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Satrangi Sasural:
Vihaan and Aarushi have realized feelings for each other and he went ahead to propose her on his love but with Girish’s entry it was stalled. Vihaan’s moms want to meet Dil Wali Kudi and doesn’t know she is Aarushi. They sent a thank you note to the kudi asking her to meet and Aarushi goes to meet them. Vihaan couldn’t stopped Aarushi and is scared since his moms will come to know that her brother Girish have attacked him. If Aarushi keeps quiet in saying about Girish, then another challenge for Vihaan is to remove the superstitious belief. After one of his mom suggested Vihaan’s accident took place when he was going to meet the kudi and cites the girl as unlucky, all the moms got worried and tends to support the belief. Aarushi has further challenge with Girish hiding his new work and Gattu’s continuous meddling in her matters with his not so good intentions. Vihaan’s Dadi Maa have met Aarushi already at the temple and is awe after listening to her words – everyone are equal for God. Will Dadi Maa help Vihaan in removing superstitious belief and also not letting the blame on Aarushi for Girish’s misconduct and assault ?

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:
Ishani is acting stubborn and giving a tit for tat reply to RV and her sole aim to make an entry in Ranvir’s heart and win his love. She consolidates her stay by threatening legal action against Amba since she is RV’s legal wife. Ishaani follows RV at his office and other places in order to reach his heart and show unconditional love but gets harsh reply. She gets another opportunity when RV visits a place to cheer children and Ishaani decides to take the avataar of a clown so as to cheer RV though expects not favourable response but does it anyway for his happiness. However, Amba has her own plans and wants to evict Ishaani by proving she is having illegimate relationship and also to show RV doesn’t have any relations with her. Sharman, Ritika are providing support to Ishaani and she gets courage to face RV’s harsh behavior and hatred. In the ongoing tussle between Amba & Ishaani, who will take upper hand and succeed ? What more Ishaani has to do alongwith her defiant approach – realizing Chirag’s truth to RV ?


Hum Hai Na:
Bunty and Sagarika have consummated their marriage and shared romantic moments away from the family. Next in the track is Bunty’s mom Amma ji running for the elections and plans to become politician. When this news came out, the residents of their locality came forward to share their woes and problems with Amma ji even before she won the election. Bunty and his dad are fine with Amma ji’s decision and thinks there will be comic moments with people’s anticipation with Amma ji.

Tu Mera Hero:
Titu’s sendoff to Agra got cancelled with Panchi’s plan and even his mom taking the identity of Sanyasan (hermit) have helped him. With Ruhi’s arrival, Titu and Panchi’s love story took a turn. Titu is impressed with Ruhi who calls him as her first friend and even takes selfie. Panchi gets upset with Titu since he mistakenly thinks Ruhi has stopped his sendoff. To bring smile on Panchi’s face, he takes her on a date by surprise and even apologizes for upsetting her. Panchi would be happy but what’s more in store with Ruhi’s arrival, Will Titu realize his love for Panchi who loves him a lot ?

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:
Yuvraaj takes a step asking Soumya to leave his life and Birla House, and just stay far from him and Suhani, having known if she can cheat her childhood friend, then he is nothing for her. He rejects her love proposal right away without any second thinking. Soumya gets a big rejection shock and asks Yuvraaj whether he loves Suhani. Yuvraaj accepts his love for Suhani and asks Soumya to leave them alone and make her marriage right with Krishna. Soumya rages and refuses to leave Birla House, as Dadi supports her once again. Dadi promises Soumya that she will make Suhhani leave the house, but they both make efforts and pressurize Yuvraaj to tell Suhani about his first love for Soumya, and see whether Suhani would be able to accept this truth and still love him with fair respect.

Shastri Sisters:
Rajat and Anushka realize feelings for each other but are holding them and moreover Anu misses him dearly. Rajat got a transfer to Dehradun and was leaving but stops after realizing how he has hurt his dutiful wife Anushka and feels apologetic. Anushka accepts his apology and both are coming close. The arrival of Lohri celebrations gives them the opportune time to realize their feelings and Rajat accepting Anushka wholeheartedly and with respect. Rajat goes ahead with the Mangalsutra and wants to shower respect to Anushka as his loved life. Anushka is happy to see Rajat’s coming forward but their happiness was short-lived as they find Minty’s displeasure and her stare. Rajat becomes hesitant but it seems he will go ahead in putting Mangalsutra on Anushka thereby showering respect to marriage vows and to his wife. The chances of Rajat stopping and the seperation between their hearts look bleak.

Promo: Lohri special: 13 to 14th January

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain:
Naksh’s birthday celebrations are next in the show. He feels his birthday is going to missed this time and feels sad. Akshara, Naitik and all are preparing to give him a big surprise. Akshara is giving him a special surprise and he got gifts from Ria and have memorable time with other children’s -Yash and Ananya presence. YRKKH is completing six years on 12th January which coincides with Naksh’s birthday preparations.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke:
KT is holding on to his emotions and feelings of love for Rachna since he gets reminded of the promise he gave to Rachna’s mom Shail that he will not come close to her. But Rachna wants to hear from him that he loves her and is frustrated with KT’s behavior. While he holds on to his promise but he follows and protects her as she is travelling to Lucknow for cousin marriage. With the van break-down in the midst of a forest comes an opportunity for KT and Rachna to spend some time together and unintended romance. Moreover, as KT is holding up, how about Rachna, Would she able to control her feelings for him ? What’s more in store for KT-Rachna love story during their road journey ?

Abiyankar’s rescue mission is underway and they are inching closer to save Nasir & his team after overcoming glacier collapse. Sam finds out the mistake in climate systems data with the help of his son and aims to win back the respect and trust. Will he find out Ramesh’s manipulation of data to prepone summit expedition ? Vidhaan have already expressed his feelings to Maithili and thinks he doesn’t match with Anjali. Anjali doesn’t wish to realize her love for Aakash even when Rina and Maithili suggests otherwise. Anjali’s dream of Everest summit expedition is going to begin soon and her spirit, inner strength and courage will be tested in an environment where there are snow storms, severe cold. Will Anjali open-up with Aakash about her feelings of love ?



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