Dada ji slaps LD as Radha arrives as LD's wife in Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali


mere rang mein ld and radha


Radha thinks Renuka(Isha’s mum) will help her in breaking the relation with LD by talking to Suhasini. She has all hopes from Renuka. Renuka meets Suhasini and tries to make her think about Radha, who will never be happy with the man she does not love. Renuka says Radha and LD’s families are so different that Radha can never adjust there. Suhasini understands the matter, and tells Renuka that she is Radha’s mum and wants the best for her. She is not Radha’s enemy to send her to Mathura. She believes LD really loves Radha as he told this infront of his parents, and can never back out from his words. She likes LD’s family too, and there is no problem when LD stated that he will fulfill Radha’s dreams and will not limit her freedom.

Suhasini asks Renuka not to interfere in Radha’s life, and she has to go to Mathura at any cost. She says no guy will marry Radha after seeing her marriage video with LD. She feels she is the best option for Radha and packs her bag. She asks Renuka to leave from her house. Renuka apologizes to Radha for not being to help her, and suggests her to believe her mum’s decision and give this marriage a chance. Radha gets helpless and has to leave for Mathura to meet LD’s Dada ji, thinking he will never accept a Mumbai girl.

Radha has landed in Mathura at LD’s house with her luggage. LD is glad seeing her, but no one is happy seeing her in jeans and top. Jayshree faints seeing Radha in such modern clothes and knowing she is LD’s wife. She gets a heavy shock by this revelation and falls. Chameli holds her. Radha has come to LD’s house, but she does not know about the house rules, where only Dada ji’s values and rules works. Dada ji slaps LD knowing about Radha. LD tells him that Radha is his wife and he wants to keep up his marriage. LD says he really loves Radha and wants to spend his life with her. Radha is not ready to change herself for them, and she don’t want them to judge her by her clothes. LD likes her as she is, and he stands by her side. Radha thinks Dada ji will kick her out of the house, but Sadhna and LD convince Dada ji to give Radha a chance, which troubles Radha more. LD forwards his hand to Radha to hold it for lifetime. Radha is stunned to see LD still supporting her, and going against his Dada ji. LD tries to convince Radha to accept their marriage. What will Radha do now? Keep reading.


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