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Diya Aur Baati Hum:
Sooraj and Sandhya are coming closer and when they attend Meenakshi’s baby shower (Godh Bharai). Sandhya is invited by Bhabho for the function and not by Sooraj to Rathi’s home. Sooraj was doing flower decorations (Turan) at home and Sandhya tries to help him. What follows after is both coming close and sharing intense eyelocks and Sooraj cannot stop looking at her. Moreover, they reminsce their old romantic moments of floral decoration and good time. Sooraj is worried to express his feelings to Sandhya but their romantic moment give him more strength to overcome his inhibitions and bring back Sandhya to home with full heart and respect.  On other end, Meenakshi’s mom brought a necklace for her daughter but it turns out that it is stolen & lost. She fumes at Meenakshi and is also upset  since she brought it with much passion and it is also expensive. Meenakshi tries to calm her mother and would certainly find the answer on the missing necklace. Will Sandhya and Sooraj resolve their difference, realize their mutual love to pave the way for her return ?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Ishita is doing a big favor this time which can be sacrificial and also hurt her. Next in the track, it turns out Shagun has informed Ishita of going abroad, out of India and wants her to take care and manage Adi in her absence. Ishita is going to accept it. While Ishita is not thinking much on Shagun’s intentions in doing so. Shagun wants to secure his stay in Bhalla’s home and wants to be back with Raman. Will Ishita manage to keep Shagun away from Raman and keep her marriage intact ?


Kumkum Bhagya:
Suresh in a drunk state creates disturbance at Abhi’s party scene where Bulbul and Purab are also present. He tries to forcibly take Bulbul away and finds opposition from Sarla who tries to control him. He expresses his first love to Bulbul there which is known to both Bulbul and Pragya. Purab tries to mediate but Suresh was not stopping. Sarla slaps him to stop that development. Suresh has helped Pragya in her MMS video case and she is indebted to him and defends him well. She knows he did such thing as he was drunk and in emotional state. Abhi has tried to make her jealous by dancing with a fan girl at a party earlier and she would try to do the same. Whether Abhi and Pragya would come closer and find love ? Coming to Aaliya, her new avatar of acting like cupid to Purab-Bulbil but have shades since her real intentions to be with Purab. She distanced Tanu from her side to carry out her covert plans. What does she plan to stall Bulbul-Purab’s marriage ?

Sasural Simar Ka:
While the Bhardawaj family is worried with Simar’s condition and new fake Roli’s entry in their home but celebrates the Lohri festival with fervour though carries artificial happiness on their faces. Simar at her end looks sad throughout the celebrations since the sword of suspicion is hanging on her for the crimes – kidnapping of Daksha, Leela in a confused state and also the death of Daksha. The mystery of 17th night still haunts her while Prem supports her and the person responsible for it is not yet known. Meanwhile, Manoranjan’s Maasi (aunty) crime in Siddhant and Roli’s accident is out when she was trying to harm new Roli with a big knife. Roli defends herself and Manoranjan aunty is caught by Bhardwaj family. She speaks of settling score with her sister who is called Mata ji in the family and the revenge was to harm the family. She reminds her sister Mata ji on how she became a public witness for the case involving her family because of which she got sepeated from family and thus wanted Mata ji to feel the same. The police arrives there and Manorajan maasi gets arrested.

