Private Investigator 3rd Episode, Mohini’s Murder Mystery Case, 21st December 2014 on Star Plus – Written Update


Private Investigator Episode 3, Star Plus

Mohini, a young actress is seen giving a shot and when the director speaks of another shot she doesn’t listen and goes to her vanity van. The director speaks about Mohini and how she used to not leave her hero during a romantic scene before. They are afraid to talk more about her since she will be going to become daughter-in-law in a politician’s family. Mohini speaks to Ranvijay on phone and soon finds someone hanging a dress with blood sprained on it. She shouts after getting threatened and becomes afraid.

Sonu is seen with Raffe who informs him about Mohini being threatened recently and also there will be a celebration party at her place. Raffe and Sonu solves a competition to get entry into Mohini’s party. Raffe finds Inspector Tiwari at the party scene and soon meets a man who thinks Raffe as a journalist. The man who is a young actor speaks of working in Mohini’s next movie and another actor comes there and speaks of going to work in Mohini’s next movie. Mohini comes to speak and thanks Surender ji for giving her the role in the film. Surender ji speaks of doing his next movie – Main Tera Deewana with Mohini and the co-star paired with her would be Raj Malhotra. Raffe finds a hanging lamp falling over Mohini and saves her in the nick of time. Mohini later speaks of a star’s life being difficult and there might be many enemies. She thanks her fans and all real life heroes and goes on take drinks. Once she drinks, the next moment she falls down and utters the line Ka Ka Ma la Wa to Raffe and soon dies. Raffe drives the auto and Sonu is disheartened and they are on the way to go back. Raffe speaks of Mohini’s last words Ka Ka Ma La Wa and Sonu wants Raffe to find the murderer of Mohini.


Next day, Raffe is asked how Mohini died at the college. He asks his friends that a murder took place and how they are asking about gossips. Dhanalakhmi aka Lucky thinks Raffe is becoming popular and page 3 celebrity. Raffe meets Raghu and speaks about Mohini’s last words which translates to My Uncle. Raffe gets a call from Tiwari who asks him to come at Ranvijay’s [politician, Mohini’s fiance] office. He wants to first go to Mohini’s home before meeting Tiwari. He reaches Mohini’s home and doesn’t get entry initially and then manages to get in to speak with Megha. Raffe speaks that Mohini was getting threatening calls before her death and he asks her whether Mohini had a kaka (uncle). Raffe speaks Mohini’s words – Ka Ka Ma La Wa. [ Uncle..come]. Megha thinks of uncle Manohar but doesn’t share that info to Raffe. Raffe sends some journalist to meet Mohini and when she was busy with them he took a notebook which has info on Manohar uncle being paid some money. Tiwari is bullied by the politician Ranvijay and Raffe comes there and speaks about Mohini’s last words. Ranvijay leaves there but Tiwari is not threatened much with him. Raffe takes leave from Tiwari with the excuse that his mother’s health is bad and then goes to follow Ranvijay’s car. Ranvijay is seen visiting an office of Manohar Lohia and Raffe also comes there. Raffe asks the receptionalist to give him a police verification form and also the expensive properies of Lohia firm. Meanwhile, Raffe overhears Ranvijay and Manohar Lohia uncle talk. Ranvijay speaks to Mahohar uncle that Mohini’s last words were his name – Manohar Kaka. He warns him and wants Juhu Garden flat. Raffe leaves from there and learns that Lohia is a real estate agent of film stars and Ranvijay is also a real-estate developer.

Raffe wonders what is the story behind Juhu Garden and why Mohini spoke about Manohar uncle. Raffe introduces himself as Gonzalez and the CEO of a company and wants an appartment close to Juhu Garden. Raffe goes to see the appt in Manohar’s presence while making Dhanalakhmi aka Lucky as his wife. Lucky speaks that Mohini has a flat in versova so why this one. Manohar privately speaks to Raffe that film stars have many big interests. Raffe speaks that Mohini was getting married in 2 weeks then what is the need of this flat. He then pushes Manohar and introduces himself as CID officer and wants his aide Lucky to seal the flat. Manohar becomes worried and then opens up on how he was beaten since morning and even Mohini’s fiance has thrashed him as well. Mohini told him to inform Megha that she is renting the flat for her. Lucky asks why Mohini spoke lie and said to Megha that she was going to buy the flat for her. Manohar didn’t have answer to it. Raffe meets the security guard and learns that Mohini used to come regularly with a very fair man. Raffe shows to him the photo of Ranvijay and the security guard informs he is not that guy and also informs Raffe that Ranvijay used to come to him asking about Mohini and the ones who accompany her at the flat. He informed Ranvijay the truth. Raffe speaks to Lucky that he is not lying since a private investigator can do verification and integrity check. She calls him an enthu college student and suggests that he got success only one or two times by chance. Raffe goes to know more Mohini and learns that Megha was also an actress but she didn’t succeed and became Mohini’s secretary instead and also people spoke about Mohini’s alleged affairs with some men. Raffe goes to meet Megha and informs her that he got the truth from Manohar uncle.

