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Yeh Hai Aashiqui, Kiran Srinivas, 21st December 2014Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 81 21st December 2014

The story starts with some boys playing basketball and misses Nikhil. Nikhil was with a girl and gets up from bed when he remembers about the basketball match. He informs her of coming back soon and leaves. Nikhil reaches the basketball court and starts playing nicely and leads his team to win the match. He makes challenge to a friend that once his team loses then he will become a one-woman man. He is confident about himself in saying so. Soon, he kicks and throws the basketball which is caught by a girl Nidhi. She asks whether he knows how to play basketball. He replies on his first word after getting birth which is ball. She reminds on how he kicked the ball and suggests that boys don’t know what is respect. She asks him to leave and informs that the court now belongs to the girls team since 2 ½ minutes. Nidhi shows attitude to Nikhil’s friend and starts to prepare for her match. In the dressing room, some boys are asking Nikhil to give them some tips on how to woo a girl. Nikhil advises one of his friends that it takes 5 days to woo a girl and calls his Mantra. Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) speaks that Nikhil is a complete casanova while Nidhi hates boys. They are class apart and whether there is any match and the first answer is No. Let’s see what will happen in Nikhil and Nidhi’s story.

The story moves forward with Nidhi seen at the girls’ hostel and her friend Shruti suggests Nidhi on how she took a U-turn in her life. Shruti was looking at a photo album with Nidhi’s photos and also about her earler relationship with a boy. Nidhi remembers her flash back on how her boyfriend demeaned her and she saw him speaking to his friends. Nidhi comes back to present and suggests that all societal norms and marriage just show that a girl is dependent on a boy. She wants independence and soon gets a message from the warden. She learns that the court from now will belong to the boy’s management. The warden speaks that official booking and permission should be taken from Nikhil Chauhan who is the boy’s captain. Nidhi is not impressed with that development and speaks of protesting. Nikhil at his end was with a girl and was flirting. He is informed that Nidhi has led a protest against him. Nidhi at her protest asks where is the equality and Shruti suggests that no one is interested in her protest. Nidhi’s protest fails and she blames that girls’ problem is that they don’t stand for any issues. Nikhil comes to see that Nidhi’s protest didn’t evoke any interest and learns from his friend that Nidhi hates boys. Nikhil’s friend Adil puts a challenge that he has to woo Nidhi in 5 days. If Nikhil looses then he has to take back his words. Nikhil accepts the challenge and bet is on for him.

On the day 1 of the bet, Nikhil comes to the basketball court and meets Nidhi and also shows her the new schedule of timings for boys and girls. The new notice informs her that girls will be using the court in the morning while the boys will use it in afternoon. She asks what is the catch and thinks that he is trying to be a nice boy. He replies on being a nice boy. She suggests that if he was nice then he would have arranged a meeting with girls and boys to inform about the new schedule. She doesn’t accept his schedule support and wants to win the court on her own capability. She also informs that her protest haven’t ended and she will take the issue to the annual meeting. He then speaks of arranging a meeting so that her protest is not needed. He asks whether they can compete one-one before he leaves. They begin their match and Nidhi scores handsomely and wins the match. Nikhil is very impressed with her. Nidhi at the cafeteria is complimented by Shruti that she has nailed it. Nikhil comes there wanting to speak with Nidhi alone and when he requests much Shruti leaves from there. She notices that he is speaking more informally now and he speaks of his rule of being friends with her now. She suggests on not wanting any unwanted attention and asks what he needs. He speaks of thanking to her for changing his point of view and for the first time he has lost the game and loved it. He speaks that she has the capability to change someone’s life and also suggests that he has never met a girl like her and maybe he will never meet a girl like her. He leaves on that note.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Nikhil was revealing another side of his life though he was having some plans. But the feelings between him and Nidhi were not fake.

