Airlines – Har Udaan Ek Toofan 4th January 2015 Episode 17 starring Tulip Joshi and Yudhishtir, Star Plus – Written Update


Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash and all, Star Plus

Shefali eats a lot of sleeping pills in an attempt to suicide and Ananya and her family comes to the rescue and makes sure she is fine. Aakash’s senior boss informs his top boss about the the old man being a professional killer and have killed 2 people in Goa during his attack on Aakash, and even Natasha is critical. He informs that Aakash is fine and will be transferred to Delhi the same day. Ananya at her end is told to take care of Shefali who is out of danger and the doctor speaks that shefali needs hope and the one who looses hope tries to commit suicide. Ananya blames herself for Shefali’s attempt to take life and thinks that she should have been careful while filling admission forms. Shefali wakes up next day and apologizes to Ananya for her act.


Ananya apologizes to Shefali and reminds her of the sister’s pact that we sisters never give up because – winners never quit and quitters never win. Both sisters hug each other and Ananya suggests that things will be fine. Ananya’s aunt [Shefali’s mom] comes there and speaks that Rohit Mafatlal – her boss came there to meet and was speaking of some urgent work. Rohit meets Ananya’s maternal grandpa (Nana) and speaks of coming without informing. Ananya meets Rohit and he greets her and asks whether she is thinking on what he is doing in the morning at her home. He speaks of a surprise and goes on to speak of a weekly review magazine which is run by his friend and they are covering a special section on women’s achievers. Rohit informs that his friend wants Ananya to be the cover of that magazine and he have accepted the offer since it would be a great publicity for her and moreover for Inde Airlines. They will be 2 photoshoots – individual today at her home and another one will be group one at Inde Airlines. She declines the individual shoot at her home for personal reasons. Soon, she is told by her aunt to see Shefali as she is uncomfortable. She goes to Shefali who again apologizes to her. Shefali asks Ananya of the news feature and even there is a photoshoot at home. Ananya thinks that photoshoots can wait and Shefali urges her to go ahead with it since it is a moment of recognition and takes promise from Ananya that she will not change her routine because of her.

On that note, Ananya promises to Shefali and showers a hug. She then goes to meet Rohit and informs him of agreeing for the photo shoot. He asks whether something is bothering her since she looks worried and even her family looks worried too. She informs Rohit on how Shefali’s admission at Queen’s College of Music was cancelled since they didn’t send the fee receipt and asks him whether he can help them as he also studied in London. He replies of knowing the head of Queen’s college and also knows a professor and he will speak with them and is sure that something will work. There are some men at the airport who are from intelligence and looks at Aakash. Aakash goes to meet his senior boss and speaks of reaching early at Goa airport. The senior boss informs of coming from different route thus early and Aakash learns that enough security is provided to him so that he is protected from any further attack. A man comes there and looks at Aakash and his senior boss, and soon approaches towards them. The senior boss stops the man who asks about some gate no and he replies with some directions. The senior boss directs his team to follow that suspicious man. That man have directed two youngsters something and they exchanged info about Anita Khanna and informs that man that they are on right track since she is boarding the same flight. He begins to leave and the intelligence man directs the airport security to check that man. The police checks him while he carries suspicious looks. There is nothing found and gets all clear. He leaves by saying thank you.

Aakash sits in the plane & intelligence team and that same man with his colleagues are on-board. Capt Vikas Rathod informs the passengers that in 2 hrs they will reach Delhi. Aakash tries to go to restroom and then looks at his team members while the suspicion’s man’s colleagues looks at him. Aakash walks back towards his seat and those suspicion team are arrested by Aakash’s intelligence as they were moving in the plane with some thing. The suspicious man’s beard is removed and he informs about an ex-service man and works with service commision and he is flying with his nephew and niece. He speaks of following Anita – retired lieutenant colonel. He used to love her and once she left after retirement he lost all hope. He got encouaged to meet her and express his feelings and cites about his last chance. Aakash takes the man’s ID and wants the ATC to cross-check the man’s ID with defense ministry secretariat. Aakash learns that the man is saying truth and he is indeed V.K. Narayan – retired colonel from Army but creates some suspense and then informs that he wants to take part in his high-altitude love proposal. V.K. Narayan comes to express his feelings and proposes to Anita at 35,000+ feet. He says I love you to her while his nephew/niece play guitar. He proposes to take care of her for his entire life and then takes out a ring with – Will you marry me ? message. She is quiet and nervous and ponders for some time. Sooner then, she calls him Vijay and accepts his proposal to marry her.

