Soumya bids bye to Birla House; Huge Drama follows in Suhani Si…



Well its rightly said…., Where is a will, There is a way, and this time we are talking about the exit door Yuvraaj has shown to Soumya to get rid of her irritating forceful love on him. Yuvraaj and Suhani were both worried about Soumya and Krishna’s relation, but when Soumya cleared that she no longer loves Krishna and moved on, Yuvraaj finds a way to send Soumya away seeing her stick shamelessly to him. Yuvraaj and Suhani call her mother to Birla House, and make her take Soumya back with her. Soumya’s mum who used to hate her for marrying Krishna, forgives her knowing Soumya has left him now. Soumya’s mum blesses Suhani for her efforts in saving Soumya from Krishna, and bringing her to stay along. She says Soumya is guest here and she can’t stay forever, which upsets Soumya. Dadi really needs more makeup to hide her sad drooping face.


Pratima gets angry on Suhani for giving her responsibilities to someone else, as she gets annoyed seeing Soumya control her home. She makes Suhani understand the value of marriage and her husband should be her prime focus, and friends are secondary. Suhani does not want to upset Pratima and agrees to keep distance with Soumya. Pratima and Sharad get glad seeing Soumya leaving. Soumya’s mum gets emotional and apologizes to Soumya for not seeing her daughter’s welfare after her marriage, and Soumya hugs her crying. She agrees to leave with her mum, and is a bit angry on Suhani for sending her off. Its good time for Yuvraaj and Suhani, as Soumya bids bye to Birla House, and Dadi’s hope goes in drain. Dadi gets frustrated and starts troubling Suhani. She gets surprised seeing Yuvraaj taking Suhani’s side more than ever. Soumya gets a new problem, as her mum finds a perfect alliance for her, and asks her to meet the guy. Soumya who claims to love Yuvraaj, gets puzzled seeing the rich guy, who is not less than Birlas. While Suhani wishes Soumya to settle down, will Soumya leave Yuvraaj and marry the new guy? Many interesting twists will be seen in the show by this new entry. Keep reading here for more bits.


  1. i am hoping that menaka realises very soon that the bitchy dadi and that ugly rags r both just using menaka for their plans but dont like her.
    Then menaka shud start suporting suhani but not by leaving the witch dadis gang but still by staying with them menaka shud backstab them

  2. i also hope that yuvraaj starts defending suhani when dadi is humiliating her and watever that bitchy dadi said yesterday i was too much furious and my blood started to boil.Dont understand why yuvraaj pratima and sharad were just standing there watch suhani getting humiliated by dadi.

    And why is that bicth so called dadi is always calling suhani as Ai ladki as if she is a ladyboy herself.

    She is calling that bitch soumya with so much love by her name and always caresses her shoulder but she calls suhani by the name ai ladki so rudely and always insulting her in front of everyone.

    Poor suhani just for the sake of yuvraaj tolerating all the humiliations from dadi and i hope that suhani starts to talk a bit boldly with dadi just like she started talking to rags and arguing with her whenever she is making problems for suhani

  3. Why Yuvraj lets Dadi to humiliate Suhani ? Yuvraj should object Dadi that Suhani is my wife and so she should call her by name suhani.. by calling Suhani ‘Ay Ladki.. I, yuvarj is insulted as husband of Suhani’. Similarly Pratima should also object Dadi that As a elder of Birla Family, Dadi should at least call her Bahu by name instead of ladki.

  4. It’s not soumya’s fault as dadi, menka and rags have manipulated her and totally brainwashed her because when she came first she didn’t want anything to do with yuvraaj. So its dadi and rags also menka to be blamed


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