Heroes – The Fightback Files Channel V 9th March 2014 *3rd Episode* Written Update



Kanika is a 26 years old teacher. She shares her story. She loved her profession as teachers makes students learn how to utilize their lives. She recalls her college life and the unforgettable incident on the third day of her college. Kanika was a regular cool college girl, studious and dedicated. A girl pleaded to a Sir that her life will be ruined. Sir says you should have thought about this before, get out. The girl leaves crying. Kanika tells about that girl Sheetal who got expelled because of an unknown reason. The Sir was a relative of College’s trustee and was commanding.


The girls discussed that what happened with Sheetal was not just. Kanika says we will file a complaint against the professor. It is good to stand for someone. Kanika comes home and tells the incident to her parents. She supports Sheetal and says she is a brilliant student and we have signed on a petition to support her. Kanika asks her parents to trust her and relax. She tells that she was her last hope of her parents as her brother Karan left the house because of a fight with their dad. She was very protective about her family.

Back to College scene, Kanika is called by the Sir. Kanika says I signed the petition so may be that’s why he is calling me. Everyone did fake signatures on the petition but Kanika wrote her real full name on it. She thinks of going and saying sorry to him. Kanika goes to the Sir. He looks at her profile and says you did a brave work, you should get a bravery award and I will give you that. Kanika says I m sorry, I know my mistake. He says I don’t want to see the face of anyone who comes in my way and I do something that they don’t forget me in their lifetime.

He says your real class starts now. Kanika gets tensed and leaves crying. Then came the day of her practical exam, and that Sir A. K. Mehta was her examiner. She needs help and he does not help her in practical taunting her for the petition. Kanika did not get the right equipments in the exam. Her parents expected her to pass with good marks. She meets the Sir again and apologizes to him. He asks her not to give him a reason to complain and asks her to join his coaching classes. She does not understand his real meaning and agrees. He holds her hand and she is shocked.

She goes for the first coaching class and she was all alone in the class. He comes and talks to her. He reminds her of her promise. He asks her to draw her pregnant woman on board and gets closer to her. It irks her. He was the biology teacher and she thinks of changing the subject to get escaped from it. The classes went on and he was harassing her. Kanika’s friend sees Kanika in the problem and comes to know about the Sir’s real face. Kanika don’t want to take the risk of exposing him as she don’t want to get expelled.


Her friend asks her to change the subject. Kanika talks to her dad about this. Her dad asks the reason. Kanika says biology is tough, so I m thinking to take chemistry. Her dad comes to talk to the principal and A.K. Mehra. Sir tells him that leave your daughter’s responsibility on me, I assure you she won’t have any problem with biology. Her dad is convinced by Sir and agrees. Kanika was worried about her three years at college.

Sir starts harassing her further. He asks her to come to his house for taking coaching. She runs away crying. He stops her and scolds her. He says if you complain, you can’t win. He says my father in law is the trustee of this college, I ruined Sheetal’s life, shall I ruin your life also, you have to agree to my demands, else it won’t be good. She takes support of her friend Rinki and says now I should not be quiet, I have to complain about him, come with me and tell the principal that you saw everything. Rinki says I m sorry, I can’t do this, if he does the same with me, then what? Kanika is shattered alone after Rinki leaves. Her hope breaks.

Kanika decides to take everyone’s help by using technology. She hides her face and records her story hiding her face. She takes internet’s help and posts the video appealing people to support her. The video goes viral and people think they should support her. She felt happy and got 500 supporters. She posted next video and reveals her college name which shocked everyone. A.K. Mehra hears the talk going on. She asks for more supporters and the target was 1000. She was afraid that Sir may know about it. Sir asks her is this video thing done by you. She was confident that she was getting support.

She records the next video and tells that Sir threatened to expel her. She shows her real identity and when she comes to college next day, everyone identified her. She was nervous as everyone seeing were staring at me with lots of questions. Rinki also joins to support Kanika. The principal asks what’s all this and how dare Kanika spoil the college name. Kanika says I did not lie, A.K. Mehra is the culprit. The principal asks for proof. Sheetal comes and says I m the proof. She speaks against A. K. Mehra revealing his name. Rinki says I m the witness of his cheap act. The students starts protests against A.K. Mehra and were uncontrollable.

The professor was applied black color on his face and was taken across the college. Kanika says you have harassed me a lot, now I m not alone, you are alone today. She became confident and felt normal like before. The professor had to resign after all this. It is wrong to bear wrong. Stand for yourself and be proud to be a real life hero.


Full video link: http://www.startv.in/episodes/kanika-brings-ak-mehra-to-justice/61959


  1. bilkul thik keh rahe ho aap rainbow…this show inspires women to raise their voice against injustice and wrong things hppng to them.thanks tellyreview:) anyother sites dont provide wu of such shows.ur doing good job.


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