Will Sooraj and Sandhya's mutual love rekindle their re-union and her return to Rathi Family ? – Promo


diya aur baati hum sooraj and sandhya

Bhabho wants to re-unite Sooraj and Sandhya though now they are distant and are living seperately. Bhabho realizes to Sooraj about his mistake in sending Sandhya away from their home. Sooraj goes to the police station and is helped by Sandhya. He thanks her and she replies to him on doing all her work with sincere dedication. Sandhya was about to fall down and Sooraj shows concern towards her. While, both have much love for each other but they are holding inside. Sandhya wants to go back to Rathi family when Sooraj showers her respect and love. Bhabho is earnestly saying to Babasa about Sooraj and Sandhya’s immense love for each other which they are hiding.

Babasa has to agree to his wife’s sincere believe and need to change his stand and blame game on Sandhya. Once Babasa understands Sandhya and showers respect to her, this will in turn help Sooraj to open-up with Sandhya. Will Sooraj listen to his heart and follow Bhabho’s heartfelt words about Sandhya to bring her back to Rathi family ?

[youtube id=http://youtu.be/UXiF7SXCJGQ]


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