Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3 Episode 7 starring Karina Shah and Nishant Raghuvanshi, 2nd January 2015 on Zing TV – Written Update


Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya season 3, Nishant Raghuvanshi, 2nd January 2015 Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya season 3, Karina Shah, 2nd January 2015

Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess) speaks on the love story formation – a boy meets a girl and then they fall in love and later comes a twist where a villain marks his/her entry and wants to create a seperation between the lovers. Today’s story is about Sohail and Malika from Lucknow.


The story starts with Sohail getting some scolding by his father for coming late at 3:00 am last night. As he was leaving his father gives him a gift – watch and asks him to come on time. He also tells his son to not do any thing which can hurt them. At Malika’s end, her brother-in law (Jiju) is getting scolded by her sister since he gets hold of a maid Waheeda. Malika comes and supports her jiju and she is fondly called Mallu by him and sister. He calls Mallu as the pride of the family and soon learns about her first day in MBA college. He asks her to not speak with strangers and if she gets teased by someone or some problem with teacher then she can inform her brother Rehman.  Malika was leaving in a Burqa and she is told to cover her face by Rehman. She reaches the college and remains in veil with only her eyes are visible. She comes to the library and Sohail approaches her and feels awe [Sabse Chupa Ke.. Hain.. Rabba..Mere Rabba song plays]. He comes to help her when the books fall down and looks at her with much fervour. He continues to get impressed and follows her while she is returning back to home. He signals towards her and tries to get noticed. Some days pass by in the college and finally he sees her face when she uncovered it as she was going to eat some snacks.

Sohail is asked by his friends on what does he do all the time and he speaks of fallen in love and informs about the veiled girl Malika. Soon, she comes there and he wants to speak with her though knows her home. He looks at her and his friends think that she is dumb. He comes to speak with Malika via sign language and Malika starts to speak and says that she can speak and makes taunt at him. As Malika was in her class, he shows some placards to her expressing his love and also how he connected while looking into her eyes [Maheka song plays]. Malika’s friend throws a chit to Sohail informing about her name. He expresses his love to her and soon she comes out on friend’s excuse and gets a letter from Sohail. She thinks it as a love letter and later in night reads it and finds Sohail’s expressal of love and how he got much awe of all her behavior. She smiles after reading it and keeps the letter close to her heart. Sohail at his end couldn’t sleep in the night. Next day in college, a prank is played by his friend on him who acted like that of Malika. Sooner then, Malika comes and he thought his friend Huzefa is there as he didn’t looked at her. She shows her face and he compliments on her beauty and calls her as the Queen.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Sohail and Malika were doing fine and their love story have begun. She suggests that the families also need to agree for their love to move ahead and what will happen next they can’t ignore it.

Malika and Sohail are seen going in the same rickshaw and she have removed her Burqa and also feels for him. Both spend some good time in the park and she thinks the life is beautiful with him. She then speaks of wanting to know what are his dreams. He speaks of doing something for his father. He asks about her dreams and she replies that after her father’s death she didn’t have many aspirations and speaks about her elder sister’s husband Rehman who took care of her since many years. She regards him equivalent to her father and also speaks of her brother Zeeshan bhai. Later, Sohail suggests that she will be liked by his mom and she thinks that Rehman Bhaijaan (Jiju) will not like him. He pulls her leg on that note and they share some nice moments. Zeeshan sees her with Sohail and then arranges a meeting with him. Zeeshan asks Sohail about his family, future plans and he replies that Malika and himself studies studies MBA together. He is her senior and in final semester and will do work after studies. He speaks that his mom works at a NGO while his father is an advocate – Rizwan Siddhiqui. Zeeshan gets impressed after knowing that his dad is Rizwan Siddiqui – a famous advocate. He asks Sohail how much he loves Malika. Sohail replies more than himself. Later, Zeeshan validates whether Sohail is saying correctly about his father and goes to check. He finds Sohail meeting Rizwan and feels content and leaves. At home, Malika gets a birthday gift from Rehman and her sister at home.

Next day, she goes with Sohail on a date to celerbate her birthday and even accepts his proposal to marry him. She asks what-if her Rehman’s bhai didn’t agree. He replies on convincing Rehman and if not she suggests they can elope and get married. He speaks of post marriage and honeymoon and learns that she wants to go to Paris. He also gives the name of their to be children – Zoya and Armaan. At her home, Rehman and his family is anxiously waiting for Malika to celebrate her birthday. He soon finds Malika walking to her home with Sohail and when she comes he confronts her and asks what she is doing with the boy Sohail. She becomes nervous and then opens up about loving Sohail a lot and even he loves her. Rehman gets taken back and her younger brother informs him about Sohail and his father being a famous advocate. He doesn’t wish to listen to Zeeshan and says that for Mallu any meagre boy will not work. She tries to defend Sohail but is told to go to her room. He reminds on bringing a prince to her and doesn’t want to hear about Sohail’s father. Moreover, he informs Malika that she will be going to Kanpur to stay at her maternal Aunt. She will be called back when a good boy is found. He slaps Zeeshan who is the brother of Malika and didn’t listen to him. Sohail at his end opens up with his family in the morning about loving someone and informs about Malika and also on the opposition from her brother-in law Rehman’s side. She was supposed to be sent to Kanpur this morning. His family gets shocked and soon they learn that Sohail wants to elope with Malika. He is told on doing the wrong but he speaks that Malika is in problem. His parents ask how could he think of leaving the family and speaking of eloping.

