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Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Hetal asks Paridhi to get away from their lives, as she has cheated Jigar. Paridhi folds hands to beg them for forgiveness. Hetal throws her bag out and kicks her out. Paridhi and Vivaan’s truth has come out, and Kokila also does not support Paridhi after this. Kokila asks Vivaan to take Paridhi, and shuts the door on Paridhi’s face. Gopi defends Paridhi and Kokila asks her to choose anyone from family or Paridhi. Gopi is given this choice, and Paridhi asks Gopi to stay with family and silently leaves. Gopi cries seeing Paridhi leave. Paridhi apologizes to Kokila and says Paridhi is my responsibility. She says Paridhi is not wrong, and goes with Paridhi. Gopi and Paridhi are out of Modi house, as of now, and may bring new twists in the show again – Gopi’s accident and Kokila getting arrested for it.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita was upset as it was Raman and Shagun’s anniversary. Raman makes her mood good by gifting her specially designed earrings. He makes her wear it and celebrates their anniversary. He says the day does not matter, and this day has become our marriage anniversary now. He says she is very special to him, and he did not see anyone more beautiful than her. She hugs him and they get ready to attend a function. Ishita is turned down and disturbed by Mihika, as she misbehaves with the family to make them angry on her intentionally.

Diya Aur Baati Hum:

Sooraj and Sandhya meet on the road, as his scooter breaks down. Sandhya passes by on her police jeep and stops to help her. Sooraj taunts her again and makes Sandhya cry. Sooraj refuses to take her help, and she still does her duty. She is determined to make Sooraj realize his mistake and take her back home with respect.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

There are two twists in the show, as Nandini has given birth to a baby boy, and Rashmi has got divorce papers from Nikhil. Naitik is worried for Rashmi, and meanwhile happy for Nandini. Akshara backs up Nandini and says everything will be fine, as its pre mature delivery. Everyone is very happy seeing Nandini and the little boy. Akshara and Naitik get another sad news. They get to know Akshara’s grandmom (Nani) is critical.

Jamai Raja:

Rajveer is hidden from everyone’s eyes and working against DD. The good Jamai becomes a spy to catch Rajveer. Sid comes to know that the villain in their lives is Rajveer. He hears Rajveer talking and comes to know that he has done the fake IT raid and all hurdles in DD’s life.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:

Ranvir has come home after getting well. He throws water on Ishani’s face, and turned more rude than ever. He gives a party at home, and makes Ishani work as a maid. He feels she is behind all this, and takes revenge from Ishani. Ishani cleans the floor and cries, not knowing why did Ranvir change so much post his recovery. Even Amba is clueless about this sudden change in Ranvir. Ranvir treats Ishani as servant, like her family has always treated him since childhood. He gets friendly with Ritika and makes Ishani jealous.

Laut Aao Trisha:

Trisha says Pratik that she hates him. Pratik apologizes Amrita and says he wants to apologize everyone as he cannot lose Trisha and her. The big twist comes as Pratik dies in the show, and Trisha does all the last rites of her father, taking his son’s place. Trisha forgives Pratik by her heart and gets very upset. Kabeer protects Trisha, knowing the danger is still surrounding her. Kabeer got another task to find Pratik’s murderer.


After Ranvi has kicked out Veera from home, post her marriage with Baldev. The couple goes to Baldev’s house, where an angry Bansuri does not accept Veera as her bahu and asks her to leave. Baldev is very thankful to Veera for trusting him and marrying him. He tells Bansuri that he will leave the house if she does not accept Veera. Bansuri unwillingly accepts Veera and does their Aarti and Grahpravesh to welcome them home. Veera promises Baldev that she will find the real culprit behind Nihaal’s death. Looks like Rajveer is for few episodes in the show now. Bansuri makes Baldev realize that Veera married him by pity, and makes him angry. He feels she married him to save his life, and not because she believes him. Bansuri asks Veera to make food for guests as Rasoi Rasam, and Veera manages it all alone. Baldev argues with Veera via small tiffs and their romance may turn bitter by this misunderstanding.

Tu Mera Hero:

Titu decides to help Panchi. He becomes a girl and hides his face, but looks unique as he wears jeans. He takes the bride’s getup to meet Panchi. Govind believes to celebrate Janmashtami very grand way, and he kept the auditions for Radha’s role. Panchi doubts who is the new Radha, but is shocked seeing Titu as Radha. There will be light moments in the show, the confusions will make Titu and Panchi fall in love. Her love will make Titu change and the gradual changes in Titu will bring more twists and turns.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke:

There is new year party in the show, and a twist is ready to come. Kabeer (KT) enters in Rachna’s life once again. It’s a masquerade party and Rachna does not know she is dancing with Kabeer. Gunjan and Mayank have a great time.

Jodha Akbar:
Jodha is succeeding to instill trust in Salim on his father Akbar thanks to Birbal’s advice. Salim doesn’t like royal settings, kings and princesses and regards him as a normal soldier. Akbar agrees to Salim’s thoughts. Salim have met Anarkali by co-incidence when she fell in mud. She thinks he is not from royal family and also possess hate towards royals/Mughals but have a princess friend. She aspires to do hair-dos/make-up instead of dance and is not interested in kings/Salim. She will soon realize that the guy who helped him is actually Prince Salim at the palace. Akbar continues to have worry about Salim being capable enough to manage state affairs. What will be Anarkali’s reaction to learn about Salim and his humble thoughts ?

