Airlines – Har Udaan Ek Toofan 25th January 2015 Episode 19 starring Tulip Joshi and Yudhishtir, Star Plus – Written Update


Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash and all, Star Plus

Ananya is hold responsible for old man Mr Sharma’s death. The media highlights Ananya in bad light and informs on how many lives were at risk and an old man has lost his life. Mr Sharma’s daughter holds Ananya responsible for it. Ananya’s family see it on TV and soon she comes home. Ananya gets a hug from Shefali and doesn’t say much more. Mr. Sen comes to speak with Rohit about more bad news and the Aviation ministry have sent a showcase notice and also some NGO’s demand compensation of 1 crore for Mr. Sharma’s family. Even, the INDE Airlines share prices are falling and even the International airlines license will face difficulty. Rohit asks Mr. Sen to arrange legal cell meeting and attends a call. Meanwhile, Ananya sees the media news who cites her gross negligence. Ananya gets teary eyed and speaks its all lie and informs on telling Rathod to not allow the reporter but he didn’t listen. She speaks its not ok since whole world is blaming her. Ananya gets haunted by media news and cries. She speaks of not understanding. Ananya also learns of Inde Airlines press conference on TV. Mr. Sen is shown on TV and he faces scrutiny from media people and informs them that Ananya will be doing ground duty and has been banned from flying plane until the outcome of the inquiry report which will come by next evening. Mr. Sen’s words of banning Ananya from flying plane shocks her. The media is not showing the full clip of Mr. Sen as he also spoke about inquiry report.


Ananya’s grandpa (Nana) speaks of not worrying about inquiry report since he knows that she never lies. Aakash at his end sees the news about Ananya and his boss suggests that channels need to do this to run their business. His senior boss thinks that the matter is blown out of proportion and Aakash speaks of knowing her well and she can’t do any wrong. The boss speaks that even now Inde Air is in limelight and that is not good for their investigation. Soon, the boss gets a message that Sr. Mafatlal is critically ill and thats a bad news. Ananya is at the park with Shefali and she is taunted by a lady and soon there are more taunts by other people. Ananya gets teary eyed and the people doesn’t want to let them leave. Shefali manages to call her grandpa and speaks about the peculiar situation and how they are stuck there. The lady snatches the phone from Shefali and her grandpa doesn’t reach her on phone. The media also comes to the park and they introduce Ananya as the killer pilot. They ask how she feels on taking an old man’s passenger life and wants her to answer. Shefali steps in and counters the media reporter. The media takes Shefali’s words in wrong way and soon Ananya’s grandpa and her mom comes there. He requests the people to not become the judge and wants them to stop blaming her for God’s sake. The media lady creates more bad news about Ananya.

Ananya’s mom is worried with things happening and how people are blaming her. Ananya’s grandpa speaks that she will go anywhere anytime since she haven’t done anywrong and he will see who will stop her. Meanwhile, Aakash learns about Dr. Awasthi – the one who was treating Vijay Mafatlal to be not reachable. The senior boss hopes that doctor Awasthi is fine. Shefali gives support to Ananya and asks her to think positively. Ananya speaks of having bad mood and Shefali speaks an aggregate of bad moods wil turn into a good mood and calls others’ stupidity as madness. Shefali and Ananya watch a comedy show and Ananya smiles a bit. The comedy gag speaks of Inde Airlines taking more lives than flying planes which makes Ananya bit sad again. Ananya gets a call from Mr Sen and he asks her to come at the office at 12:00 noon for inquiry meeting. She agrees to attend it. Aakash and his senior boss are worried and another team member comes and speaks that Dr. Awasthi’s family has filed a police complaint of him being missing and they filed it the same evening. Moreover, the CCTV footage of Mafatlal’s home will be found soon. Shefali sees the news and finds about Vijay Mafatlal’s death and shares the news with Ananya. Aakash’s senior boss is sure there is a connection between Dr. Awasthi’s being missing and Vijay Mafatlal’s death. Soon, they get info from their team member that Dr. Awasthi is murdered. Aakash and his boss are shocked. Aakash gets more annoyed and wants to see the CCTV footage. Mr. Sen comes to offer condolences to Rohit Mafatlal. Ananya calls Rohit and is sorry to hear his loss. Rohit speaks of being just 5 yrs when his mom left them and his dad was his only support. Ananya gives him support and Rohit gets some composure and he speaks of not knowing that management committee has decided to put a ban on her flying.

