Raman and Ishita’s Gratifying Retro 'Room'ance in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



Raman teases Ishita and tries talking to her, while she avoids him. He gets into a romantic mood and sings Inteha hogai Intezaar Ki………..They both clear the sweet annoyance between them and dance together. She then goes to change and makes him wait. She comes in a sensual saree to shock Raman. He falls seeing her and she dances to please him. Raman and Ishita fall on the bed and laugh, by ending the long wait. Ishita’s hot look surprises Raman and he also makes efforts to shower his love on her. Ishita’s simple character is changing for her love Raavan Kumar, but Shagun has some other plans to separate Raman and Ishita.

Her eyes speak romance and Raman is stunned by her moves. It’s second time the viewers with get to see tons of attitude and oomph in Ishita after her first surprise dance performance for Raman before, which turned funny by elder’s entry in the scene. This time we hope Shagun does not spoil their romance. Watch this much awaited love plus dance bonanza in the show and keep reading here.


  1. If the makers of YHM want this serial to sustain 2015, they have to put to rest the character of Shagun & his dumb son Aditya. A 12 year old boy is much smarter than what is shown here. My 12 year old has the intelligence to know who is telling the truth and who is lying…Building Mani’s character will bring greater dividends than dragging the absolutely ridiculous Shagun & Aditya characters. The story writers have to bring back the cute nok jhok between Raman & Ishita and the two lovable Samdhans or else people will migrate to other shows.

  2. Same here…even I take an break when shagun adi mihika ashok suraj are on screen
    there part is really very very much boring

  3. Yeah even here my family who is glued to this serial is getting frustrated watching ashok, mihika, shagun n adi. They shud just be removed n concentrate on the love that blooms after marriage for raman and ishita. If the show continues like this we shall stop watching YHM, its gonna be a bore.

  4. i agree with all of you. there should be greater stress on showing the bond building between adi and ruhi, ruhi is very smart and does not like adi. so greater scope there. similarly there can be some silly pranks that adi can play to annoy ishita or discrdit her. portraying such events where he delibrately consumes wrong medicines is sending wrong messages to youngsters who as it is are very susceptible to such suggestions. it is high time shagun is ticked off by raman and put in her place enabling adi to buils up a healthy equation with raman ishita and ruhi. mani should be back . he had promised to teach ashok alesson and had warned him to start counting his days. where is he? build up his character than project negativism all the time. the simple love that was there in the lives of ruhi and ishita is missing. as a growing girl she will have her issues and let the writers concentrate on all these. otherwisw a nice well developed story and serial will descend to the levels of other typical serials . all the wonderful work of the artists like karan divyanka and the bhallas and the iyers will come to naught due to the wrong track followed by the writers and the directors.

  5. I’m fed up with this evil son aditya please remove him and let Mani come to teach a big lesson to ashock. Due to aditya raman has lost three contracts why??? Please director remove this adult. Also ishita suffer from shagun mistakes? Director please show us the punishment of shagun broke the relation of her husband and not bored serials like this


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