon …. cabir ko waha hosptl mein hona chahiye….uski bohath zaroorat hainn….


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