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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:
After Kirti’s breakup with Ritesh there are some developments at her home, her mom Rupan vents out her frustration on other family members – Nisha, Umesh, Dolly and it is a consequence since she is feeling bad for Kirti’s marriage cancellation. Rupan brings out Umesh and Amanpreet’s relationship out and shows displeasure and even tries to influence Dada ji on not sending Nisha for shooting practice. Jwala shows her anger to mom Rupan and asks why she insulted Umesh, Dolly and shows her side of not keeping things with herself and asks her to do identity search.  Rupan gets setback after Jwala’s fury and Umesh tries to apologize to Rupan on Jwala’s behalf. Next in the track is Dada ji agreeing with Ramesh to allow Nisha going to Laksh academy. Nisha goes on to shooting practice with Viraj at Laksh and Dada ji and her family also goes with her there. Dada ji came to see her talent and Nisha does well under Viraj’s guidance. Viraj’s sister Priyanka also does the shooting practice but Nisha outsmarts her. Shekhar is hatching plans to stop Nisha’s training there and have tied up with Gayatri and his larger goal is to destroy Viraj and his training centre. Will Nisha get the slot of only student under Viraj ? Will Shekhar’s murky plans work out ?

Itna Na Karo Mujhe Pyar:
Neil blames Ragini for not able to raise children well. He calls her not even good mother or wife and hurts her. Ragini accepts her defeat and begins to cry and in very less time he realizes his mistake of bringing tears to a mother. He tries to consolidate her and provide emotional support and forgets about his taunts. Ragini is enacting a fake marriage drama with Aman until Nishi’s marriage and Neil thinks she is really married and mistaken. Neil made taunts on Ragini after seeing Aarav’s displeasure and his willing to stay with him rather than his mother. Will Agam be able to bring all siblings together specially Aarav and Ranbir ? Nivedia who have intentions to marry Neil, What would she do more to come close to Neil ?

Rudra cares for his Maai a lot and even thrashes Inspector Chaubey since he insulted her but saved by a resident of his locality Maya. Maya knows Rudra’s aggresive nature but doesn’t know about his special powers and connection with Mahakumbh’s Amrit. She thinks Rudra would be fine in Allahabad and away from Kashi/Benaras. However, Rudra doesn’t wish to leave his Maai whom he loves so dearly. Maai persuades him to listen to Maya since she got good vibes from her and feels she is doing right. Rudra decides to leave to Allahabad with Maya and Swami ji at his end also leaves there. Rudra goes to the Ashram and discovers the first Swami ji – Swami Narayan who was reclusive since many years and away from public eye. In those setting, Maya will inch closer to know about Rudra’s identity and his special powers and also the Mahakumbh’s secret is going to be unravelled there. Swami ji is acting noble to Swami Narayan and even Rudra tries to be calm there. Swami ji’s intentions are not good and Rudra needs to use his aggressive approach to combat new problems that will arise there. Will Rudra learn about Mahakumbh’s secret and Amrit ? What role Maya will play in his life ?

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:
Suhani is coming closer to her Yuvraaj as Suhani Birla and attempts to lower her down  – cutting sweater by Soumya; Menka’s cosmetic blunder didn’t work. Soumya continues to feel jealous for Suhani since she is getting praise and even Yuvraaj’s care. Soumya’s ally Dadi just wants her to be back with Yuvraaj and have already informed Krishna that Soumya have herself took the decision for the divorce and makes him hear the recording. Rakhi finds the 10 lakhs cheque with divorce papers which makes Lalita happy. Whether Dadi has sent the cheque to Krishna to make him agree for divorce with Soumya ? Next is the dance sequence at Birla’s home with theme of the songs is Love is an important facet of life and Yuvraaj is grooving and seizing the moments in Suhani’s company. Soumya at her end is dejected and also jealous to see Suhani and Yuvraaj sharing nice moments. She goes on to express her love (for Yuvraaj) by singing a song and its meaning is oblivious to Yuvraaj. While Dadi is instilling Yuvraaj in Soumya’s mind and other hand Menka/Rags are trying to provoke Soumya in commiting more wrongs towards Suhani. Soumya was doing some wrongs on her own but now gets pushed by them to do such things more. Will Suhani get to know of Soumya’s jealousy and her intentions to win back Yuvraaj from her ?

Tum Aise Hi Raina:
Ria’s identity of being a doctor comes out in her home as Dadisa suffers a health issue – suffocation. She tries to help Dadisa and in the process reveals her work. Ria and Abhi have hidden the truth with everyone and she has resumed her hospital duties after marriage with Abhimanyu’s support. Rukmini always wanted to show her son Abhi that he didn’t do the right thing by marrying Ria. There is Puja celebrations at this time. Ria would be doing her doctor duty first to bring Dadisa’s out from any health danger. What will be Rukmini’s take of Ria’s revelation? How Abhi will try to mediate the matter with his mom ?

Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali: 
LD is just hoping that Radha accept his love some day soon. Radha has to give a test on how she is apt for LD’s family by means of a cooking test decided by Dadi Bua and approved by Dada ji.  As a first step, LD wants to make sure that Radha changes her attire from jeans to Sarees and he believes only then Dada ji will approve her.  He tries to find a way so she would change her jeans but in vain. Radha understands LD’s antics and how he wants to come close to her and informs on how they are two different from each other. Though Radha’s mom Suhasini and LD’s family – Dadi Bua and others are supportive of Radha and thinks LD have made the right choice but still they are following the traditions and principles of their family. What are the next steps LD would take so that Radha adapts according to his family ? Will Dada ji override his family’s traditions and accept Radha as the person and give freedom on her choices ?

