TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week


TR's Top Spoilers For this Week

Ye Hai Mohabbatein:
Its Pongal Celebrations in Iyer family, and Lohri Celebrations in Bhalla house. With both families celebrating the functions together, Raman and Ishita are still annoyed with each other. Raman realizes his mistake of shouting on Ishita, and making her away from Adi. He makes efforts to talk to her and apologize, and she does not talk to him. Raman and Ishita dress in the Tamilian clothes for Pongal, and he takes a step to fix the Gajra, but misses the chance as Ruhi enters and does the bit. Raman stares at Ishita in love and loses the chance of patching up. Later, Raman gets irritated seeing Ashok and Mihika at Iyer house. Mihika comes home for the first time after her marriage, and hopes Ashok keeps her respect. Ashok also dresses in Tamilian clothes, and acts good towards Iyers. Later on, Ashok gets drunk knowing he has to attend the festive puja, and behaves weird to shame Mihika. He provokes Mihir by his comments and also annoys Raman. Mihir gets raged, but Raman controls Mihir’s anger. Adi finds his good support in Mrs. Bhalla and Shagun too realizes the weak link in Bhalla house.

Paridhi is rescued from the fair by Koki, Gopi and others from Modi family. Vivaan and Radha were responsible in her kidnapping and Radha’s role is only known to Koki and Gopi. After Paridhi’s arrival, she is whole-heartedly accepted by the family and they decide to get her married with Jigar yet another time with all customs and rituals since for her earlier marriage with him many were not in favor. Paridhi and Jigar take the marriage vows again and he seems to be happy. Radha marks her entry just after their marriage with women rights group and even police comes to arrest Radha. But Radha evades arrest by informing police that they don’t have any evidence and even goes on to cook up a story of being pregnant with Jigar’s child and threatens him and his family of taking legal action. Moreover, the women from rights group also threaten Jigar as well. The police leaves quietly without arresting Radha and her danger is still there. What would be Jigar doing after Radha’s threat ? Will Gopi find a way to expose Radha’s false claims, tackle her next moves, and her role in Paridhi’s kidnapping ?


Qubool Hai:
Aahil and Sanam’s love story is going through heavy emotions. During a festive night with Blue Moon,  Sanam thought she will come close to Aahil when she will make him eat kheer (sweets) with her own hands and they can share some good time. She dressed well for the occasion in blue dress and dupatta but Aahil holds back his feelings for Sanam as he recollects his marriage with another Sanam. Aahil believe that only God knows how much he loves Sanam. Meanwhile, Sanam cries with heavy heart on having the distance with Aahil. Aahil’s wife Sanam who is planted by Tanveer also keeps an eye on Aahil and Sanam’s love for each other which is bounded due to circumstances. She also gets emotional and longs for Aahil and cries. Before Aahil comes to terms on his love, Khalu gives an intoxicating drink which stops him from doing anything. At Tanveer’s end, she comes to know on the same night that Sanam and Seher are twin-daughters of Zoya and Asad after seeing Rehaan-Seher and Aahil-Sanam together. She is shocked in knowing it. Tanveer continues to act blind and  what would be she doing next since Sanam-Seher’s identity is revealed to her ?

Diya Aur Baati Hum:
Sooraj recalls Sandhya’s words that she is going away forever and feels restless. Sooraj rushes to stop Sandhya from going Scotland and succeeds in stopping her. Bhabho has helped in reuniting Sooraj and Sandhya but in the end it was Sooraj who couldn’t hold his emotions after seeing how Sandhya was about to leave him. Happier time in Rathi family with Sandhya’s re-entry in Sooraj’s life whole-heartedly.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Amidst the Lohri celebrations, Abhi and Pragya are celebrating it in a fervent manner and even doing Bhangra dance. Abhi enjoys good time with Daadi’s sisters. Tanu is upset to see Abhi and Pragya having good time and she takes him away and starts threatening him and reminds about the marriage matter which they had agreed upon long time back before his marriage with Pragya. Abhi feels bit upset with Tanu’s blackmail. Meanwhile, Pragya would also inch closer to express her feelings to Abhi as Bulbul has given her ultimatum of 3 days otherwise she will think another time on engagement with Purab. What would Abhi do to tackle Tanu  ?

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:
Nisha and Viraj are meeting on several occasions as she shares about her plan of organizing a talent show where her cousins would participate to generate funds to support and renew Laksh Academy. She wants Viraj to sign on some form related to the event and even tries to convince Viraj on not going abroad around this time.

Sasural Simar Ka:
The new fake Roli who came to show as Sid’s wife has started to show her colors and at first she hypnotizes Amar and then enacts a molestation and abuse drama and was trying to prove Amar’s role in it. Her intentions is to attack Simar and succeeds in it with some attacks making her unconscious. After hearing new Roli’s shouts, Prem and Sid comes with other family and thrashes Amar badly while missing out that he is not in his senses – hypnotized state. They are oblivious of new Roli’s planning and fake drama execution.

Ajeeb Dastaan Hain Yeh:
Shobha thought to give Samarth a chance after his re-entry in her life based on Sharda’s request. She shares some time with Samarth and informs him many things about Vikram and how he has supported her and also the family. Samarth gets angry and asks Shobha whether she had an affair with Vikram and thinks she loves him. With such words, she ponders whether she really loves Vikram. She decides to not give another chance to Samarth. What will be the reaction of Vikram once he comes to know of Samarth’s denigrating behavior towards Shobha ?

