Chakor crafts Bhaiya ji’s promise to educate the village in Udaan



Bhaiya ji gets angry knowing about Chakor’s cheat to bring in her Arjun Sir as the party surveyor and fooling him. The goons start beating Arjun, and Chakor stops Bhaiya ji pleading to him. Bhaiya ji drags her outside and makes the villagers leave the food they were given. Arjun Desai, the surveyor from the party comes, and sees Bhaiya ji’s dark truth seeing his evil side. He stops Bhaiya ji from hurting Chakor and chaining her freedom. Bhaiya ji asks who the hell he is now to order him in his area. Arjun Desai introduces himself and tells him that the party won’t be happy with this bad report. Bhaiya ji gets worried for his party ticket, and sees Ranjana getting well with the villagers to get more votes than him.

Arjun Desai assures the villagers about dealing with Bhaiya ji, and they need not get afraid of him anymore. The media publicizes this event and Bhaiya ji gets tensed. Everyone pressurizes him to let Chakor get school admission. Chakor cracks a deal with Bhaiya ji, asking him to promise her education and all the village kids’ education, and she will help him in his election by giving a positive statement about him. Bhaiya ji agrees and promises her. Chakor helps Bhaiya ji in his election campaign, and takes the village towards literacy. Will Chakor turn the young minds against Bhaiya ji’s corruption and break through from the bonded labor mark? Watch India’s Republic Day Special Episode to catch the interesting twist. Keep reading.

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