Love By Chance 33rd Episode 10th January 2015 starring Harsha Khandeparkar and Sshrey Pareek on Bindass TV – Written Update

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Love By Chance Bindass 32nd Episode, 10th January 2015 starring Harsha Khandeparkar  

Today’s Love by Chance Episode name is Rent Wala Pyaar. It is story of a boy Yuvraj and a girl Mauli.  Yuvraj is having a video chat with his dad and informs him on meeting students who tell him on not answering any intimate questions and he is puzzled. His dad finds the house maid Sakku Bai and suggests to his son why he is so worried. He informs on not feeling any embassment and calls himself very romantic and makes a taunt on his son that he will not find his love. Yuvi’s mom supports him and his dad asks whether he knows how to make kids and reminds him how he has drawn a diagram and explain to him when he was 16 yrs old. His mom wants him to go on a date and asks him to share any fear or insecurities with them. Later, Sakku Bai comes and suggests to Yuvi that if he develops some headache she can give him a head massage. He thanks her but doesn’t need any help. His father thinks there is some problem with Yuvi’s DNA and thinks they will evaluate whether he was replaced at the hospital since Yuvi is so straight and simple. Yuvi wants to prove that he is an adult.

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Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that Yuvi is a Psychology student in a top institute in Mumbai and was working as research assistant. He is a simple guy and never had relationship with a girl. The problem is with his parents who wonder how come their son didn’t have an affair though he is 23 years old. Kavi wonders with whom Yuvi will get in touch.

Mauli comes in an auto and didn’t have change to pay the auto fare. She finds Yuvi close by and requests him to help her and calls herself a beautiful girl. She needs the change for 100 rupee note and he finds only 82 INR change and gives her. She thanks him and acts sentimental. She gives all that change to the driver and suggests that it is a matter of emotions since she gave more than the actual fare. She then learns his name is Yuvraj. She introduces herself as Mauli Sharma – an aspiring actress and gives the visiting card and asks him to contact her if he needs help. He accepts the card and was leaving but she stops him again and hands over her portfolio and CV. She asks him to drop them if he finds an opportunity but he replies on being working in psychology department and deals with its theories and doesn’t know about her work. She speaks more sentimental words and thinks that life have twists and asks him to take care and runs from there. Later, Yuvi was at his home and chats with his parents and they ask why he looks happy and smile is seen on his face. His dad makes taunt at him and continue to have romance with his wife. They plan to visit Yuvi for the weekend and also bring along Yuvi’s sister Divya. Yuvi wants them to listen and asks why they are coming at short notice. Yuvi’s dad thinks he doesn’t have anything to hide and even didn’t hide anything in the laptop so why worry. But Yuvi suggests otherwise and speaks of having a girlfriend which he has hidden from them. His dad becomes surprised and gets laugh. Yuvi also boasts that she stays with him on weekend. Yuvi’s mom thinks that her son have grown and asks him to call his GF and they inform him of coming for the weekend and ends the chat.

Yuvi drinks a soft drink and gets worried on the thought to get a GF for 2 days and thinks its not like borrowing books. Soon, he gets a call from his sister Divya and she compliments him for hitting a sixer in having a GF. She asks whether he is not faking and he replies yes. She speaks that their dad is surprised to know that he has a GF and even took a 500 INR bet with their mom. Yuvi gets upset since now he needs to prove to his father that he has a GF. Sakku Bai comes and asks Yuvi whether he has a GF and she speaks that girl’s formula is only one which is jealosy. If he tell his GF about another girl then she will listen to him more. She also offers to become his GF for couple of days if he wants and will do acting for the same. She reminds him of her acting in a play at her village. He doesn’t listen to her and calls Mauli. He introduces himself by reminding the experience of giving her the change and wants to meet her. She thinks he is a nice boy as he didn’t tried to touch her during their last meeting and is thus safe. She agrees to come to his place at 8 PM. Later, she reaches his place and he hesitantly speaks of needing some help. She holds his hand and he becomes nervous and drinks the soft drink to get some confidence. He gets composure and speaks of a role and she needs to act. She asks about the story. He speaks a story which is about a boy and his parents want a GF for their son. She says that the parents are colorful, the boy is serious and she will come in the boy’s life as the wind.

