Ashok gets delighted as Raman begs for his help in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ashok in Ye Hai Mohabbatein

Raman folds hands and begs to Ashok. Can you believe it? Yes, its true, as Raman bends down and begs to Ashok seeking his help for saving Adi’s life. Raman is helpless as a father as he wants Ashok to help him in doing the hospital formalities as he is the legal father of Adi. The hospital staff asks Raman to get Adi’s legal father’s consent to operate on him, and Raman gets tensed as he has no right to sign the form. Ashok acts rude to Raman and kicks him out. Raman gets angry and holds his collar. Ashok asks him to lower his tone and Raman pleads him to help. Raman leaves waiting for Ashok to agree. Mihika requests Ashok to help Raman and seeing her disorderly ways to torture him and threatening him about domestic violence case on him, Ashok gets a plan to hit the bull’s eye with this chance. He asks Mihika to sign on the papers staring he does not treat her bad and have not done any domestic violence on her. Mihika signs on the papers for Raman and Ishita’s happiness, which is linked to Adi’s health now.


Coming to Adi’s vulnerable state, it so happens as he takes Mrs. Bhalla’s BP medicines instead of his prescribed ones, intentionally and puts the blame on Ishita for ruining his health and making him out of Raman’s life. Raman believes in Ishita that she can never hurt any child. Will he get to know Adi’s plans to mislead him and break his trust on Ishita. Adi conspires with Shagun to teach Ishita a lesson and make her value fall down in Raman’s eyes. Shagun feels proud of Adi, and is happy being disgusting as always. Will Raman know this evil plan and succeed in clearing the poison from Adi’s heart? Keep reading.


  1. It’s right Raman believes ishita but I have heard that adi will instigate toshiji against ishita that she is his step mother and trying to kill him.

  2. Blaming n doubting Ishita has been common in this serial dis tym new twist is surely needed,
    N y is shagun trying to come back to bhalla family, which she left? Dis is too much Adi must know his mother’s intensions,


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