Maharana Pratap:
Ajabde and Pratap goes on a walk in the market in Chittor in the disguise of common people to share some romantic moments together. And little they knew on the lurking danger. The Arab fighters who were following Pratap from Bijolia comes to attack him. He defends himself and thrashes them. After the attack danger came to rest, Ajabde gets worried for Pratap since there are many attacks on him in recent time – in Bijolia, Badshah Khan. She cares for him and shows concern which she had even when she was staying in Bijolia for many years before her Gauna. Pratap reciprocates and showers care and asks her to not get worried about him. Moreover, amidst all fights he didn’t loose the bangles which he bought for her at the market and gifts her.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:
Ranveer is just not listening to Ishaani and cannot trust her anymore. He gets drunk again and in inebriated state first burns the property papers which he had earlier transferred in Ishaani’s name. He didn’t stop there and decides to end the marriage with Ishaani and goes ahead to take the 7 marriage Pheras in reverse to nullify their marriage.  RV then tells Ishaani to be himself now and will find a new girl for him everyday. While Ishaani is shocked to see it but couldn’t do much. Ranveer continues to have the misunderstanding that Ishaani have spent some cosy time with Chirag [which was Chirag’s deceit as he send RV the photo] and have found earlier about some scratch on her neck. RV’s believe that it is a love bite between Chirag-Ishaani and thinks Ishaani has given him a big deceit on the karva chauth night. Will Ishaani being able to repair her broken marriage with RV after clearing the misunderstanding ?

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:
Nisha senses something amiss with Shekhar’s real intentions. She wants to clarify on her thinking about him. She decides to take help of cousins to unearth the true side of Shekhar. Nisha & cousins wear different costumes of animals – Tiger, Elephant, Bear to hide their identity and then creates some disturbance in some area. Shekhar is also seen there and he begins to attack them. He goes on to attack more after finding Nisha in that get-up. Its clear he doesn’t wish to see Nisha at Laksh academy and train but what are his real motives apart from destroying Viraj ? Whether Shekhar’s true side will be known for sure to Nisha/cousins & Viraj ?

After Ramesh’s tweak in preponing Everest summit expedition, Abhiyankar’s team was about to leave within 2 days though informed by holy people whom Sherpa’s believe on not favorable time. Ramesh rubbishes their belief and as they were beginning to start the summit Abhiyankar learns about Nasir and his team are stranded at some point during their everest expedition. Abhiyankar’s principles on mountaineering and team efforts comes into practice and he wants to rescue Nasir & his stranded team members from Geneva Spur. In rescue efforts, helicopters and special team is needed but it is difficult possibility, whether Abhiyankar with his experience and principles would be able to help Nasir & his team ? Can Rina help with her broadcast and TV news capability from base camp ?

* Geneva Spur is a geological feature on Mount Everest and a large rock buttress near the summits of Everest. The spur provides a route and is usually traversed by climbers heading for Everest summits. According to G. Plimpton, he quotes the spur as – “Far bigger than it looks from a distance, Geneva Spur was a welcome mixture of snow and rock scrambling”. The spur is between 25,000 and 26,000 feet altitude.

Everest Geneva Spur
Image credit: Geneva Spur Wikipedia page.

Sahir goes into self-destruct mode again and tries to blackmail Aarzoo on the pretext she should listen to him. He takes a small knife to cut his hand and wrists but Aarzoo now knows him and his antics well and doesn’t react much to his blackmail and self-harming warnings. She knows how Sahir took a 360 shift by first celebrating her birthday, expressing his love and then told about not loving her, his marriage revelation, love games and so forth. She regards him a liar and deceit and doesn’t trust him and thus unfaced with his threats. Its true that Sahir and Aarzoo love each other but whatever he did is also part of his love and wanted himself to express her about his truth and not from Zaki. Aarzoo’s feelings of love are in hibernation mode as of now. Will Aarzoo and Sahir come closer to realize their love ?

Dil Dosti Dance:
Dil Dosti Dance is going to end soon on Channel V. Rey have already broke-up with Sarah and she couldn’t win his love and the show marks the return of Kriya. To end it in style, there will be dance and fun sequence with Rey and Kriya who will enact as Raj and Simran from DDLJ; Swayam and Swaron are also leaving the D3 gang and the Alvida song suits them well. Neil and Simmi will enact the Devdas sequence. Kriya is saying final goodbye to Rey since she thinks he is with someone else and moreover met him after long time.

Kria’s entry:
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