Next, the parents put pressure on the boy and wants to meet his GF. Mauli speaks of understanding it and thinks she needs to enact like a Bahu (daughter-in law) who is going to meet her in-laws for the first time. She shows Yuvi the scene of how her mother-in law scans the Bahu fully. She thinks it as the dream role and hugs him. He says her acting was amazing but how about the money. She replies that money is important but acting is art, passion and form of expression. He asks whether she will work for free. She replies it depends and then learns he will be the director, actor and also producer. She thinks it as indie project and he opens up and suggests its not a film but his real life for which she needs to act like his GF for 2 days. He also informs of not touching her and requests dearly. She speaks of doing it and asks for 5,000 INR. She reminds on asking for money since she is acting as fake GF and asks him for full payment. He gives her 4,730 INR. Kavi (the host) speaks that we have heard about people hiding their GF from parents but here a GF is being taken on rent. Mauli – a walking daily soap, and Yuvi – worried and not so romantic guy. Whether the lie will work with his parents ?

Yuvi’s parents come for the weekend and Mauli greets them with much fervor and even calls them as Mummy/Papa and hugs his sister. She speaks on able to meet them after convincing Yuvi for almost 2 yrs. Yuvi becomes nervous and suggests she was asking him since 2 months. Mauli speaks very fondly with Yuvi and thinks they are made for each other couple and were destined to be together. Yuvi’s dad gets much impressed and his mom thinks her son is secretive [Chupa Rustam]. She speaks to his mom on being fortunate to become the daughter-in law in their family. Yuvi tries to divert her attention and takes her to the kitchen and asks why she did so much overacting. He informs on not having GF even for 2 minutes. Mauli speaks of a good actor and soon they share a nice moment when the tea was about to overflow. Divya asks Mauli on how her brother have proposed to her. Mauli goes in her acting style and speaks that he proposed to her on the Valentine’s day eve at 12:00 midnight. He came to her home and when she opened the door found a carpet of red roses and also Yuvi came with 1001 roses bouquet. He informed her on taking care while showering flowers in their life. He then proposed to her by lifting her with his hands and showered a kiss. She compliments him more and his parents are puzzled. Kavi (the host) speaks that as the day is passing, Yuvi’s GF is boasting many romantic moments one after another and parents are getting nostalgic.

Later, Yuvi’s parents are showing family album and in one photo Yuvi is seen in his shorts and they share an experience when Yuvi as a child wore the same inner wear for 1 week and got ache as the result. Yuvi feels embarassed and his dad suggests that there is no secret behind husband and wife. Moreover, Mauli suggets him to not worry and both look at each other. Next day, they go on a park and spend the day. Mauli is pampered and taken care by his family a lot. She compliments Yuvi and calls him a good actor. She goes in sentimental mode and is leaving him since her work is done for the day. She gives him a goodbye hug before leaving as he was feeling a bit sad. Kavi (the host) speaks that if life is a colourful set (Rangmanch) then Mauli and Yuvi were feeling the colors of love. He says the honesty is the most important thing in a relationship which was not present in Yuvi & Mauli’s case and there was a line between acting and reality and that was the biggest challenge.

Yuvi comes and speaks of a good news and his parents already call themselves as Saas and Sasur (in-laws) of Mauli. He brought some tickets for his parents and have done arrangements for their departure but they informed him of making decision to stay for more days since Mauli have requested them to do so. They also ask Yuvi about meeting mauli’s parents which brings nervousness on his and mauli’s face. Yuvi takes an excuse and takes her to the kitchen. She calls them sweet but he replies they are good in giving you complex. They used to give him taunts while they think themselves as cool and now has taken his GF in their side. Mauli thinks they are cheating his parents and he asks her to not become sentimental. She asks him to finish the work since he is the director and he again drinks to remove his nervousness. He speaks of change in character. Kavi (the host) speaks that there is an old adage that to hide one lie you need to say 100 lies. When parents are serious about them, then they came up with a lie to evade them. But what lies beneath that lie is their real feelings.

