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Ye Hai Mohabbatein:
Ruhi is worried about Ishita Maa and sits quietly at the temple. She asks Ishita on not being her real mom and ponders on whom her dad Raman would choose – Shagun or Ishita Maa. Ishita listens to Ruhi’s concerns who speaks of getting them after Adi spoke about Shagun mom being their real mom. Ishita tries to consolidate Ruhi and is not figuring out what to say since she is shocked. Will Ruhi overcome her worries with Ishita’s unconditional and unparalled love as a mother?


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Balika Vadhu:
Anandi visits Shiv at the hospital bed and couldn’t control her tears as he is dead. Shiv’s death has hurt her a lot and feels very alone but carries courage since she is pregnant with twins and will give birth soon, and also needs to take care of her son Anmol. Anandi’s family is shattered too but with her spirit she is giving them good support. Anandi now wears simple clothes without any jewelery and prepares to start work soon. How Anandi’s life shape up from now on ?

Rudra’s Maai Mui is attacked by Pandey and his goon and dies in Rudra’s arms. Rudra shares a heart wrenching and emotional scene with his mom as he was inching closer to death. Maai informed Rudra about Pandey’s role in stabbing her and also of his other crimes. Rudra goes to Allahabad with Maya as it was Maai’s wish. He meets Swami ji who turns out to be Maya’s uncle – Mama ji. In Allahabad, Rudra will also come to know of another Swami who was out from public eye for many years and present him.  Rudra will be meeting another Maai  – Thappadiya Maai who will defend him from goons and also marks Rudra’s childhood friend Charles entry. Rudra’s father Shivanand, Grierson and others are coming to India for Mahakumbh which is happening after 144 years. Grierson, Swami, Pandey want the divine element Amrit and Rudra is the protector of Amrit in the Mahakumbh. Rudra would be facing many more challenges in Allahabad and he will fight them with his aggression and defiance. What role Maya is playing in Mahakumbh’s Amrit plans ? Does she really loves Rudra or part of conspiracy led by Swami, Grierson and others ?

Jamai Raja:
Sid tries hard to reveal Rajveer’s reality but keep failing and even tries to reveal Rajveer’s remand home secret. Before Sid’s revelation of his rich man’s identity, DD arranges a marriage anniversary for Roshni and on this occasion she would get re-married with Sid. She anticipates for his arrival and waits earnestly but he doesn’t come. Moreover, at the anniversary party there is a dance performed by actress Rashmi Desai. Later, Sid will reveal his real identity of a Siddharth Khurana  – rich businessman’s identity to Roshni in his mother’s presence. Roshni would be upset with Sid’s lie which is in not revealing his true identity at the onset during their marriage. Sid’s mom has her own agenda and wants to take over Roshni/DD’s home.

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:
Nisha is heart-broken after getting rejection from Viraj on her love. But still she keeps her aim in bringing back respect to Viraj and also plans to see Laksh Academy back to functioning. As a first step, she begins her work on the funding aspect of Laksh Academy since it is very critical for its sustainability and stop its closure. She goes ahead to arrange a talent show to raise funds and wishes to succeed. Viraj’s Gayatri aunty role with Shekhar is exposed and known to him and she vows to teach Nisha a lesson. On another note, Nisha acted as a Jodi maker and have brought Amanpreet and Umesh’s love in front of Dada ji and also made him accept their love whole-heartedly. Dada ji is on his toes now to get Aman and Umesh married and Rupan’s planning to get Aman married to someone else backfired. While, Nisha’s magic have worked on Dada ji but what’s more in the story, whether Dada ji realized something very valuable from Nisha. Will Aman and Umesh’s marriage gets underway ?

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke:
While Rachna confessed her love to KT in drunken state with dance but KT is holding his love after getting reminded of his promise to Rachna’s mom Shail. Rachna doesn’t know what KT is hiding her about his promise and she is determined to make him confess his love for her. She is defiant and even tells her mom Shail on loving him until death. Shail’s trust on KT is not there but with Rachna’s sincere belief she has to forego putting promise on KT. Will KT come forward to confess his love by removing his own inhibitions & promise ? On another front, there are news on SSLK going off-air. A new show Hello Pratibha is taking SSLK time slot and it is starting from 27th January, thus it is certain that SSLK will go off-air around that time.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Lohri celebrations are going on in Singhania family. Akshara wishes for everyone’s happiness and soon she will be giving birth to a daughter. Amidst celebrations, Naman and Karishma also wish to resolve their differences and problems which cropped up after he lost in business after listening to Karishma’s suggestions.

Kumkum Bhagya
Tanu was happy to celebrate her birthday in style and even a party was organized at Abhi’s home with cake. But her birthday dress- gown didn’t help her either since she looses her balance and falls directly on the cake. Her face gets covered with cake and everyone gets laugh and Abhi’s Daadi sisters make taunts at her. She thought Abhi would give her support but that’s not the case since he also made some fun at her. Pragya and Abhi shares some nice moments together when he gets cold and she brings out a kadha liquid to ward off his cold. Their fun banter continues with Pragya showering care by sitting on him. On another front, Pragya is puzzled about who pushed Bulbul at the pool and thinks Tanu as the person who did it. Whether Pragya is very sure about Tanu’s role in pushing Bulbul ?

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:
RV continues to behave rudely with Ishaani and the misunderstanding continues to grow. Amba after the dog bite incident is again after Ishaani who is acting defiant and doesn’t care much on what is told to her or how she is framed. Disha haven’t shared the truth about her pregnancy with Manas but have earlier told Ishaani on saying him the truth. Ishaani is oblivious of this fact and Disha’s lie. Baa was having some suspicion on Disha since she saw her visiting a maternity hospital. Later, Disha’s marriage with Manas is underway.  Ishaani tries to suggest to RV that he is a good person but he reveals to her on how he has tried to stop Disha’s marriage and calls himself not a good person. Disha’s pregnancy truth would also be known to Amba. Will Disha gets married to Manas ? How Ishaani and RV’s life shape up from now on ?

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Sasural Simar Ka:
With the arrival of Shruti Verma, the new fake Roli mystery is getting unfolded and Simar is getting some clues which suggests that new Roli is not the real one. She finds some truth about new roli at the temple around the home and new Roli is also keeping tab on Simar’s moves. She tries to persuade Simar in a sweet but threatening manner on being her younger sister. Without any option, Simar listens to new Roli’s suspecting words but with evidences pointing otherwise her suspicion is growing many fold.  Shruti Verma lookalike of Roli is working as a maid in Bhardwaj family, how would she help Simar in exposing new Roli ?

Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali:
Radha hands over the divorce papers to LD. He doesn’t say anything to her and becomes quiet. He loves her dearly and doesn’t want to challenge or oppose her vigorously. Later, LD helps Radha by preparing a Halwa and still wants to make sure Radha impresses everyone with cooking. What are Radha’s actual intentions in handing divorce paper – whether she wants to test how LD tackles under such situation – remaining same and showing love to her;  or her beliefs not matching with Dada ji and LD’s family ?



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