He puts the ring and everyone congratulate the couple. He feels relieved and they hug each other and takes some photos. The plane lands in Delhi. Aakash and his intelligence team discuss about Aakash’s informer murder which took in the disguise of an accident and the senior bosses asks Aakash what they learn from him is only project ID 2877. They inform Aakash that since he was attacked twice which means he has more secret than only project ID. They ask whether he is hiding something and he replies no. Aakash speaks that Mahima have definitely evidence and there is a key which holds the secret. The senior bosses inform Aakash of knowing about the key which was made by Zubair Ahmed and even they have checked all postal mailboxes databases. There is no post box in her name. Meanwhile, Megha comes to Ananya’s home and looks bit worried. She handsover a letter which was for Mahima and it was locked inside the post box since many months and now she took it from there. Mahima is referred to as Dolly by her father and Ananya learns that Mahima’s post box renewal’s last date was in January. Megha wants Ananya to check Mahima’s post box at the airport and if there is something important she can convey her. Ananya speaks of checking Mahima’s post box the same evening and finds a diary there. A intelligence man informs the senior boss that Ananya took a diary from Mahima’s post box which was at the airport. Later, Ananya calls Megha about finding the diary in Mahima’s postbox.

Meanwhile. Kunal gets a call and is informed that Ananya got the diary, He informs the caller of bringing the diary and he is told there is no other option. Kunal goes to Ananya’s home and carries some flowers for Shefali. He speaks with Shefali and learns about her admission got cancelled at Queen’s college. With depression, she tried to attempt suicide. He asks her for a promise that she will not repeat such a thing and she agrees. He sends her by giving an excuse about tea and he begins searching for the diary. Ananya at her end is coming to the room and stops after getting a call from her grandather. He learns that photoshoot crew is coming at 3 PM from Ananya. Kunal at his end leaves from there citing urgent work. Later, Aakash meets his senior boss who suggests that he haven’t followed his orders. Aakash speaks of following the orders on keeping distance with Ananya. The senior boss informs that an important evidence have drifted from them and Aakash took the matter lightly. He calls Mahima as the best agent of DIB [Defense Intelligence] and have given her life for that diary. Aakash reminds the senior boss that it was his responsibility to protect Mahima and suggests that he knows what to do on getting that diary. The boss leaves while informing on meeting next morning with Aakash possessing that diary. Ananya at her home gives the photoshoot for the magazine and the crew takes the photo of her alongwith her family.

The reporter calls her as photogenic and then suggests that in our country a girl’s dream to fly plane is unusual. She gets reminded of her father leaving her family and how her mother suffered a lot. Ananya speaks of a natural desire that everyone wants to fly but it is sure that only some people soar much higher. The reporter asks Ananya on how her dream to fly plane materialize. Ananya speaks of the dream to become pilot was there since childhood and got the biggest support from her grandather (Nana). Moroever, it was not easy for her and according to her grandpa’s teaching in life there are exams first and lessons are taught later. She learnt a lot in her life and belives and follows the Never Give Up motto. She thanks the reporter and ends the interview on good note. Sooner then, Ananya gets a call from Rohit who informs that Shefali’s admission at Queen’s college is fine and renewed and there will be no problem in that regard. Shefali hugs Ananya and is happy to hear positive news on her admission. Later, in the night Ananya looks at the diary and remembers some moments with Mahima which were their last and knows that Mahima was worried. A masked person came to Ananya’s home while carrying a knife and sneaks into her kitchen. She comes to her kitchen to drink water and he approaches her with the knife as she is drinking water. Ananya senses something amiss while he is about to attack. Will Kunal’s conspiracy come out in open to Ananya ?

Next Week: Aakash is seen with his senior boss and wishes to meet a specific person. The senior boss suggests it is not easy to meet that person since he is a big fish.

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