Nandini undergoes Postpartum Depression annoying Rukmani in Yeh Rishta…


nandini in yeh rishta

Akshara and Naitik notice Nandini looking really worried for the baby Anmol and fear prevailing on her face every now and then. They find it odd as she was fearing about her safe delivery before, as it turned out to be premature delivery. Nandini falls into Postpartum Depression and her behavior starts changing making her extremely concerned for Anmol and thinking there is something wrong which everyone is hiding about the baby’s health from her. She acts strange and annoys Rukmani, who wants to spend most of her time with the baby. Rukmani was not keen to send Nandini to her Maayka post her delivery, but on Dadda ji’s insistence and everyone’s request, she agrees to stay at Singhania house. Things start getting wrong with Nandini staying depressed and neglecting the baby, which makes Rukmani call her mad.

Bhabhimaa gets upset as both Rashmi and Nandini are facing troubles in their life, after Nikhil has sent divorce papers to Rashmi and abandoned her and their daughter Gayatri/Gayu baby. Nandini’s depression sets a new task for Akshara to bring her back on the right mind mark, and with Naitik and Mohit’s support, we are sure she will accomplish it. Rukmani has already hurt Rama by taunting her on Nikhil’s affair with someone, and now she does not leave any stone unturned to comment on Singhania family for making Nandini marry her son Mohit. Mohit stays a good husband to support Nandini, but Rukmani sets on a new plan. Will Rukmani’s annoyance with Nandini end? Will Akshara be able to bring out Nandini from PPD? Keep reading.

Additional Note:
* Postpartum depression (PPD) also called postnatal depression: Type of clinical depression which can affect women after child birth. Read more at its Wikipedia page.


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