Mihir’s new love interest to enter Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mohabbatein mihir

Mihir is distraught by Mihika and Ashok’s marriage. He is completely shattered and lost trust in women, love and relationships. He realizes that Mihika always wanted a rich life partner, who is strong enough to support her forever, and he blames himself to be weak who could not save her self-respect in tough time. He feels maybe she took this decision finding him less deserving.

Mihir will soon get a new life partner in his life, as Raman’s younger sister Rinki returns in the Bhalla house. She will be healing Mihir’s heart bruises and coming close to him. Mihir too will rely on her as a friend, and coping up by Mihika’s deceive. The Bhalla family will be celebrating Christmas to make Adi happy, after seeing him depressed. Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla get dressed as Santa to make him smile, but the most special Santa walks in, as Raman does everything to cheer up Adi. Shagun enjoys to get attention in Raman’s life again. Rinki will be joining them on Christmas Eve. Let’s see where this track goes… Keep reading.


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