Tanu's parents' entry to add more drama in KumKum Bhagya


kumkum bhagya

Tanu’s parents meet Abhi and he is confused over Pragya and Tanu. Such a confused man who is still thinking over his marriage, after taking marriage vows repeatedly. Pragya assumes Tanu’s parents to be Abhi’s clients and tries making Abhi agree to them for his profit. She wants to seal the deal without knowing what they are talking about. They talk to Abhi about Tanu and their marriage. Tanu clears to her mum that Abhi married Pragya by Dadi‘s pressure and he will soon give her divorce. Her parents get convinced and talk to Abhi about marrying Tanu. Abhi is worried and his lies start creating a trouble for him. While he was trying to hide his marriage, Pragya innocently tells everything.


Abhi gets tensed and Aaliya comes to his rescue. Bulbul is worried for Pragya and asks her to profess her feelings to Abhi soon. She tells Purab about Tanu planning to break Pragya and Abhi. Tanu sees Bulbul planning against her and both vamps make Bulbul fall in fire. Purab saves her in time and gets a bit hurt. How long will Tanu stay on to torture the sisters? The bigger question is, when will Abhi get some sense and turn into a hero from a comic icon? He praises Pragya and knows her good points, his heart leans to her and still he is perplexed between Pragya and Tanu. Keep reading.


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