Raffe comes inside and finds expensive sandals and movie poster with Megha’s name. He speaks to Megha that Mohini was going to buy a flat for her and she replies that Mohini used to like her as she has done lot of work. Raffe then speaks how she reacted once she came to know what Mohini was saying was a lie. Raffe and Megha’s discussion gets interrupted since Tiwari’s constable comes there and informs her that she is invited to meet Tiwari. Tiwari speaks that Mohini died due to anti-depressant medicine which was mixed in her wine. Megha speaks that Mohini’s medicine used to come from United States and there were 3 bottles. Megha brings the medicine bottle which she had for emergency purpose. She also informs that Ranvijay and Mohini had two other bottles. Raffe thinks that Megha is hiding something and the murder weapon is the medicine bottle, and she was hiding her laptop before as well. Raghu speaks of sending a virus to Megha’s mail and wonders why she will check his mail. Raffe knows the answer and asks Raghu to write the subject – I know what you did. Megha opens the mail at her end and the virus activates to transfer all the files from her laptop drive to Raghu’s drive. Raghu learns that Megha had hidden a camera in Mohini’s room and then records her video of undressing. Raffe understands quickly that megha was blackmailing Mohini and for this reason she was getting rich. They were present outside Megha’s home and soon finds her going out. Raffe and his friends starts following her and stops her from throwing the laptop in the sea. Sonu asks Megha on why she made mohini’s video and Raffe also asks why she blackmailed and murdered her.

Megha speaks that they are mistaken and she haven’t killed Mohini and also she learnt about Mohini buying a flat for her only after her death. Raffe comes home and starts watching the news but his mother wants him to watch mohini’s marathi movies which were telecast as a tribute. In the movie, there was a dialogue Ka Ka Ma La Wa. Raffe then learns from his mother about the dialogue and what it meant in the movie and understands that Mohini was actually referring before her death that someone close to her is involved in her death. Raffe calls Raghu for taking an appointment from Surender ji – Mohini’s producer. Raffe meets Sonu and gets the photo which they took with Mohini at the party. Raffe starts to speak that Ranvijay knew of Mohini’s juhi flat which also meant that he came to know of other person who used to frequently go with her. Megha will not kill Mohini since she was a golden hen for her. Now, the question is about the third man and why did he killed her remains a mystery. Moreover, Ranvijay and Megha were with Mohini at the time of murder that means there is a third guy. Raffe wants to know Ranvijay’s story and goes to meet his party men. Raffe gives the excuse of having some problem and thus wants to join the party. The party men of Ranvijay informs Raffe that their boss doesn’t like deceit and the one doing so will be gone forever. Sooner the party men learns that Raffe bluffed on his identity and tries to catch him but in vain.

Raffe finds someone following and then Vijay appears with muffler and informs Raffe of bringing his death warrant. Raffe speaks to him that he is not going to harm him and doesn’t carry a pistol as well. Vijay asks Raffe to focus on studies instead of doing his current work. Raffe learns that Vijay is being sent by his mother and informs him that he is doing a legal work. Vijay speaks on how Raffe is following Sonu’s suggestion to follow Mohini’s case. Both start speaking and Vijay asks Raffe who gives warning before the murder ? Raffe replies the blackmailer who wanted to threaten the victim. Vijay asks Raffe about the difference between murderer, blackmailer and extortionist. The blackmailer is the one who threatens the victim by suggesting that he/she will disclose the information public. Vijay speaks that Mohini was attacked twice that night and Raffe thinks that there were two plans for backup. Vijay asks whether the murderer knew which glass she will take and suggests to Raffe that the answer is right there. Raffe looks at the photos and Vijay asks him how many photographers were present that night ? Raffe replies many and then Vijay thinks there will be many photographs taken by them. Vijay leaves by asking Raffe to apply his own mind as the case belongs to him. Raffe goes to the media house to see the photos of Mohini’s party and wants to get the answer on how the murderer knew which glass Mohini will take. Raffe sees pics and the waiter is seen carrying four glasses and one is marked which might have the poison. Mohini gave that marked glass to Megha and she did it since she wanted to kill Megha  to make her mouth shut forever. And wanted to show that though the attacks were on her but Megha died. This means that the one who mixed poison have double-crossed Mohini.

Raffe goes to meet Surender ji – Mohini’s producer and introduces himself as a media guy. Surender ji admits on the fight with Mohini on the day of her death but it was about the casting. He decided to cast Raj Malhotra an established actor but Mohini wanted him to cast a new actor in her next movie. Raffe then looks at that new actor’s photo which Mohini sent to Surender ji via mail. Raffe learns the guy Abhijeet to be the same one with whom he met at the party scene. Raffe gets support from Surender ji in unearthing Mohini’s murderer. Abhijeet is seen enacting a scene with Surender ji with the script which presents Abhijeet and Mohini’s plan to eliminate Megha but without naming them. Abhijeet’s character in the script agreed to Mohini and also wants her to prove. The night came when their plan need to be executed and they employ anti-depressant support. Abhijeet shouts after reading it and soon learns that there is police and people also there. Tiwari asks him why he didn’t acted normally if his lover didn’t support him. Tiwari wants Abhijeet to come out of fiction and speaks of reality. Abhijeet opens up that Mohini wanted to kill Megha and he supported her. But Mohini double-crossed him since the role was given to Raj Malhotra. He became upset with Mohini’s not sticking to her promise and he wanted to take revenge. He first tried to kill Mohini with the light lamp but she escaped unhurt and then he mixed the poison in the glass which Mohini eventually took. Tiwari arrests him. Raffe is complimented by Dhanalakhmi (Lucky) for his success in cracking the case and also asks him to apply for the card of private investigator.

Next Week: Raffe is being advised by Vijay that he is making his mother’s life complicated with his work. Raffe takes indirect help from his mother by using her phone. Raffe searches a home. Raffe speaks to a guy that someone is trying to implicate him. Raffe’s mom who works as a mathematics teacher informs him that she likes mystery only in books. Will Raffe get help from his mother in cracking a new case ?

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