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:
Yuvraaj and Suhani call her mother to Birla House, and make her take Soumya back with her. Soumya’s mum who used to hate her for marrying Krishna, forgives her knowing Soumya has left him now. Soumya’s mum blesses Suhani for her efforts in saving Soumya from Krishna, and bringing her to stay along. She says Soumya is guest here and she can’t stay forever, which upsets Soumya.  Suhani does not want to upset Pratima and agrees to keep distance with Soumya. Pratima and Sharad get glad seeing Soumya leaving. Soumya’s mum gets emotional and apologizes to Soumya for not seeing her daughter’s welfare after her marriage, and Soumya hugs her crying. She agrees to leave with her mum, and is a bit angry on Suhani for sending her off. Dadi gets frustrated and starts troubling Suhani. She gets surprised seeing Yuvraaj taking Suhani’s side more than ever. Soumya gets a new problem, as her mum finds a perfect alliance for her, and asks her to meet the guy. While Suhani wishes Soumya to settle down, will Soumya leave Yuvraaj and marry the new guy?

Ranvi comes to meet Veera and asks her to come home with him, as he can’t let her stay with Baldev, who does not respect his wife. Veera refuses to go with him, and decides to stay with Baldev, till she proves him innocent. Baldev laughs and insults Veera even more, making Ranvi fume. Baldev does not let Veera speak anything in her defense and starts doubting on her, once he spots her with Rajveer. He does not know why Veera met Rajveer and thinks she is cheating on him. Veera meets Rajveer to get more clues against him, and Rajveer also cleverly manipulates Veera to get the evidence she has got against him. Veera tries to tell him about Rajveer’s obsession for him, and her doubt on Rajveer, but he does not listen to any of her words. Baldev gets drunk and gets angry seeing Veera infront of him, and plays a life and death game with her. Veera is shocked seeing Baldev’s madness. She tries to stop him reminding him about their love. He threatens her on ending his own life. Jaggi and Billa reach there in nick of the time, and stop Baldev from giving up his life. Will Veera be able to bring out Baldev from this trauma?

Tu Mera Hero:
Panchi’s lie is coming out in open to Titu’s dad Govind at Panchi’s sister Racha’s engagement ceremony. Govind hears from Titu on how Panchi spoke a lie to save him. Govind would be confronting Panchi to know the truth but he is also in awe of her witty, common sense and calm nature. With Rachana’s to be in-laws showing more tantrums and odd behavior during her marriage, Panchi will again come to consolidate her family’s respect and value thereby making Govind much more awe of her and decides to ignore her lie. Will Govind realize Panchi’s immense love for Titu ? On another front, recently there was an entry of Vaishali – Mukund’s girlfriend who could create troubles for Panchi and Titu.
* Vaishali is portrayed by Actress Pooja Sharma who recently worked in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya and Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episodes. Pooja worked in the role of Sanchi in Star Plus’s Ruk Jaana Nahin [2011-2012]. Follow the tag: Pooja Sharma Actress to read articles on episodes in which she worked.

Shastri Sisters:
Shastri ji has taken a promise from Anushka about not becoming Sareen’s bahu and ending her relation with Rajat. Though he has vowed infront of everyone in Lohri function, about getting Anu married in a better family, he realizes he has made a tough decision for Anu. Anu gives her word to Shastri ji, and does not realize it will be impossible for her to end her marriage with Rajat. Rajat does not know about the fight going on in Anu’s heart and asks her out about what her dad told her. Anu breaks down recalling the promise, and hugs him. She loses courage to tell the truth to Rajat and hides it from him. Anu sticks to a new hope and hides her pain. Sareen does not forgive Minty for her harsh behavior with Shastri ji which led to his heart attack. Sareen asks Minty to go to hell, and leave his house. He ends ties with her in anger. Minty feels hurt to see him supporting the strangers more than her, and goes to commit suicide. Sareen and Neil save her in time. Sareen unwillingly forgives Minty.  Rajat starts convincing Minty about accepting Anu as her bahu. He says Shastri ji did not accept the marriage performed earlier, without him doing the kanyadaan and bidaai, and takes a decision to get married to Anu by all rituals. Minty does not have any option and agrees to Rajat. Shastri ji gets fine and comes home. He announces Rajat and Anu’s divorce and shocks Rajat. Will Rajat’s trust on Anu break again, or will the lovers part ways forever?

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan:
Navya’s fightback for her acceptance and re-entry in SPACE academy is pushed by Fab 5 with Nandini’s idea on organizing a secret ballot. Manik wants to leave to the students to decide whether they want to participate or not. Soha is defiant to not stop her pursuit of getting Manik and her obsession continues to grow and Manik now senses her odd behavior. Nandini has earlier reminded Manik to be careful with Soha. Will Manik realize Soha’s obsesssion for him ? How student’s reply in the poll lead to Navya’s acceptance by the principal ?

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:
Ishaani continues with her defiant and bold attitude to impress RV and if needed make him jealous. Amba tried to influence Ritika’s dad by proposing RV for her but he declines and gives approval for Sharman-Ritika’s marriage preparations. Ishaani plans with Sharman and Ritika for a double date so that she can go with RV. The plan works and she goes to a club with RV as her date and Sharman-Ritika also present. Since RV was not reciprocating and not giving attention to her, she goes on to dance there with some boys with mix of Salsa and Paso Doble. With Ishaani’s dance moves, RV gets jealous and after a while tricks boys to not dance with her. Ishaani is content to make RV jealous and thinks she is on the track of her love being accepted by him. What more Ishaani has to do to come closer to RV, when and how the misunderstanding between them gets clear ?



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