Sohail wants to leave and also informs his mother on coming back soon and asks her to have strength and leaves. At Mallu’s home, Rehman asks her to open the room and also tries to apologize to her for last night’s scolding. He knocks the door and speaks of doing the righteous thing for her. Zeeshan and Rehman’s wife comes there and they open the door and doesn’t find mallu and instead finds a letter from her on how she left the home. Rehman asks Zeeshan where is Mallu and knows he has supported her. Malika and Sohail reach Zeeshan’s friends home and he asks them to not worry. He shows care and asks her whether she thinks of one bed in the room. They were gazing at the stars and make a wish after seeing the star falling down. He asks what she has wished and who is that lucky fellow. She replies his name is Sohail. He assures her of not doing any thing for which she is not ready and will wait for the marriage. [Yehi Dua song plays] He speaks of making her own for life.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that in this story Malika’s Jiju was the villain and he was very possessive about her and also was not sure on love between Sohail and Mallu. They knew if they do the marriage (Nikah) without parents’ blessing it would not be fruitful and hence decided to come back to their homes.

Sohail apologizes to his mom for leaving her and his father reminds him on how his mother cried when he left her. Malika also comes to her home and greeted by her Jiju. He speaks nicely to her and calls her as the pride of the home. She speaks of being afraid to say that she loves Sohail and admits her mistake and wants his forgiveness. He accepts her apology and suggests it is fine. She stays at home and get special treatment from her family. Sohail at his end finds some earring of Malika which he has gifted her when they were staying at Zeeshan’s friends home. Just then, his mom comes and speaks of knowing how much he loves Malika but she loves him more than her. She then promises of bringing a much better girl than Malika for him. He shows her Malika’s earrings and wants his mom to send it to Mallu. Meanwhile, Zeeshan requests Rehman to meet Sohail atleast once but he replies on knowing a boy and wants Malika’s marriage (Nikah) asap and will meet the boy’s father soon. At Sohail’s home, his mother speaks of going to Mallu’s home by herself to return the earring. He asks why she wants to go herself and suggests that someone else can go. She replies of seeing malika and then will find much beautiful girl than her for him. Later, Sohail’s parents goes to Malika’s home alongwith him and is greeted by Rehman. She hands over Malika’s earings to Rehman and he invites them inside his home. Malika looks at Sohail and his parents from distance and soon she comes to bring some drinks for them. Sohail’s parents look at her with love and when she offers the drink to Sohail both share eyelocks and Rehman & others observe it.

Both families doesn’t know to start the conversation and Sohail’s mom goes inside with an excuse and shows care to Malika. Sohail & his dad was leaving but they are stopped by his mom. She speaks of making a promise to Sohail on finding and bringing a much beautiful girl than Malika but after seeing her she regards Malika as the most beautiful. Sohail’s mom calls Malika as their daughter and seeks her hand for her son. Rehman calls Malika as his life as he regarded her as daughter and then asks Sohail whether he would like to marry Malika. Sooner then, Malika and Sohail get married and exchange marriage vows. The story ends on that happy note.

Surbhi speaks that finally Sohail and Malika’s parents have agreed and said Qubool Hai. She suggests that both Malika and Sohail have tried a lot to prove their love. Once Sohail’s parents met her Jiju the problem was resolved. Surbhi speaks that love have lots of power. She asks viewers to share their opinions on whether they agree with Malika and Sohail ? The viewers can use the hashtag #PTKK to express their views on Zing TV’s Twitter and Facebook page.

Additional Note:
* We (TellyReviews) believe that Actors have given a very good performance to a simple but layered and emotional love story. Kudos to Actors, the team and Zing TV.

* Malika is portrayed by Actress Karina Shah
– Karina is a Tamil/Telugu actor.

* Sohail is portrayed by Actor Nishant Raghuvanshi
– Nishant has worked in Zee TV’s Choti Si Zindagi [2011] in the role of Arjun.
– Also worked in the role of Prashant Soham Deshmukh in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

Additional Note:
* We (TellyReviews) believe

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