Love By Chance 35th Episode 24th January 2015 starring Priyanka Bhole and Abhishek Verma on Bindass TV – Written Update


Love By Chance Bindass 32nd Episode, 3rd January 2015

Today’s Love by Chance Episode name is Baby Steps to Love. Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that the question is to listen to heart or mind and it has been there since ages. He suggests that people do with heart and mind and their impulsive nature put them in problems. The story starts with Firdaus speaking with Rustam on selling his grandfather’s Peston ji old age home. Diya confronts Firdaus as he wanted to sell the land where Baby Steps Old age home is located. He gives an ultimatum to Diya of 2 weeks and 50 Lakhs INR in saving it. Kavi (the host) suggests that Diya was very angry with Firdaus and wanted to vent out her anger in some way.

Prateek is seen on the road and tries to introduce himself to a lady and he calls her as his Aunty or Mausi. But she is not able to recognize him. Diya was going from there on her bike and thinks he is misbehaving with a middle-aged lady whose age equals his mom. She comes with a bang and gives a kick boxing punch with her foot and overpowers him. He goes down and tries to clear the misunderstanding but in vain. Next day, Prateek comes to his office and speaks to his boss who shows his displeasure in not able to complete the game. He taunts Prateek more and soon gets a call about Diya from Baby steps old age home arriving there. He designates Prateek to attend the meeting with Diya who came from NGO and wants him to make sure she leaves and doesn’t come to him. Prateek tries to hide his face as Diya comes to his desk and he informs her of not giving donation this time. Soon, she recognizes him and calls him as stalker. Soon, Diya meets Prateek’s boss Dibankar and informs about Prateek doing stalking yesterday night. Prateek defends himself and speaks of calling her aunt as Touta [parrot] since his childhood as her name was Toral. Dibankar understands that Diya punched Prateek without knowing all the details and even today has done his character assassination. Dibankar becomes angry with Diya and asks her to leave.


Diya comes to the old age home and the care taker Rustam there is unhappy since old sponsors are not willing to support them and even she attacked a person without having full knowledge. Kavi (the host) speaks that there is female ego but she decides to act with lukewarm mind and took Prateek on a coffee to break the ice and to keep old matters at rest. At the coffee meeting, he feels scared and she makes it clear that its not a date and asks him to convince his boss that misunderstanding is cleared and thus donation needs to be passed on. She informs him about the old people living in Baby steps home and if they don’t arrange money then their landlord will sell that property to some builders. Later, she brings Prateek to the old age home and introduces the old ladies there to him. The old lady Delnaz wants to flirt with him and he gets compliment as handsome and hot looking. During their discussion, she speaks of her ideal man – Abs like Hrithik, backside of Abraham, and personality of SRK. He thinks her name would be very big then if her aspirations are such. Prateek goes to search many things like grass being cut regularly and even bedsheets and curtains are taken care of by timely cleaning. Diya was puzzled to see him and he brings her to his home where the things are in dilapidated condition and also show his room mates who are struggling in Mumbai. Diya understands his situation and he speaks of coming there to stay at his Aunty’s place but couldn’t find her and thus stays in shared accommodation. Diya and Prateek made an agreement thereafter and she decides to find his Aunt’s home and he speaks of convincing his boss for the 50 lakhs donation. She brings him to some place and thinks his Aunt would be find there.

They enter the home and he asks the man of needing Touta. The man starts speaking of having Parrot, other birds and asks about the quantity. Diya understands that the man is a bird smuggler and takes Prateek away. Prateek shows some annoyance and Diya speaks of giving him a favor inspite of knowing that he won’t be able to play a role in passing the donation. They come to the old age home and he dances with the old lady Delnaz there and all grooves well on a party that night. Later, Diya blames herself for the old age financial problems and he asks Diya to not be so aggressive and she needs to show patience and calm nature. He asks her to play jelly squeeze to find composure. She smiles on that note.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Diya got a big change and she got the spirit for a fight back to save the old age home.

Next morning, Diya finds a letter from Prateek and he makes claim on making sure that she will get the donation the same day @ 3 PM. Diya gets happy and later calls Rustam – the caretaker. Rustam informs her that Prateek’s company is giving loan to the company UG Constructions which is taking over the old age home and suggests her to not go there. She decides to go and reaches Prateek’s office and finds him in a meeting with his boss. She thinks he is also part of the plan in the take over of old age home and becomes annoyed and leaves without listening to him. Kavi (the host) speaks that Diya blamed Prateek again and on other hand Prateek was also spying but has some purpose.

Prateek takes some data from Dibankar’s laptop and later meets him and informs on UG constructions and Money Ball finance (his company) multi-crore scam. Dibankar gets upset and Prateek speaks on how his finance company gave many favors to UG constructions since many years. He blackmails his boss in good way and asks him to help Baby steps old age home with a donation otherwise he will expose his boss’s scam in newspapers. Without any other option, Prateek’s boss and company gives Baby steps old age home a donation and also fires him from the company. Diya comes to meet Prateek and learns about his work in saving the Baby steps home. He wants to leave to Kanpur but she takes him to some place and he is puzzled. He comes to find a surprise with many old people showing gratitude to him for his big help. Rustam thanks Prateek and offers him a job and room there. Everyone applauds Prateek and he feels awe and cannot believe. He decides to not stay there since even he can have bed and job in his hometown Kanpur. She goes to punch him a bit and he falls over her. She flirts him and he begins to drool and finally they realize their love followed by a warm hug. He decides to stay there at Baby steps. The story ends on that happy note.

Kavi speaks that Diya and Prateek were speaking the same language of love and they got a new hope. He signs off by asking the viewers to share any feedback using the hashtag #LoveByChance on Bindass TV’s Twitter page.

Info on Cast:
* Diya is portrayed by actress Priyanka Bhole

* Prateek is portrayed by actor Abhishek Verma
– Currently working in Channel V India’s show Million Dollar Girl

Episode Video:
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