Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3 Episode 9 16th January 2015 starring Ashima Ahmed and Abhay Longia on Zing TV – Written Update


Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Zing TV

Meiyang Chang (the host) starts the show and speaks that words like time, boundaries doesn’t matter in front of love and also with much love a person can become a poet. Today’s story is spread across two generations – old times and present era. In the olden time, people didn’t have telephones and thus used to communicate with letters. The first story is of Sarju and Aayat and the latter one is of Happy and Zoya set in the year 2008.


The story starts in the year 1947 and before partition, pre-independence in Punjab. Sarju looks at Aayat while he was working at the farm. She blushes and smiles after looking at him. Sarju follows Aayat as she was walking and also flirts with her in good way. He thinks she has fallen in love and wonders until how much time she will hide. He helps her in taking water from the well and both share eyelocks and smiles. [Anjaane Tere Naino De Vaadein Kare Saari Hain song plays]. They spend more time together and she continues to feel shy but gradually comes closer and even learns bicycling with his help. Later, he comes to meet her and she is worried but he doesn’t show any worry and speaks of only seeing her. He asks whether she loves him and she replies on loving more than God. Just then, there is announcement of the partition of British India and there will be two independent countries India and Pakistan. He gives her support and speaks of coming back to Pakistan to take her. She goes home and informs her mother of not wanting to go. Sarju’s mother takes him away while he wants to meet Aayat and she even makes a taunt at Aayat’s family in leaving the country. Sarju is locked in his home and finds Aayat leaving and becomes restless and tries to meet her. He finds some opportunity to run from his home but is stopped by the police. He speaks of remembering her by writing letters and will wait her reply. He writes down and laments on the thing which is resposible for their seperation – time of their first meeting. He wants to keep writing letters and also thinks she might get married before his letter reached her. He just want to wish and pray that the God keeps her happy. His mother finds him writing a letter for Aayat and she becomes annoyed. She asks him to make a promise that he will not send those letters for his mother’s sake and he abides with it. Meanwhile, Aayat gets married at her end and cries. He writes down more poems and keeps them safe in a box.

The story moves to June, 2008 and Happy is seen attending an audition at his home place in India and is told on not singing by heart and was just singing. He leaves from there and later tries to practice guitar. He meets his uncle and informs that judges weren’t impressed with him. He is advised to keep loving, open his heart and let emotions flow and then his music will be much better. His uncle learns that Happy never fell in love until now and then suggests him to find love soon. Happy is also advised to listen to his heart and not take things by mind. Next morning, Happy goes to a store room and finds boxes which contains his childhood photos and another small box with his grandfather Sarju’s poems which he had written for Aayat. Happy learns that actually they are love letters. He gets a call about Indo-Pak peace summit at his college from a friend and participation is open. He informs his friend of not being ready and show worry about his performance. He then agrees to give the audition next day and gets selected after singing a song which also had an element of anger. Later, Happy reads his grand father’s love letters. Meanwhile, Zoya is seen living in Sindh, Pakistan the same year (2008). She is preparing to go to India for the peace summit and is advised to take care of food and hygiene. Zoya speaks of having a friend Tara and will call them upon arrival. At Happy’s end, he learns more about his grandfather’s love story and feelings. Happy aka Harpreet meets Zoya who comes to his college and gets introduced. He introduces himself as Happy and she smiles on that note and he learns her name is Zoya. Happy is first told to give his introduction with music. He goes on to play guitar and sings and Zoya looks at him. Then, Zoya is told to show her talent and she gives her performance and Happy looks at her. Happy couldn’t stop clapping which brings smiles to her and others. Later, Happy reads more letters and learns how his grandpa valued love.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that we need few moments to find and fall in love and the same was happening with Happy as he was drifting to fall in love with Zoya and even didn’t have any control on his emotions. After reading his grandpa’s letters, his emotions which were inside got an outlet and he was feeling them and falling in love with Zoya.

Happy is seen at the college and singing by sitting at the stairs with his friends [Mere Mann song plays] and Zoya looks at him and smiles. They spend some time together and she practices some guitar with him. They are coming close and later in evening he asks whether she has a special friend back home and she doesn’t reply and becomes quiet. She asks whether he has prepared the song by himself and he replies yes and speaks of being a special talent. He goes on to kiss on her cheeks while she asks whether it is fine and showed some hesitancy but he speaks of being in flow. Later, Happy reads his grandpa’s letter of the paritition day when he couldn’t stop Aayat. On that note, Happy goes to sing a song in front of Zoya’s hostel and she finds him singing [Tainu Hukka Maar Da Phira song plays]. She comes down and hugs him. Next day, Zoya gives her performance by singing a song and Happy is very impressed. Next comes the turn of Happy and he sings the Tum Ho.. Paas Mere Saath Mere song. She finds Happy’s granpa love letters which was written for Aayat and becomes shocked and leaves. He doesn’t find her after ending his performance and comes to meet her. She asks why he lied to her since she read those letters. She thinks that his feelings and emotions are fake but he wants a chance. He opens-up about the letters being true and belongs to his grand father. He just gave voice to his grandpa’s feelings and asks what wrong he did. He speaks on loving her and she speaks there is a border and their love story will be unfulfilled and the result will be the same like his grandpa. She wishes him the best and leaves with a teary face [Nai Karna Mein Pyaar song plays].

Later, Happy speaks of not letting his love incomplete and arranges a visa to go to Pakistan. He calls her and she thinks he called her after long time. He then speaks of coming to her country and feeling nice about it and came there to give a surprise. He meets Zoya face to face and speaks of coming there to fulfill a incomplete love. He goes to meet Aayat who is now old and hands over his grandpa’s love letters for her. She reads it and gives her blessing to Happy. Zoya is impressed with Happy and he speaks that two people in love needs to fight together to overcome their problems otherwise the love will remain incomplete. On that note, Zoya speaks of her desire to go with him to India..[Tere Milna.. Tujh Ko Tujh Se Raabta song plays]. He showers a hug to her and the story ends on that happy note.

Meiyang speaks that Zoya and Happy fell in love overlooking their country and religion. Zoya was upset after finding his grand-dad’s letters and Happy has completed his grandpa’s unfulfilled love and moreover realized his own. Meiyang speaks that love is independent like a bird. He signs off by asking people to share their opinion on what they would have done if they were in place of Zoya and Happy using the hashtag #PTKK on Zing TV’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

Info on Cast:
* Aayat is portrayed by actress Ashima Ahmed
– Ashima has worked in Channel V’s Heroes – The Fightback Files, Episode 3 aired on 9th March 2014.If interested, read that Episode WU here.
– Also worked in Bindass’ Emotional Atyachaar [Season 4] Episode 47. Its Youtube video on Bindass TV page.

* Sarju is played by actor Abhay Longia

Episode Video:
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