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Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Yuvraaj gets annoyed with Suhani and showers anger on her. He asks her not to disturb him and he refuses to have food. Suhani knows the reason of his anger. Suhani’s childhood friend Ankit makes an entry in the show, and Yuvraaj gets jealous seeing him. Yuvraaj feels Ankit is not a good guy, and Suhani tries explaining that he is a nice guy and she knows him very well. The love triangle gets a new angle with Ankit’s entry in the show. Will Ankit bring Yuvraaj and Suhani closer? Yuvraaj can’t bear to see Suhani with someone else and starts realizing his feelings. He tells Suhani that he does not like Ankit. We hope Ankit sends Soumya away from the love birds.


Doli Armanon Ki:

Ishaan proposes to Urmi with sincere feelings and the set-up is grandeur with mirrors and introduces her as his girlfriend. Urmi is shocked to hear Ishaan since she has dedicated her life to Shaurya and doesn’t think of falling in love or committing in a relationship again. She doesn’t give favorable response and gets annoyed. Ishaan gets a heartbreak in love but still tries to meet her and convey his point to reach a middle ground. However, all his attempts are futile since Urmi is no mood to talk to him further. Urmi needs time to understand why Ishaan proposed to her and what she meant to him. Will Urmi re-think on her decision and take much informed view about Ishaan ? What Ishaan would do to overcome his heartbreak and fight for his love ?

Jamai Raja:

Roshni and Sid have got distance between them. Roshni cries and even Sid is in pain. It’s a love test for them. Rajveer has separated them, and even then he is filling ears against Sid. He tells Roshni that Sid’s love is a deceive, Sid is a rich guy and was just using her. Roshni asks Simran to apologize to DD and Simran refuses. On the other hand, Sid comes to the chawl to meet Roshni. DD tells about Roshni not being at home. Roshni clears to Sid that she does not want him in her life, which upsets Sid a lot.

Hum Hain Naa:

Swara steals the necklace for shopping with friends, and Sagarika comes to know about this. Sagarika wants to help Swara from the stealing blame, and she gets caught in Pappu and Rani’s room. Sagarika goes to keep the necklace back in the cupboard and she hides in the cupboard seeing Pappu and Rani coming there. Swara tells Bunty about Sagarika being locked in the cupboard, and he tries to free her. Sagarika can do anything for Bunty’s family, and this time she is again blamed for wrong reason.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Ahem and Gopi have an argument, as he is fed up hearing Radha and Padi’s name again and again. He wants to spend some romantic time with Gopi and he feels she is getting away from him because she is busy dealing with the problems of Radha and Paridhi. He gets upset and asks Gopi to understand his feelings. Kokila sees the situation affecting Ahem and Gopi’s reaction and decides to solve the problem.

KumKum Bhagya:

Tanu’s parents meet Abhi and he is confused over Pragya and Tanu. Such a confused man who is still thinking over his marriage, after taking marriage vows repeatedly. Pragya assumes Tanu’s parents to be Abhi’s clients and tries making Abhi agree to them for his profit. She wants to seal the deal without knowing what they are talking about. They talk to Abhi about Tanu and their marriage. Tanu clears to her mum that Abhi married Pragya by Dadi‘s pressure and he will soon give her divorce. Her parents get convinced and talk to Abhi about marrying Tanu. Abhi is worried and his lies start creating a trouble for him.

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh:

Samarth’s misbehavior has shown his true face to Shobha. She is extremely hurt knowing his dirty thinking about her and Vikram. Samarth confronts her for her affair with Vikram, and is raged into a mad devil who goes ahead to abuse her. Vikram sees Shobha crying and leaving from the hotel. He gets her home, and pacifies her. Shobha tells him everything about Samarth and he gets much hurt knowing about Samarth’s evil actions. Vikram tells her that he will protect her, and she questions him back on how will be save her from her husband, by what rights and for how long. Vikram feels helpless to leave Shobha with Samarth. What will be Vikram’s move to safeguard Shobha?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Shagun has made R tattoo with a heart. She goes to make Ishita jealous and shows off the tattoo. Ishita gets jealous and worried seeing Shagun showing off the tattoo, realizing its for Raman. She then controls her anger and acts sweet to Shagun, playing the same game with Shagun. Ishita says its very nice, why did you not show it to anyone, tattoos are made to show it to everyone. She calls the family out and shows Shagun’s hand to everyone. She makes Shagun admit the name behind the R. Shagun says she made it in Australia where there is tattoo craze, its no big deal, I was missing Ruhi there. Mrs. Bhalla asks why did she make it. Raman starts scolding her, and Shagun names R for Ruhi. Ishita passes some clever taunts on Shagun and wins the game. Ishita says Shagun will change with time. Mrs. Bhalla calls Shagun a drama queen. Raman laughs off on Shagun.

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:

Nisha has made Umesh and Amanpreet’s marriage possible by convincing Dada ji. The cousins keep a celebration party at home, and they cut a cake together. Viraj joins them and Nisha blushes seeing him. Viraj has come there to give them dance training for the talent hunt.


