Baldev gets arrested; Ranvi and Veera in shock about Nihaal's death


veera baldev

Rajveer comes to know someone was asking about him in Gurdaspur and that person is from Pritampura. Rajveer thinks who is finding about his past. He then meets Ranvi. Ranvi tells him that he went to Gurdaspur for some work. Rajveer asks did he go at some particular place. Ranvi says yes. Rajveer doubts Ranvi is the one who is trying to find about his past. He gets worried as his past is bitter and he wants to hide it from everyone. Rajveer thinks to kill him and takes him to the lonely place. Rajveer gets angry as Ranvi praises Baldev to be perfect for Veera. Rajveer plans to kill Ranvi, and kills Nihaal instead, to trap Baldev having seen their heated arguments in the market place publicly.


Veera dreams of her marriage with Baldev and the wedding day comes. Veera gets ready in the bridal dress, waiting for her groom Baldev. The family gets a big shock when they come to know that Nihaal is dead. There is a big full stop to their wedding. Veera recalls all the time spent with Baldev and is in state of shock as she can’t believe he can kill Nihaal Chachu. Baldev gets arrested and is in jail. The family mourns for Nihaal’s death. Nihaal’s murder blame has come on Baldev. Rajveer arrests Baldev and fills Ranvi’s ears against him. Rajveer determines to marry Veera, and kick out everyone who comes in his way. What will happen next? How will Baldev clear his name from this big crime? Keep reading.


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