High end drama during Bulbul's engagement in KumKum Bhagya


bulbul in kumkum bhagya

Abhi is going mad about Pragya and sticks to her all the time, in Bulbul’s engagement. He does not leave any moment to romance his wife, and Pragya excuses herself. Their relationship is getting better and Abhi feels Pragya is a genuinely wonderful person and loves her a lot. Abhi dances with Pragya romantically, and also shakes a leg with Bulbul, showing his rockstar talent to the guests. Bulbul is glad on her engagement with Purab. Aaliya is the only one sad among the people present in the function, seeing her love Purab getting engaged to Bulbul.

Aaliya plans to hurt Bulbul and knock her from her way. Bulbul gets pushed into the swimming pool and shouts for help. Pragya is shocked seeing Bulbul drowning and gets tensed. She tries saving Bulbul and fails to do so. She helplessly cries and the angel comes to save Bulbul, the very own hero of the show Abhi, who makes a well timed entry and saves Bulbul’s life. Pragya is thankful to Abhi and gets into a spy’s shoes raising question on finding the person who has pushed Bulbul in the swimming pool and tried killing her. Bulbul gets rushed to the hospital and falls critical. Pragya gets worried for Bulbul, as their happiness turns into a bad nightmare by someone’s revengeful plan. Will Pragya find out the culprit and protect Bulbul? Keep reading.



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