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Zaki proposes Aarzoo, and she says she will think and decide. Sahir has cheated Aarzoo, but she still loves him. She is in dilemma whom should she favor. Aarzoo is ready as bride, and two grooms Sahir and Zaki look at her waiting for her reply, as her one decision will change three lives. What will be Aarzoo’s reply?

Diya Aur Baati Hum:

Meenakshi’s baby shower function takes place. Everyone is invited and Sandhya reaches there on Bhabho’s invitation. All the neighboring ladies come to celebrate the function. Meenakshi gets glad to receive gifts from everyone. Sooraj and Sandhya do the ritual, as Bhabho has planned to get them together. Sandhya’s saree gets stuck to Sooraj’s watch, and it shows they are still connected by their heart strings. Sooraj gets mesmerized seeing Sandhya, who has donning a beautiful saree and jewels. Bhabho is very happy seeing Sandhya and Sooraj together. Sooraj and Sandhya play hide and seek, and get together for all the rituals and aarti. The small bits were made by Bhabho’s efforts. Sandhya is unaware of Ankur troubling Rathi family. What will be her taken when she comes Ankur is made Sooraj keep his sweet shop mortgaged?

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Nandini and Mohit are blessed with a baby boy, and his naming ceremony is done. Dadda ji names him Anmol. Everyone like the name. They all sing lullaby to make Anmol sleep. Naksh and Yash have a fight over Anmol, and ruin each other’s plans to please the baby. Karishma argues with Akshara and taunts her by some misunderstanding. Karishma always makes mistake, but Akshara makes everyone forgive her, but this time Karishma makes a big mistake in Vishwamber’s hotel, and she gets scolded by Shaurya. When Akshara makes a similar mistake in Singhania business, Karishma starts taunting her and calls her unjust and selfish.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Kokila is in jail and is very upset. Gopi comes to meet Kokila in the jail in her unwell state, directly from the hospital ward. Gopi can’t see Kokila in difficulty, and she can’t stop herself from meeting Kokila. She could not see her in pain, and meets her. Kokila asks Gopi to go back, and get the treatment done first. Kokila cries seeing Gopi’s state. Ahem pacifies her. Kokila and Gopi are connected by heart and they can sense each other in pain. Gopi comes out of the coma and seeks Lord’s help to save Kokila and Pairidhi. Gopi tells the truth to inspector that Vivaan has kidnapped Paridhi and now Paridhi’s life is in danger. Gopi does not lose courage, and tells everyone about Vivaan’s real face. She gives the proof and asks inspector to check Vivaan’s hand for some sign. Vivaan smiles playing safe. Will Gopi be able to save Kokila and Paridhi?

Doli Armanon Ki:

Samrat is hiding out after getting out of jail, and every shop vendor sees him, and pass bad comments on him, calling him worse than any goon. Samrat gets angry and says he is still the same. Samrat has got in bad state now, but did not change. He says he is still a tiger, and got more dangerous after being in jail for six years. Urmi has turned modern after the six years leap. Kamya Punjabi has entered the show, post leap. Urmi and Ishaan are still friends, and everyone assume they are married and Urmi has moved on in life. Urmi thinks just about Shaurya and herself, and has left plain sarees and got a makeover. It’s an anniversary party of Ishaan’s parents, and people assume Urmi and Ishaan are celebrating their marriage. Shaurya is worried about their happiness, and Samrat will be the one who will be after the mum-son duo yet another time.


Ranvi is shaken up by Veera and Baldev’s marriage. He ends his relation with Veera and understands that she married Baldev to protect him, and stop him from giving statement against Baldev. He asks Ratan whether she feels he should save Baldev and not get justice for Nihaal. Gunjan tries convincing Ranvi to think about Baldev as Veera’s husband now, and not take any action. Ranvi gets into thinking about Baldev and tells Rajveer that he needs more time to think. Rajveer gets worried knowing about Veera and Baldev’s marriage. Bansuri and Balwant see things going unexpected between Veera and Baldev. While Balwant gets worried, Bansuri gets glad and troubles Veera. Baldev acts rude towards Veera as he is hurt the fact that she did not trust him, and thinks he has killed Nihaal in his anger. Baldev decides to treat Veera badly. How will Veera manage by annoying both Ranvi and Baldev?

