Love By Chance 30th Episode, Bobby and Shaina's Love Story, 20th December 2014 on Bindass TV – Promo Snapshot


Love By Chance Bindass 30th Episode, 20th December 2014- Shaina and Bobby's love story

The story is about Bobby and Shaina. Both Bobby and Shaina works as chefs in a restaurant which is popular and also have good rating. While, Bobby works as a chef by passion and his bobby to be D.J but Shaina has a perfectionist quality in her. Shaina thinks the kitchen there belongs to her and is deeply involved with it and has the philosophy that cooking is worshipping. She meets Bobby and informs the same and makes it clear to him that at any cost she would like to see a five-star rating for their food and kitchen.

They start to work in their own styles and Shaina who is much concern on one occasion tastes some food and thinks that sugar is very less with belief. Bobby in his usual way suggests that a pinch (chutki in hindi) full of love will be more rewarding in getting a better food. On that note, Bobby and Shaina starts to argue, fight and their equation goes more haywire. Shaina was stopped by her colleagues in showing more aggression. Later, she gives an ultimatum that either she will work in that kitchen or Bobby in a defiant tone. To resolve their dispute, both are called for a meeting with their boss. Bobby shows understanding and patience and tries to accept Shaina’s arguments so as to pacify her. In the end, Shaina develops feelings for Bobby and he also wins her heart. Both are seen sharing eyelocks and Bobby showers a kiss on Shaina’s hand as a token of their blossoming love which brings smile on her face. The story ends on that happy note.


Some of the questions are – Why Shaina didn’t took Bobby’s initial advice of showering some love while preparing a dish ? What made Shaina defiant to make herself heard to senior boss ? Why Bobby showed patience and have accepted her arguments when they met the boss, whether he had already developed some feelings for her ? How Shaina became sure of Bobby’s good-hearted nature and his feelings for her ? How they become lovestruck in the end ? Stay tuned to Love by Chance this Saturday @ 7 PM on Bindass TV.

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