Yuvi’s mom comes with a bracelet which was brought by his dad from Paris and asks Mauli to wear since it suits her and puts it on her hand. Mauli goes in her new character and acts rude and thinks it is not pretty and also calls it old fashioned and even calls Yuvi’s mom as old lady. Yuvi’s dad supports Mauli by saying he went to Paris 3 yrs ago and now the fashion is outdated but she is not thankful to him. Sooner then, Divya comes to show her nail polish and have used Mauli’s make-up kit. Mauli again acts rude with her and suggests there is something called formality and makes taunts at the family. She calls Yuvi’s dad as an oldie who behaves like a teenager. She makes more taunts and leaves from there. She goes outside the home with teary face and later meets Yuvi and calls him a jerk and villain who was happy to see his parents getting taunts. He speaks of change in character but she suggests that he is only worried about his complex. She informs that his parents care for him a lot and wants his happiness and they want to see him not only as an ideal son but also to see he enjoys his life much. She calls him unlucky while his parents are lucky and speaks of ending the work. He becomes worried and asks what will he do now and also talks about money. She returns him the money and also informs him of going to his parents to say the truth. He becomes more nervous and asks her to stay away from his parents and she doesn’t need to do further acting. Moreover, she needs to stay away from his life. She becomes sad to hear it and says that was the last thing she wanted to hear and leaves with dejection. On that note, Yuvi becomes more nervous and is upset.

Later, Mauli comes to his home and Yuvi is surprised and then learns she is being called by his parents. Sooner then, his parents speak on leaving and Mauli reminds them she was called by them and calls his dad as papa and then uncle. His mom asks her to decide what she wants to call Yuvi’s dad. Yuvi wants to speak the truth and speaks of acting in the last 3 days and cites the days were strange. He was cursing his father for the complex pressure but actually he got much happiness and learning which he never got in so little time. He learnt from his sister that things are around you and you just needs to look at it differently and looks at Mauli. He also learn from his parents on living in the present and enjoying life. He learnt from Mauli the most important thing which is to overcome own complexes and there is no problem to have a fresh and new start. He goes ahead to apologize to Mauli and inform his parents that Mauli is not his GF but an actress who did acting for him. They act like of getting surprised and smiles. Yuvi’s dad speaks of knowing after some time that Mauli is acting and cites that once an obedient and ideal bahu became an insulting one they understood her. Yuvi’s dad asks him to hit the sixer as it is the right time. After some pause, Yuvi proposes to Mauli asking whether she would like to become his real GF. She pulls his leg by saying No and then showers a hug to him to become the lovestruck couple. Yuvi and his parents are excited and the story ends on that happy note.

Kavi speaks that Yuvi have made up his mind to not say lie again but there is some exception when Mauli comes to asks him whether she looks fat and he will say No. He signs off by saying viewers to share their feedback using the hashtag #LoveByChance on Bindass TV Twitter page.

Additional Note:
* We (TellyReviews) believe that Actors – Harsha and her co-lead have given an amazing performance to a layered, emotional and sweet love story which also has a social message. Kudos to Actors, the team, Kavi and Bindass TV.

Some Info on CAST:
* Mauli Sharma is portrayed by Actress Harsha Khandeparkar
– Portrayed the role of Rajshree Goradia in Star One’s Hum Dono Hain Alag Alag
– Worked in Uttaran, Star Plus’ Arjun.
– Role of Anuradha Kapil Deewan/Roshni in Star Plus’s Pyaar Ka Dard Hai; role of Urvashi in Star Plus’ Ishq Kills 11th Episode aired on 27th April 2014. If interested, read that episode WU here.
– Harsha’s Twitter page.

* Yuvi is portrayed by actor Sshrey Pareek.

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  2. […] Episode aired on 10th January 2015 and played the role of Yuvraj, If interested, read that Episode WU here – Sshrey’s Instagram […]

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