TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week


TR's Top Spoilers For this Week

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Raman takes the marriage vows with Ishita again, that she always stays with life forever. He lifts her and takes the rounds in the temple, impressing Ishita. It’s part of the Tamil rituals and Romi is glad watching it, along with the kids Ruhi and Adi. Its one thing that happened well in Shagun’s absence. Adi gets depressed seeing Raman and Ishita getting into an unbreakable relation. What will Adi do next?

Diya Aur Baati Hum:
Meenakshi takes the avataar of a pandit/Baba ji and also brings some people to act like her followers. Chhavi comes with her brother Vikram – Meenakshi’s husband and opens-up with pandit and hands over a chit with all her bad deeds and plans. She also speaks of stealing the necklace which was brought by Meenakshi’s mom (around baby shower function) and selling it in the open market. But it turns out that meenakshi’s mom brings the necklace back and it makes Chhavi puzzled. Meenakshi as Baba ji has the evidence now to expose Chhavi in front of Bhabo and Rathi family.


Aarzoo has married to Sahir under compulsion since he threatened to destroy her family and she believes he married her for business reasons. Sahir also forced Aarzoo in marrying him by bringing a fake paternity test report to demean Zaki’s character but it didn’t work since Zaki haven’t accepted it. Aarzoo’s love for Sahir had changed into hatred after his marriage revelation and was thinking to marry Zaki. She married him at the dargah by walking on hot coals and Sahir walked too. Zaki feels heartbroken and Sahir will try to compel him in marrying Samaira to agree with Rehman’s words. Aarzoo thinks of finding a new identity after marriage and hates Sahir. Sahir shows some care for her but also has another side of jealousy. He makes bad remarks at her which makes her angry and she slaps him in return. While Sahir is forcing Aarzoo in her marriage and is dealing with his own insecurities and fears but she needs some time to come to terms in her marriage.  Sahir feels pain for Aarzoo but carries love in his heart which is very different and can be only understood by Alvira at this moment. What more Aarzoo learn about Sahir and his behavior in her married life driven by compromise ?

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan:
Nandini and Manik are just friends and re-defining friendship and going to suggest Dosti Pyaar Hai [Friendship is love] which is another way to say Pyaar Dosti Hai. Manik wants unique friendship but she prefers to have traditional friendship with no kiss or intimate moments. Soha’s crush on manik has become obsession and she is trying to harm Nandini and have failed on two occasions with Manik making a hero entry to protect Nandini. Nandini understands about Soha’s obsessive intentions towards Manik and asks him to be careful. Soha is unable to manage Fab 5 but still took charge in her control from Nandini. Manik is oblivious of Soha’s intentions and needs some starting point to understand them. After Navya’s expose of Harshad by her Halla Bol attitude and even openly spoke about pregancy, she is expelled and Manik takes his mom Nyonika’s help to re-instate Navya in college with respect. At Mukti’s end, she is going on a dinner date with Abhimanyu after learning the importance of gratitude and happiness from him. He cheers her up time and again but Mukti is oblivious to the fact of his death approaching nearer as he suffers from cancer. A recent big development in Yaariaan is actor Abhishek Malik portraying Harshad, bidding adieu (his tweet) and thus his journey is going to end soon. We (TellyReviews) wish Abhishek the very best in his future work endeavors. Abhishek’s Twitter page.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:
Kokila is released from lock-up after Gopi’s request to Paridhi’s dad. Now, Kokila, Ahem, Jigar and Urmi aunty are on the lookout to find Paridhi and proove Vivaan as guilty. The partner in crime with Vivaan is Radha who aspires to get back to Jigar for his wealth but Paridhi informs her of loving him. Also, Vivaan also has some feelings for Paridhi. Amidst all this, Paridhi tricks them and runs by driving the van but after some distance she has to stop since Radha was standing in the middle of the road. Moreover, Radha enacts of getting hurt and Paridhi gets down to help. Sooner then, Paridhi is attacked by Radha and caught again. Vivaan also makes his entry and they succeed in stopping Paridhi from running away from their clutches. Next in the track is Kokila, Urmi in tandem with Jigar on the lookout for Paridhi at a fair (mela). It so happens that Paridhi is also there and Koki & Co takes new avataar to disguise their identity from Vivaan. Paridhi’s rescue plan is going to unfold there, Will Koki & Co succeed ?