She gets teary eyed and suggests its fine that they took that decision and speaks that the media has already made her the villain. He shows confidence and speaks that the inquiry report will give her the clean chit. He asks her to not worry since he knows she can’t do wrong. Aakash and his senior boss see the CCTV footage and finds the same doctor to be present at Vijay Mafatlal’s home. The senior boss learns that the doctor is the murderer of Mafatlal and even Dr. Awasthi. The boss thinks that Mafatlal is killed because of its connection with project iD 2877 and even Rohit mafatal’s life could be in danger. Meanwhile, Ananya is attending the inquiry meeting and informs that Rathod allowed the reporter to come in the cockpit. He counters her by saying in bold voice that she allowed the reporter both in aircraft and cockpit. The inquiry people wants to play the cockpit’s recording to know the truth and Rathod is very confident he will be unharmed. The recording doesn’t play and Rathod again tries to put blame on Ananya. The inquiry personnel asks Ananya again. Ananya speaks that the reporter came on Rathod’s insistence and also the recording is deleted. The inquiry personnel puts the blame on Ananya but she wants to know how the recording is deleted. Rathod thinks Ananya as stupid and informs that she didn’t close the CVR after landing. Ananya learns that Rathod didn’t switched off the CVR intentionally so that the recording doesn’t remain there.

The inquiry personnel again asks Ananya to not blame his senior. Rohit comes there and wants to say something. Aakash at his end speaks that the hired killer’s records will not be found and thus he is roaming freely showing his face. Rohit supports Ananya and suggests that she is honest and her integrity cannot be questioned. He has brought two evidences which will prove her innocence. He shows the first evidence which is a cardiologist report from old man Sharma’s doctor and Sharma was told to not take the plane. Another letter is from DGCA and Rathod has authorized reporter’s entry in the cockpit and aircraft. Rohit suggests that things are clear now. At Ananya’s home, they are sure about Ananya’s confidence. The inquiry committee gives their decision that Ananya is innocent and all the charges against her are nullified and even the flying ban is removed. The media reports about Ananya getting clean chit from the inquiry committee. The old man Sharma’s daughter comes again to confront Ananya and continues to blame her for father’s death. Ananya comes to the airport pilot’s room and finds Aakash there and Karan compliments her and gives indirect taunt in bad taste that because of Rohit sir she got saved otherwise she would have been permanently terminated. He also suggests that Rohit did such favor for some personal reasons since Ananya is a girl and so forth. Aakash listens to it and slaps Karan and asks him to learn on how to talk to women and leaves.

Ananya comes home and Shefali is glad and even her mom speaks about her prayers and her grandpa speaks of his believe that truth always wins. Ananya speaks that even if truth won but she has lost it and cries. She blames herself for Mr. Sharma’s death and suggests that his daughter is right to say that she is the one who killed him. She shouldn’t have flied that day and speaks on feeling that she will not be able to fly again. Mr. Sen calls Ananya and informs about her next fight to Mumbai next day. She apologizes to him and speaks of not able to resume flying duties and ends the call. Mr. Sen is puzzled to hear such an answer. Ananya’s mom gives her support and speaks of birds flying in the open sky in independent manner and they fly since they want to live. For them, flying is important and in the same way Ananya needs to fly and soar high and she calls her as fighter and winners never quit. Ananya gets composure and courage and goes ahead to take her next flight with a senior pilot Aniket. She gets reminded about Mr. Sharma’s daughter believe/accusation, Mr. Sharma’s final words and the media. She thanks Aniket for agreeing to fly with her since other pilots doesn’t wish to fly with her. Ananya makes an announcement and welcomes the passengers. Aniket is impressed and all smiles. Aakash at his end looks at Rohit’s photo and also of his own last meeting with Ananya. At Ananya’s end, Aniket designates the work of landing to Ananya and she is surprised. The plane gets the ATC clearance and Ananya is told to release the landing gear but she couldn’t do it as the past memories continue to haunt her. Will Ananya come out of her blockage and implement the safe landing ?

Next Week: Aakash’s senior boss comes to Rohit Mafatal and informs about the security cover for him for 24/7 since his life is under threat. Rohit counters the officer by saying how come the owner of an Airlines which soars high freely will remain in such a cage. Meanwhile, the hired killer takes new avataar hiding his age and identity and is approaching to come at Inde Air office.  What are the hired killer intentions, whether Rohit Mafatlal is his next target or the story is quite different ?


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