Lohri Celebrations and Heartbreak drama ahead in Shastri Sisters


neil devyaani in Shastri Sisters on Colors TV

Rajat and Anu union on Lohri day was decided by Sareen, and Minty was oblivious of Rajat’s comeback for Anu. She gets annoyed with Rajat valuing Anu more than his mother. Rajat clarifies her that he values her a lot and she is the one whom he will turn to, at every point of life. He asks her to give one chance to Anu for his sake and she agrees superficially. Rajat has finally made the Mangalsutra by his trust and love and makes Anu wear it, while Minty eyes them in evil way to end their companionship. Minty fails to do so, and the show will have Rajat and Anu’s love blossoming after their marriage. While Devyaani misses out someone special in her life, seeing her sisters Alka and Anu madly in love with their husbands, she wishes she had someone for whom she too stayed awake and spoke on phone, met hideously and shared romantic moments.

She recently found a good friend in heartbroken Neil and asked him never to make any suicide attempt again, clearing she can’t love him and he should never expect it. But with things bringing them closer, Neil could not stop redeveloping feelings for Devyaani, and showing his concern and support always. Devyaani is thankful to him for always being a friend, and has not thought ahead. Neil’s friends joke on him, saying he is making the same mistake again to love Devyaani and she will again reject his love. Neil tells them that last time it was too early to propose her and she refused, but this time he finds it mutual between them. His friends challenge him to make Devyaani say yes to him, for which Neil agrees and decides to propose her amidst Lohri celebrations, being confident of her yes.


While Rajat and Anu, Rohan and Alka are seen happy around, Minty wishes Devyaani and Neil should never unite. Neil proposes Devyaani and confesses his long tiding feelings for her in his heart, which makes her think he must be joking, as he is not a fool to repeat his earlier mistake. She does not take his words seriously and laughs. Neil loses his respect in his friends and feels rejection pain again, as Devyaani regards him just a friend, and does not care of his feelings. His friends advice him to get revenge on Devyaani, as she can’t turn down Neil Sareen again and again. Neil gets into their words and acts more sweeter to Devyaani to make her fall madly in love with him, swearing to make her feel the pain of rejection in love. Well, Neil would be repeating same mistake of Minty, who made Devyaani go through rejection pain by Rajat. Will Anu be able to save Devyaani from this big heartbreak? Will the smart Devyaani fall in Neil’s wounded heart trap? Keep reading.



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