Ruhi takes a solid stand to secure Ishita’s place in Raman’s life in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


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The twist in the Lohri Celebration comes in the show, as we wrote earlier about Raman making an entry with Shagun. Shagun spoils Ishita’s arrangements to show her carelessness, and acts great as if she has been donning the perfect bahu cap all these years. Nevertheless, Ishita’s efforts do not go waste as she has the strong support of little Ruhi, who is the root cause of her marriage with Raman. Shagun and Raman do the Lohri puja together for Adi’s sake, and the drama goes on and on to please the boy by showing fake relations and making him more blind folded by his parents, where his mum is super selfish creature and his dad Raman is so “selfless – conditions applied”, that he does not feel who else is getting hurt by his stupid moves. Ruhi becomes the single support for Ishita, when all the family members are crazy to get Adi with them.

Adi is glad seeing Raman and Shagun together, but Ruhi can’t see Ishita’s tears. She tells Ishita that she will never let her cry, never hurt her and never make her apologize. Ishita is touched by her words and hugs her. They both recall the moment when they met last year and celebrated Lohri to show off Tandon as a perfect happy family. Raman witnesses the moment between the mother and daughter, and gets teary eyed. He sinks in Adi’s love and Ruhi comes to the rescue to pull her father back from falling in Shagun’s emotional swamp, and reminds Raman that Ishita is her Ishi Maa and no one take can her place. Ruhi pushes Shagun asking her to back off from taking Ishita’s place and yells on her shocking everyone around.

Ruhi makes sure that Ishita does the puja with Raman, and this becomes a shock for the manipulative Shagun and Adi, who did not expect this at all. Well, Ishita cries seeing Ruhi’s love and support for her, and Raman too understands their bond, and hopes Adi too loves Ishita and accepts her as Ishi Maa. But will Shagun let this happen? What will be her next move seeing her own daughter defending Ishita and kicking her out of the family? Will Raman get some sense from Ruhi and balance his life? Keep reading.


    • I agree. And why is Adi telling his mom that she used to do pooja with Raman every year? When did he see Raman and Shagun together in last 6 years? So he remembers seeing them together but he doesn’t remember Seeing his mom fooling around with Ashok? This track needs to change.

    • Good Job Rubi..Dumbo Raman. Pls wake up. It has become routine to see shaguns plans..Adi ko dho thappad marke baaju bitana thode dHin.. then everything will be good.

  1. Well done ruhi for supporting ishi maa ruhi keep up the good work and kick shugan and adi out raman life for good

    Raman learn from daughter who knows her who is right and wrong

    I love you ruhi you are so sweet bless you


  2. I love baby ruhi she is so cute and the emotional scene between ruhi and ishita made me cry it was so heart touching and also i felt so bad sawing raman in tears after he heard the conversation between ishita and ruhi…

  3. I hope that everyone gets a wife like ishita and a daughter like ruhi…….but even the enemies shud never a wife like shagun and a son like adi

  4. The show is getting very bore please change the track otherwise we should stop watching the show. I’ll be very late if all should stop to watch the show so please change the topic and try something new.
    Love ❤ Ruhi

  5. plz give more importance to Ruhi and Ishi Ma. Missing Isha Ma’s Smile very much. Dont make the serial getting bored by showing only adi and shagun

  6. Really serial is making 12 yr old kid a criminal minded … and the character raman is the most dumbest and spineless character dying for his idiot son and his unworthy wishes without knowing who is getting hurt by his stupid acts .. decided not to watch this bullshit serial

  7. its so boring stopped watching serial….. nw don’t make us stop reading written updates also…. plz change the track…… r u listening writers… think something new… make ishita character take her stand or else its so boring …..

  8. Raman should behave like a mature person and should tell aadi dat ishita has a place in her lyf and nw shgun cnt replace her..otherwise show wil becum boring soon

  9. Etka..s every serial goes in same track finally….stop dis…make something new….really bored of this shugun n adi…jst slap adi n shagun & kick them out…dont make it more boring…….ruhiii luv u lot…u rock….useless raman bhalla jst wanna give him a tight slap…

  10. Now it is high time that Raman should send Shagun to stay with Mihir and also speak Aadi that he should behave and respect Ishita and only then Adi should be allowed to stay in Bhalla house. Adi should also stop humilating Ruhi. Raman should also tell his mom that Adi should be accepted in the house if he behave properly with Ishita and not insist to meet Shagun. Otherwise the story is becoming boring and not acceptable.

  11. I think Param should try to harrass Shagun and Ishita should save her for Shagun to have a change of heart. Adi should see that and realise what has been going on so far. Everyone should be given an opportunity or wake up call to change their lives around for good. Just like Raman did with his life. Just like Ishita did with her life.

  12. Ekta please save us from your sadist views at least let one series of yours be truly watchable the love bond between Ruhi and her Ishima gave many of your viewer happiness ….why make adi look like a fool he has seen is mom with that Ashoke and he was older and saw the divorce procedure too so why the silly drama we r not fools change the track or u will lose viewers for sure.


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