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:
While Ishaani tried to impress RV at the party by becoming a clown but she didn’t got favorable response. She later realized the party and things were organized by Amba to humiliate her in front of many people. Ishaani takes humiliation in her stride. Amba also tried to frame Ishaani as a mad person or mentally unstable and wanted to send her to a mental asylum but her plans got backfired when she was bitten by a dog.  She couldn’t proceed in trying to send Ishaani to the asylum. Will Ishaani continue to outdo Amba and secure her stay to realize her pursuit of winning RV’s love and trust ?

Maharana Pratap:
Pratap and Ajabde was about to consummate their marriage and shares romantic moments together in Chittor’s place. But their happiness got short-lived since Pratap needed to leave Ajabde midway as he was informed about some matter.

Suhani Se Ek Ladki:
Suhani is taking further steps to express her love to Yuvraj. She lits up their room well and gives Yuvraj a suprise and thinks he will be happy. Later, Yuvraj enters the room and gets surprised to see it well-lit. He tries to show that he is not impressed for a while but it is sure mutual ove is blossoming at their ends.

Doli Armanon Ki: 
Samrat continues to remain in his old behavior and had even took money from his mom forcibly and even engaged in a fight with some people and boasted about himself. Urmi – a successful restaurant owner is happy with her son Shaurya, friend Ishaan. It so happens that Samrat comes to eat at Urmi’s restaurant but doesn’t realize it belongs to her. Moreover, they didn’t meet each other there.

Qubool Hai: 
Tanveer got full eyesight back and can see well but she hides the secret of able to see from Ahil and others and have some plans on how to use it at right time. Aahil plans a surprise function for Tanveer. It turns out that Aahil has build a small statue of Tanveer and wants to get inagurated with her own hands. Tanveer goes there and continues to act like blind person and does the inaguration. Sanam, the new bride Sanam, Rehaan and others are seen in attendance there. Tanveer thinks she continues to hold very important place in Aahil’s heart which means her plans to takeover Aahil’s property has many opportunities.

Itna Na Karo Mujhe Pyar
Ragini is mistaken about Aarav behind Shilpa’s accident as she has shilpa’s scarf given by Nivedita. Nivedita got it by tricking Aarav earlier. But soon the misunderstanding gets cleared and Ragini comes to know of Ranveer’s role in the accident. Ranveer did the accident since he was angry with Shilpa who was praising Ragini and also wanted to keep loving Aarav because of Ragini. Ragini continues to be mistaken that Neil is gifting bikes and cars to children. In the ensuing track, Neil gets in a fight with Ragini since she wants to book Ranveer for his crime as Shilpa is in coma and battling for her life and is defiant. What will be the aftermath of Neil and Ragini’s fight, Will Ranveer gets punishment in the end by mutual consent of his parents ? Is he going to realize his grave mistake in doing accident ?

Satrangi Sasural: 
Vihaan’s moms like Dr Devika with some exception – Dadi Maa and they think her as the ideal match for him and have also invited her. In a turn of events, Aarushi agrees to accept the engagement with Gattu. Her grandfather asks whether she has really made up her mind and she says yes but carries a feeling of compulsion. Aarushi’s mom tries to stop her. In no time, Gattu takes the opportunity and puts the ring on her hand while carrying his not so good intentions. Around the same time, Vihaan makes his entry to her doorstep and finds Aarushi getting engaged with Gattu. How Vihaan and Aarushi’s relationship will shape up after her engagement decision with Gattu ?

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Jodha Akbar: 
Akbar is getting married to Bela after agreeing to tribal people’s demands. But his marriage faces trouble since Saleem comes to confront him and informs that marriage cannot happen. Jodha steps in and tries to defend Akbar’s marriage by saying she doesn’t have any problem with it and asks Saleem why is he bothered. Saleem is defiant and cannot let the marriage take place. Whose point will be heard, Will Saleem convinces Akbar in not marrying Bela ?

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  1. tu mera hero is a nice show..nice story nd nice actors ..I lik it..nd panchi nd titu are soo cute….nd there is no need of ruhi….plss don’t prolong the story…as llike ofher serials


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