Shastri ji nullifies Rajat and Anu’s marriage; Anu breaks down by his heart attack in Shastri Sisters


shastri sisters1

Minty disgraceful words for Shastri ji, his daughters and his wife’s upbringing to his daughters leads to his hyper temper and he loses his control amidst the Lohri Celebrations. While Rajat was showing the Mangalsutra he made by trust and was making Anu wear it, they stop hearing the major tiff between Shastri ji and Minty. Minty taunts Shastri ji to the core, saying he came Delhi to settle his daughters in rich homes and maybe his dead wife gave these values to them before dying and did her bit for their secure future. Shastri ji eyes Rajat and Anu angrily and stops them from uniting. He halts Anu’s bidaai, stating he will get Anu married in a better household who values her and respects her. He tells Anu that his biggest worry was Minty’s acceptance, and when Minty has these thoughts for her bahu, he can’t let her go with Rajat.


Rajat supports Shastri ji and Anu, and stands defending them along with Sareen. Minty does not regret for her words and is adamant. Rajat promises Anu that he will not leave her whatever circumstances come. Minty gets raged and calls Shastri sisters characterless, taking the argument even more ahead. Shastri ji annuls Rajat and Anu’s marriage, unable to bear Minty’s harsh words towards his daughters. He maintains that self esteem is above anything else. His anger and mixed feelings make him get a heart attack and shatters the Shastri Sisters. Sareen blames Minty for Shastri ji’s heart attack and gets annoyed. They rush him to the hospital. Shastri ji gets a bit well and takes Anu’s promise to end her ties with Rajat and not stay with him in Sareen house. What will be Anu’s answer to him? Will she back off from her love once again favoring her father? Rajat realizes Minty’s mistake and gets away from her, as she could not keep up her son’s happiness and intentionally did this to separate him and Anu. Minty gets worried as everyone blame her for this situation. Will Minty realize her mistake and accept Anu by apologizing to Shastri ji? Keep reading for more updates on the show.

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  1. Wat the hell.. U minty idiot.. Don’t u have a heart how could u do this .. After all u r too a woman.. U selfish Woman.. I’m very dissatisfied with sareen uncle.. He should have at least slap tat minty. But he don’t do it.. Minty deserves 10 to 20 slaps.. Just hate her.. How can a women be so cruel tat she can spoil a girl name tat to a this extent..


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