* Actress Heena Parmar who recently played the role of Akku (Akansha) in Sony TV’s Itti Si Khushi portrays the role of Anarkali. She debuted in Colors’ Haar Jeet in the role of Mahika [2011-2012]; Life Ok’s Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki as Saraswati [2011-2012]; Zee TV’s Punar Vivaah [2012-2013] in the role of Ishita Akash Sindhia (Antagonist).

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan:

Nandini has followed Soha to Manik’s home since the party is cancelled. Manik finds her hiding in his home and tries to make Nandini more jealous by agreeing to Soha’s suggestion on how to spend the night – watching movies though he actually doesn’t like it. Nandini got advice by Abhimanyu to listen to her heart and earlier Cabir have suggested to her about invisible chord that binds two people in love. Manik has lowered his aggression and defiant attitude and had already opened-up to Cabir on how Nandini has rejected his proposal and how he feels about it. Manik wants to come close to Nandini while she also begins to realize her feelings for him. They share a nice moment when she falls over him there. Are they going to come closer in realizing their mutual love? Aliya is upset with Cabir and Mukti and even have doubts on Fab 5 as a team and is supportive of her brother Harshad. Manik is fine to help Harshad on Dhruv’s suggestion. Will Manik be able to convice Cabir to take the case back against Harshad ? Fab 5 are going slow in preparing 3 songs in 2 weeks time for Mr. Khurana and Harshad’s release question came in picture as well. Fab 5 have core values in music and friendship and nothing is bigger than them. Will they succeed in the songs preparation, What’s more in store for them ?

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan - Manan

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:

Kirti prepares to trap Ritesh and his family red-handed after knowing their real intentions thanks to Amanpreet. While, Nisha have told her the idea and Viraj gives support. Viraj yearns for Nisha’s re-entry back to Laksh academy and is very fond [talent, person, determination] of her but haven’t developed feelings unlike her. He is waiting for Dada ji’s approval to Nisha. Viraj’s wish of Nisha back to Laksh will be certainly met and they will come closer. Will Viraj be able realize his feelings for Nisha ? How Nisha’s dad Ramesh overcome his some worries on Nisha’s love for Viraj ?

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

While Dadi has succeeded in her plan to convince Soumya for signing the divorce agreement with Krishna on the pretext that Soumya can begin a fresh new life with Yuvraaj from next year and gives the first love  justification. Krishna’s family have received the divorce papers, and he haven’t seen yet. Amidst this, the christmas and new year celebrations are going on, Suhani dances with her Yuvraaj/family and the theme of the songs is love is an important facet of life and Yuvraaj is grooving and seizing the moments in Suhani’s company. Yuvraaj feels a bit awe & happy after Suhani’s cute kiss under the christmas tree earlier. However, Soumya is dejected and also jealous seeing Suhani sharing nice moments with Yuvraaj. During the same party at home, Soumya expresses her love (for Yuvraaj) by singing a song and its meaning is oblivious to Yuvraaj, Suhani but can be known to Rags, Dadi. As Suhani and Yuvraaj are inching closer, what would be Dadi’s take on it, whether she will keep quiet or create another problem for Suhani ?

Kumkum Bhagya:

Aliya recovered from her wrist cut attempt which she called as gift to Bulbul. The new year’s party sequence is going on with Abhi & family, Pragya and Tanu in attendance. Abhi dances with a fan girl which makes Pragya and also Tanu jealous. While, Purab and Bulbul relationship is going strong and soon getting married with Abhi’s support but Aliya is not happy at all. Moreover, Tanu continues to have the wish to take Abhi in her stride and wants to create distance between Pragya and Abhi. She goes to hatch a dangerous plan to attack Pragya’s weakest point Bulbul which will stall Purab-Bulbul’s marriage, divert Pragya’s attention from Abhi, and even give Aliya some direction to come closer to Purab. Bulbul would meet with an accident that could affect many lives. Will Tanu succeed in harming Bulbul and stalling her marriage with Purab ?


Akash and Anjali have instill the value of love in the lost boy’s heart for his mother and this secures Abhiyankar and Ramesh’s release from police lockup. Ramesh also learnt that corruption practices will not work during his Everest expedition.He also tried to influence weather expert Sam earlier on preponing the start of summiting Everest but in vain. Ramesh wants to use foul methods to summit Everest first and knows Nasir and Danish team have already begin their expedition. His only aim is to get King’s jewels after reaching the Everest peak first and knows Nasir will not let steal them. Ramesh goes on to plan in using helicopters for his expedition but Abhiyankar will not allow it. Usually, helicopters are allowed for rescue and life-saving operations at Everest & other mountains. Arjun at his end is also defiant to be the first one to summit Everest in his team. While Aakash is battling Seema Maasi taunts & overcoming it and Anjali’s Everest expedition is for her dreams & to build own identity. She knows of hurting Aakash’s feelings towards her and consolidating her thoughts about him. Will Aakash & Anjali be able to express & realize their feelings before the start of Everest expedition ?



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