Abhi impedes Pragya and Suresh's marriage and proves her innocence in KumKum Bhagya


abhi and pragya

Abhi leaves no option for Pragya than to marry Suresh. Sarla and Bulbul cry seeing this. Abhi gets the proof of Pragya’s innocence in last minute and he stops Pragya and Suresh’s marriage. While Pragya takes the rounds with Suresh, Abhi shouts stop and comes to her. He wipes Pragya’s tears and kisses her forehead. He hugs her with love. He announces this marriage can’t happen, as the MMS is fake. He says he was mad to doubt on her character, he will not trouble her now. He will always support her. He says he would have not forgiven himself if he knew this truth later. Pragya gets very happy as Abhi assures her that everything will be fine. Will the couple unite again?

Abhi clears Pragya’s name and breaks her marriage with Suresh. Aaliya and Tanu are shell shocked. The MMS truth has come infront of everyone. Aaliya asks Abhi how can he prove that the MMS is fake. Abhi says I have a proof and asks the servant to get the CD. Pragya is glad as her husband has supported her finally. He then exposes Aaliya and Tanu by showing the video of their cooking up their plan. Pragya should take marriage vows with Abhi again. Keep reading.



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