Shastri Sisters:
Rajat is in tight spot after Karishma’s guilt expose and Anu’s innocence being proved. Karishma’s dad Lalit vows to take revenge against Anu, Shastri sisters family and ruin her happiness but Bua ji apologizes to Shastri ji. Rajat is quiet after such development and Anu thinks on leaving the home and hands over the broken mangalsutra to Rajat and asks him to decide what he wants to do. Anu will stay only once if Rajat values her self-esteem and showers respect. Rajat believed that Anu did wrong and trust have been lost between them and since now Anu’s innocence is proven he needs to instill trust in her. While, Sareen – Anu’s father-in law is really supportive of her and even Shastri ji will repent on his mistake of avoiding her, and moreover Sareen would not want Anu to leave. However, her decision hinges on Rajat’s response and how he deals with it. Will Rajat open-up admitting his mistake and request Anu to stay with him whole-heartedly ? Neil is coming closer to Devyaani but holding his emotions and Minty doesn’t wish to see their bonding. What’s store in for Neil and Devyaani, will he open-up to her ?

Varad is completely blinded in success and have thrown out his dad Niranjan from Agnihotri’s home and even took the property. Moreover, he instilled in other people from his business community that Niranjan has lost mental control. Niranjan vows to teach Varad a tough lesson and believes Shlok will realize it. However, Niranjan battles his own guilt of never stopping Shlok and Anjali’s words that he will be alone haunts him. Shlok misses Niranjan a lot during puja at the temple and senses his dad might be facing problems. Niranjan overcome his self-esteem issue and goes to Vridh Ashram to get info on Anjali, Astha, Shlok. Sojal and Varad continues to spread false info against Niranjan and she does the same at Vridh Ashram. Niranjan would find some support in Anjali’s mom who understands Sojal’s web of lies. Astha and Anjali had wanted Shlok to forgive Niranjan and inquire about his well-being. While, Niranjan’s situation of being on roads would come out to Astha, Shlok, and Anjali and also Varad’s deceit but how would they combat Varad who have done all bad things in a legal way ? Shlok and Niranjan’s father-son bond would be renewed and a son’s fightback for his father is on the cards.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:
Ranveer’s unconditional love for Ishaani has taken a back seat post his recovery from Girish’s bullet attack. He now hates her and doesn’t regard her as his wife and humiliates by asking her to carry servant duties. Ishaani does the work of a servant but haven’t spoken the truth and wants to wait. He demeans her in front of his family and also during Ritika’s sangeet ceremony. He wants Ritika to drink forcibly and even dances with her to show his hatred to Ishaani. He didn’t stop there and even calls Chirag to Ritika’s sangeet and forces Ishaani to dance with Chirag and reminds how she went to Chirag on the Karva Chauth night. While Ishaani confronts Chirag on his presence there but he is not affected and instead tries to come close to Ishaani. Ranveer is not trusting Ishaani anymore and thinks she lies much and continues to misunderstand her. Chirag’s role in accident and deceit is not known to Ranveer. Will Ishaani manage to clear the misunderstanding, say the truth and win Ranveer’s trust back ?

Humsafars: Sahir have saved Aarzoo from a taxi driver who tried to molest her and brought her home. Aarzoo recovers and her mom Nausheen and Zara takes care of her. Nausheen doesn’t know of Sahir’s truth even when Zaki hold Sahir responsible for Aarzoo’s condition. Zaki still thinks that Sahir is after fame & success and doesn’t love Aarzoo. Since Aarzoo was leaving the house with her parents, Sahir requested his mom Alvira [his backbone] dearly to stop her, and she succeeded in doing so. Sahir while on one hand as always gives pain to himself by beating but also keeps feelings for Aarzoo; speaks of freeing her from fake relation; and gets emotional. It seems Sahir’s truth of marriage would be coming out to Nausheen. Will Sahir share the complete truth of his marriage – Zeenat’s condition ? What Aarzoo will do once her mom comes to know of Sahir’s truth ? Whether Alvira help Sahir in accepting his love, and moreover give confidence & her words to Nausheen on Sahir ?

Ramesh after learning from Lisa about Climate systems data have tweaked it somehow and Sam informed Abhiyankar on weather change which prepones the expedition and the team will leave in 2 days. Abhiyankar’s team have got message from holy people whom Sherpa’s believe that the time is not right and team can face many dangers. However, Ramesh is unfaced and have put team’s life at risk by changing weather data, he only wants Kings Sherpage (jewels) at any cost and wants to reach there first before Nasir’s team. Anjali have made up her mind and will not accept failure until father’s acceptance and Jagat can’t convince Abhiyankar. Rina is Arjun’s former love partner and he has broken her heart badly when she was 21 years and realizes his mistake and wishes to be back with her if he returns back from Everest summit expedition. Shikha’s maa love for Aakash is profound and soon Aakash will overcome the taunts from Seema Aunty and begins his Everest summit on a good note. Who has helped Ramesh in tweaking the climate data ? What major hindrance the team would face with time as they are starting the summit not according to correct climate data – avalanche, snow storm, difficulty in moving ahead ?



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