Goenkas get arrested as Durga triumphs in Ek Hasina Thi; EHT Actors and Stars showing gratitude to fans


durga and shaurya in ek hasina thi

While Sakshi has planned a lot to cover up her son Shaurya and she was the mastermind behind Shaurya’s fake death. Shaurya has killed his best friend Tarun and his servant Tom for this, and the Goenkas has shown the world that Shaurya Goenka is dead. Durga can’t believe this, but has to accept seeing Sakshi’s tear flood in the hospital. Sakshi and Rajnath meet Shaurya and they plan to send him to New Zealand till they end the chapter of Nitya and Durga. Sakshi played it safe, but Shaurya’s ego and his wish to win his bet to get Durga, made him fall to Durga’s plan. Shaurya reaches Payal’s hideout by following Durga, and comes to know what is she planning now, to get his parents punished. He goes in disguise and heard Dev and Durga planning.


He sees Akash along with them, and gets angry. Shaurya makes a big mistake. Shaurya says no one can catch him now and plans to take down Durga. Durga, Dev and Akash confront Shaurya, Sakshi and Rajnath at the Goenka house by bringing their hidden master player Payal. They call the police by making Shaurya foolish to accept his crime. The Goenkas get arrested by their live acceptance of their sins. They all get handcuffed and still does not lose temper. Sakshi is shell shocked as her life is ending by this. Payal gets justice at last. Payal hugs Durga and Durga reveals her true identity to everyone. Sakshi is shocked to know Durga is actually Nitya. Durga’s motive was to get Goenkas punished, and the story got a twist by showing Payal’s strength. Payal gets normal and is happy soul again. Dev and Durga wins in the justice war. The show marks its end this Saturday. We wish all the best to all the cast for their next wonderful project.

Actors and Stars of EHT: Reminscing on the show and showering gratitude to their fans
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  1. Plz…restart this serial i will miss it most this is only serial that i watch so plz to be continued fast…i miss all the characters in this serial…


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