Nisha prepares to save Laksh Academy from closure; Viraj inches closer to fall in love with his Aarti – Nisha


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins New show on Star Plus

Nisha haven’t confessed her feelings to Viraj though he comes to know of the torn letter which expresses her love and written by her cousins but he would not understand completely. There is a investor meetup at Laksh academy and Viraj wants to impress them and believes in Nisha’s capability in shooting. However, Shekhar wants to destroy Viraj and his academy and he hatches a plan by deceiving Viraj’s aunt Gayatri. Shekhar spoils the gun which Nisha will use and is sure that neither Nisha nor Viraj could impress the investors and tricks Gayatri in believing that once the investors go away what follows is academy closure and she can then built her own hotel. Moreover, he suggests to Gayatri on doing good for Viraj with his plan since he doesn’t think investors will be happy with Nisha or Laksh. Gayatri falls in his trap since she worries and care for her daughter Priyanka and Shekhar exploits that weak link.


In the next track, Viraj’s Laksh academy is about to close with Shekhar’s ploy succeeding and have made some impact in investors not showing interest in supporting the academy. Viraj gets disheartened and drinks alcohol and becomes unconscious. Nisha comes and finds Viraj in that situation and gets shocked. She couldn’t believe and also finds Viraj loosing his balance. She controls her emotions and goes ahead directly to help Viraj and takes him to his room. When she was taking him, they came closer while Viraj is oblivious of all her feelings of love for him. Nisha needs to steer Viraj in overcoming the closure of Laksh academy while providing emotional support. She was already having suspicion on Shekhar and now she begins to unearth his role in damaging the academy and also his role in spoiling the gun. Nisha decides to take help of cousins/brothers – Umesh and Suketu to expose Shekhar. Nisha dons a Tigeress avatar, Umesh takes the elephant role and Suketu takes the bear role to hide their identity and then creates some disturbance in an market where Shekhar would come. Shekhar comes there and he begins to attack them. He goes on to attack more after finding Nisha in that get-up. Whether Shekhar’s ill-intentioned plan to spoil the gun to shoo away investors and result in Laksh academy closure comes out in open to the investors and Viraj ? Will Nisha convince investors to re-evaluate her training and academy ? What would Viraj feel to see Nisha’s valiant efforts to save his academy, Will he fall in love with his Aarti aka Nisha ?

Rupan is determined to send Amanpreet (Poonam) away from her home within one week and also expose her identity to Dada ji. Jwala and her cousins are shielding Aman from Rupan’s plans. Will Dada ji learn about Aman and Umesh’s relationship ? What will be his take ? Keep Reading.



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