Jamai Raja:

DD and Roshni went in the business associate party, and Sid arrives there. DD is stunned seeing his middle class son in law, in high class attire and looking rich. Sid greets DD and takes her blessings. Even Roshni is puzzled seeing Sid wearing white suit and DD breaks to Roshni that Sid is actually the rich Siddharth Khurana. Roshni is shocked and Sid knows she hates Siddharth Khurana. DD has accepted Sid knowing he is from rich and influential family. Sid has hidden his identity to realize the distance between Roshni and Sid, and he wanted to end their rift. Roshni can’t believe Sid cheated her. Sid has done this to make Roshni and DD’s relation strong, but Roshni hates him for his big lie, and their equation changes. Sid’s mum takes him away from Roshni, after Roshni insults Sid infront of everyone. Will Roshni understand Sid and forgive him?

Jodha Akbar:

Salim has killed the tribal prince to save Bela and Farhan. He takes Bela and escapes from the tent, and brings her to safe place. Salim makes this efforts to unite Farhan and Bela, knowing they love each other, and nothing is more pure than love. Salim values love more than his life, after he fell in love with his childhood friend Anarkali. Jalal has also witnessed everything and confronts Salim. Salim tells Jalal about helping his friend and justifies himself having done the most right thing. Jalal lands in big problem and says Salim is not realizing he has invited trouble. The tribal head gets angry knowing about his prince’s death, and meets Jalal, telling him about Salim’s momentous mistake and asking him to marry his daughter, else he will kill Salim. Jalal and Jodha are shocked. How will Salim’s mistake affect Jalal? Will his love with Anarkali get accepted by Jalal?

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Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali:

Radha believed that Dada ji will not give her any chance to prove herself as a good bahu, but things go against her plans. Dada ji thinks he will lose LD if he does not accept Radha as LD’s wife. He feels LD is very valuable to him, and he can’t live without LD. He takes a decision to make LD and Radha prove their marriage can stay forever and asks Radha to become a dutiful bahu, only then all family members will accept her. He lays the condition that if Radha does all duties of a good bahu, he will accept her as his grand daughter in law by his heart. Radha accepts this condition, recalling Sudhakar’s words to give her marriage a single chance, so that she does not regret later. Suhasini assures Dada ji that Radha will manage everything, and will prove out to be his best bahu. Will Radha win Dada ji’s heart? Will Radha tell LD about her divorce decision?

Satrangee Sasural:

Post the contest, the Dil wala Munda and Dil wali Kudi were about to meet, and Aarushi was tensed that Vihaan is coming to meet her and will know she is Dil wali Kudi. Vihaan reaches to meet her and gets some flowers, being very excited to propose Aarushi and know her feelings, but he gets attacked by some goons – Girish, Guttu. Aarushi is shocked seeing Vihaan injured on the road and calls for help.

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke:

After KT’s entry in Rachna’s life, she gets clarity on loving him after reminscing all their past moments and couldn’t hate him. KT also loves her a lot but is worried to express his feelings since he knows of going away from her life 8 months ago. Rachna & her family was shattered after KT’s dissappearance and now her mom Shail & sister Gunjan advices that she should not think about KT. However, both Rachna and KT love each other a lot and she thinks he came to Benaras to sell his house and will leave again. KT is determined to win Rachna’s trust and love for him and cannot loose her another time. While, Rachna has to get her family support and KT at his end has to prove his love and sincerity. Will Rachna and Kabir come forward to confess their love for each other ? What will KT do to win Rachna and her family trust ?


Meethi have brought Mukta and Ambika together and they have resolved their differences and even Malvika gets released from jail with Ambika’s efforts. Ambika repents on her past mistakes and vows to not repeat them and cites Meethi as her inspiration. Meanwhile, Khanna gets arrested by police for Aslam’s killing and Aakash helped police in the arrest. Guru Ma’s black magic apple is eaten by Rani though Nandini wanted to harm Meethi. She thinks her magic worked. However, Nandini would come to know that Meethi is fine but Rani ate that apple. While, Khanna’s warning that Nandini will harm Aakash worked a bit since Rani is hospitalized and critical, but with prayers she will survive and overcome threat to her life. What would Meethi & Aakash do after learning about Nandini’s crime of black magic with Guru Ma ? As show is ending, the upcoming episodes will have Aakash and Meethi romance, bliss and good winning over the evil.



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