Monday Reminders for Zee TV


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Doli Armaanon Ki:

Shashi tells Samrat how he could have made an MMS, and then says that there’s a limit to the kinds of sin a person can commit. He asks her to shut up, but this time she doesn’t, and reprimands him severely, that some sins are definitely beyond forgiveness, and this is one of them. She tells him to mind his language as he is talking to his mother. She says that its her fault, as she never gave him any lessons, in the childhood, or else they wouldn’t have had to see this today, her and the entire family due to him. All are shocked to see her talking like that to Samrat, who himself is shocked.

Jamai Raja:

Rajveer meets Gafoor (DD’s rival) and says he needs his help to get DD’s property. Gafoor reminisces DD insulting him and says he will punish DD with a chain he is wearing. Rajveer shakes hands with him. Rajveer says Raj getting into his office and thinks Sid told he is Sid Khurana, now he will reveal his secret in front of everyone.

Jodha Akbar:

Jodha is praying to Kahna ji, she ask Kahna to protect her child, please send Salim back, don’t take my exam so much, Zakira says don’t cry, Salim will comeback soon, Jodha says when, one day have passed, she says don’t know Salim is in which condition, Why Jalal is not freeing Moin, atleast Salim will return, we don’t have other way out but to free Moin, its enough, Jalal cant take decision because of his ego but I am mother, I can’t leave my son like this, I have to take decision. Jalal says that I will go to kidnappers in disguise of Moin.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi tries to tie knot and burns his hand by mistake with havan fire. Pragya searches ointment in her room to apply on Abhi’s burnt hand. Tanu comes and asks why is she still acting as worried about Abhi, if she wants to know that she is more worried than her.

Qubool Hai:

Azhar’s parents tell Tanveer that the work is done. Tanveer says that some more time, and then they shall enjoy the drama. meanwhile, Sanam and Seher start having convulsions and fits and then fall unconscious, their faces having gone pale.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke:

Mayank notices Gunjan crying. Bindia celebrates and says this drama is no less than any tv serial. She is shocked to see someone in front. Gunjan and Seema play musical chair. Gunjan loses deliberately. Prabhu tells Seema the truth, Seema blames Gunjan and says she is leaving the house.

Satrangi Sasural:

Aarushi says that she did overreact. Aarushi is told by her colleague that everyone wishes in their life for a friend like vihaan, and she shouldn’t turn down the oppurtunity just so soon, and should immediately apologise for what she did. She is tensed and the screen freezes on Aarushi’s sad face. In the mall, Vihaan finds Aarushi dressed like a bride, and laying her head on his shoulder.


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