Panchi's Love Titu has another admirer Ruhi; Her unparalleled love for Titu needs to speak out


Tu Mera Hero - Panchi and Titu

Titu have feelings for Panchi while she have already regard Titu as her love and even does prayers that both of them come together realizing their mutual love. After Titu’s portrayal of Radha in Krishna-Leela, his father is annoyed with him aka Titia. He believes Titu have insulted in the family in whole Mathura by his feminine acting. Titu’s dad instructs him to leave Mathura and go to Agra. Titu is sad and even his mom tries to convince her husband. Meanwhile, Panchi also learns about Titu’s departure to Agra being planned and she cannot see him leave. She thinks that if she is able to shed Titu’s image of acting as girl and what if a girl loves him then Titu’s father would stop his exit from Mathura.

Next, Titu’s dad puts a challenge to him that he should come with a girl who loves him and also ready to marry. Titu’s mother is puzzled but he is quite confident. At the first go, he calls Panchi and fondly asks her to meet him tomorrow at the backyard of the temple @ 7 AM.  She agrees to meet him with happiness since she loves him dearly. She goes to meet him with some shyness. Titu opens up and informs her that he has to share something from his heart. He tries to pamper her with his words like he never felt the same before like today and thinks all things are set and auspicious to express his feelings. He begins to talk more on his feelings. Will Panchi go ahead in front of his dad paving the way for his victory in the challenge ?


Meanwhile, Ruhi marks her entry in Titu’s life. What role Ruhi would play in Titu’s life ? Whether Ruhi would stall Titu and Panchi’s just blooming feelings of love ?

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