Nikhil is seen at the basketball court and Nidhi also comes there and when he greets she returns a smile to him and feels happy. They have more such meetups in the college campus and Nidhi finds a note about Nikhil’s support to girls child foundation. She starts to get more impressed with him and another time Nidhi and Shruti were at the cafeteria. Shruti calls Nikhil to join them and he comes to sit with them. He looks at Nidhi in her eyes and she also looks at him time to time. Later, Nidhi learns that the practice session is not possible since the basketball court is being utilized for christmas celebration. Nikhil comes there and asks her to take some rest. She asks whether he can help her in Christmas’ celebration decoration and he agrees. This was Day 3. Next day, Nikhil helps Nidhi in decorations at the basketball court and she is happy with the decorations. He was falling down from the ladder and she shows care and concern to him. They exchange some nice moment and she feels shy and also blushes as well. Nikhil gets a garland by his friend who compliments him on wooing Nidhi in just 4 days since she is now blushing. Nikhil speaks to his friend that now he is not acting with Nidhi and is very surprised to see her outside rude nature but has a soft heart inside. He speaks that it was a bet but now doesn’t want to hurt her and suggests that her eyes have lot of intensity. He informs his friend Adil of wanting to know her more. Adil informs that Nidhi changed herself in 2012 when Nikhil took admission in college. She had a bad break-up with Rahul in 2011. Nikhil learns about it and carries a concern look.

Nidhi at her end was told by Shruti that Nikhil is a casanova. Nidhi says that he is a different guy and is a very nice guy from inside and wants to know him more. Shruti asks Nidhi what would be her reaction if Nikhil proposes to her ? Nidhi wonders on that note. Nikhil was wondering at the cafeteria and thinks of informing Nidhi the truth about the bet and doesn’t want to lie. Nikhil’s friends come to him and praises him on how he has wooed Nidhi with ease. It so happens that Nidhi also come there and hears Nikhil friend’s revelation. Nikhil also sees her and tries to speak with her but she leaves. She comes to her room and is seen in a teary voice. Nikhil makes the entry there and she doesn’t want to talk with him and shows much annoyance. He finally manages to get hold of her and makes her calm and confesses about loving her truly and admits that earlier he took a bet. He asks her to trust him and if she wants can beat him. He spoke the lie but it also helped him in realizing how much he loves her. If she thinks he is still speaking the lie then she can thrash him with a baseball stick. She couldn’t beat him and wants him to leave. He asks for one chance to prove that his love is true. She doesn’t listen and he informs of waiting for her at the christmas party. The christmas party night comes and Nikhil is also seen there with Adil. Everyone are enjoying the party and Adil speaks of his Dad’s words that one who breaks a girl’s heart then karma will hit back at him. Nikhil speaks that his pot’s bad karma will be full since he broke many girls’ heart. He suggests that his heart is saying that Nidhi will come. Adil thinks that she will come since like him even she knows that Nikhil has a good heart. Nidhi comes there and Nikhil sees her and feels happy. Nidhi is being called a tomboy since she is not dressed well for the party and other girls make a taunt at her.

Nikhil takes the mike and speaks that if you ask with true heart then you will get the thing and wants to confess something. He speaks of getting Ishq Wala love which he was always afraid of and have never seen such a beautiful girl to whom he has given hurt. He speaks ot not naming her since he doesn’t deserve her. But if she comes forward towards him then he will understand that she has forgiven him. He suggests that he is nothing without her and his life is incomplete. Some other girls were trying to come forward and Nidhi pulls them bag and comes forward to meet Nikhil. Nikhil confesses his love with I love you Nidhi message and she confesses her love to him. She showers a hug to him and both are seen happy after becoming lovestruck [Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song plays]

Rithvik speaks that love can translate the impossible to possible and Love conquers all. He signs off by saying – Keep falling in love.

Additional Note:  22nd  December 2014
* We (TellyReviews) believe that Actors have given an amazing performance to a layered and emotional love story. Kudos to Actors, the team and Bindass TV.

Info On Cast:
* Abhimanyu is portrayed by actor Kiran Srinivas
– Kiran is from Bangalore. Made his debut in the Kannada movie Haage Summane in 2008.
– Recent works include working as Roy, a negative character in Color’s 24, finite TV show and in Channel V’s Paanch. Also worked in Channel V’s Gumraah.
– Recently worked in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3, Episode 3 aired on 5th December 2014. If interested, read that Episode WU here. Kiran’s Twitter page

* Nidhi is portrayed by actress and VJ: Barkha Singh
– Barkha has worked with Channel V as a VJ.

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  1. […] * Young Male Doctor is portrayed by actor Kiran Srinivas – Kiran is from Bangalore. Made his debut in the Kannada movie Haage Summane in 2008. – Recent works include working as Roy, a negative character in Color’s 24, finite TV show and in Channel V’s Paanch. Also worked in Channel V’s Gumraah. – Worked in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3, Episode 3 aired on 5th December 2014. If interested, read that Episode WU here. Kiran’s Twitter page – Recent work in Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 81 aired on 21st December 2014 in the role of Nikhil who was initially a casanova guy. If interested, read that Episode WU here. […]


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