Sahir and Aarzoo hug each other, and a black costume– silver mask person breaks into their romance. The person stays with Sahir as shadow, and the lovers are not aware of the identity. Its none other than Zeenat, who has decided to take revenge on Sahir. She is fooling everyone by showing she is in coma and scaring Aarzoo showing her truth. Sahir is attacked and is rushed to the hospital. Sahir gets critical and is fighting death. Aarzoo fights with the Lord to save Sahir’s life and cries praying to Lord to spare Sahir’s life. The doctors remove the bullet and state that if Sahir does not get conscious in some time, he will go in coma forever. The doctor says Sahir needs prayers more, and Aarzoo says Sahir will wake up in few mins and starts praying sitting beside Sahir. Sahir gets conscious and opens his eyes. She smiles and thanks the Lord. Sahir and Aarzoo’s love shows its strength.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:

Ranvir and Ishani are always in one sided love mode. When Ranvir loved her, she used to hate him, and now she got after him when he wants to avoid her. Ishani is enjoying the new ritual that the new married couple is applied oil so that their marriage stays strong. Ranvir does not agree for it calling it nonsense, and Ishani gets an idea to woo Ranvir. She tries getting close to him. Ranvir does not accept her love and she gets tired of bearing his attitude. Ishani tries getting naughty with him, and starts teasing him. Well, the oil rituals do some wonder as Ishani and Ranvir slip on the floor, and she gets closer to him. Will Ranvir reciprocate her feelings or stay in the misunderstanding web?  With Amba’s giving Chirag the assignment to evict Ishaani from RV’s life. He wants to create problems by saying that Ishaani loved him on Puja day. Chirag comes on the puja day in grand fashion and introduces himself to Ranvir as Ishaani’s one and only boyfriend and wants to take back Ishaani with him. After hearing him, Amba uses the opportunity and asks Ranvir to divorce Ishaani. Ranvir gets tensed while Ishaani is defiant to not let the relationship between her and Ranvir break in any way.  Will Chirag and Amba malicious plan work or get backfired ? What decision would Ranvir take ?

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Rudra attacks Pandey and takes his revenge. He is oblivious of Swami ji’s role in Maai Mui’s and Udiya Baba’s death. Maya is stopped by her Nanu (maternal grandfather) in telling the truth since they are responsible for even Udiya baba’s death. Maya is in two minds since she doesn’t want to cheat Rudra, but at the same time her family’s needs of Saraswati kund which is only possible to come from Rudra and remove the curse and illness. Next, Rudra comes to meet his grandmother/Aaji at the hospital and shares an emotional hug and in tears. They are meeting after many years and she still remembers the unfortunate day when the family’s home got destroyed and separated them. On another front, Rudra cares for Maya’s wellbeing and knows her life would be in danger because of him. Will Maya say the truth to him or continue to listen to her family and stay tight-lipped? We wrote earlier about Shivanand and Rudra’s missed meeting in Allahabad. In coming episodes, soon Shivanand and Rudra’s grand face to face scene will make the Amrit secret out, as Shivanand tells Rudra about his life’s sole mission to protect Amrit being one of the seven Karur/protectors.

Shastri Sisters:

Another track in the show will be a love triangle between Anushka, Rajat and a new entry. Anushka will move on life and try to make her own identity, and start working for the family, knowing her dad’s health state. Shastri ji meets with an accident, and Rajat’s friend Veer, also from airforce is the man who hits him by mistake. Anu acts defensive and scolds him, thus making an huge impact on Veer. She will then work along Veer, and Shastri ji gets keen to get Anu married to Veer, as per the next storyline. Veer’s alliance for Anu gets accepted by Shastri ji, but will Anu accept Veer, who falls in love with her. How will Rajat take this big development? Looks like track may change about the new entry’s characterization.

Qubool Hai:

The tussle between Tanveer and Sanam-Seher is getting heated up. Tanveer just after knowing about twin sisters – Sanam and Seher thought of instigating sisters against each other with betrayal as the factor doing the work. Her plan in depicting Aahil-Seher’s physical intimacy under intoxicaton and unconsciousness backfired with Seher and Sanam’s witty and proactive understanding. Sanam speaks of trust in relationship and has full trust on Seher. Amidst all this, Aahil’s wife Sanam – the new bride is upset to not have the rights of a wife from him and on the blue moon night Aahil ate the Kheer (sweets) from Sanam quietly has hurt her emotions. She takes a new avataar unlike her quiet and wants to remove Sanam from Aahil’s life at any cost and teams up with Tanveer who share the same goal. Moreover, she gives a shock to Tanveer by informing her that she got her eyesight back. How Sanam tackle the upcoming attack from the duo – Tanveer and the new bride ? Will Aahil comes to know of Sanam and Seher ?

Tum Aise Hi Raina:

Aanchal – the spirit has made her entry in Ria’s body by tricking her and the family. Aanchal has a past with Ria’s husband Abhimanyu. Ria’s life reeling under spirit presence comes out to his sister-in law Sheetal. Will Sheetal able to convey that truth with everyone in the family ? The track focusses on how Abhi supports his wife Ria in such bizarre circumstance. Even, Aanchal – the spirit would trouble Abhi and the strength and character of Abhi and Ria’s love and marriage is tested.


  1. the R was frm b4…. wel!! using it fr a scene does show ekta ‘s cleverness…
    nd in SS i think veer at d end wud b shown villianic.. m sure.. cz dats wat happens in a triangle always… he he he… 🙂


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