Halla Bol 2 9th Episode 25th January 2015, Re-Marriage and Self-Respect on Bindass TV – Written Update


Halla Bol Season 2 on Bindass with Karan Tacker

Karan Tacker (the host) speaks that still divorce is a tabboo and doesn’t easily get accepted in our culture. We are a progressive country but still we think in that way. Today’s story is of a girl who fought and struggle after going through a divorce. The story starts with Aliya seen with her husband Ritesh at a meeting with a lawyer and they are talking about the divorce matter. She informs the lawyer that marriage is not working and there is no relationship. He asks her husband Ritesh and he replies on his life being very bad after his marriage and wants only divorce. She gets reminded of the physical abuse and how he used to slap her. The lawyer informs that it would take 6 months to finalize the divorce and suggests them to resolve the matter in that time. But she finds Ritesh already leaving the place and shows no interest in any reconcilation whatsoever.


Later, she comes home and learns on being pregnant. Her mother suggests that they can abort the child and speaks of seeing the world more. She suggests that a divorcee girl with a child is not sustainable and she can’t live in this world. Moreover, if the child is born then it would be much difficult for her another marriage. Aliya speaks on things will be difficult for her and thus she came to them for help. Her father suggests that she can go back to her husband and forget the divorce if she wants to go ahead with the pregnancy. She is shocked to hear it and her mother thinks that with child’s entry lot of things have changed and even Ritesh and his mom will change. Aliya her parents of her decision to not go to her in-laws home. She recollects Ritesh’s bad treatment, physical and mental abuse and cries in her room. She also remembers her parents latest words. Later, she decides to go with her mother to the hospital and there remembers her husband’s taunts and abuse and decides to not abort the child. She decides to keep the baby and cries and asks her mother to understand. She wants to take care of the child and upbringing well.

Later, she comes back home and her mother informs on receiving taunts from neighbours and also shows worry on how to find a groom for her. A lady Sushma comes there and her mother starts to show concern about Aliya. Sushma speaks about some proposals. Aliya’s mom thinks its good to start searching for groom from now on.. She gets support from her husband. Aliya is being told about a boy who is seen by Sushma. She replies on not thinking on such matters. Her mom suggests she should meet him. Karan (the host) speaks that who can say that a single mom cannot take care of his child in the upbringing. Why society’s insist that after divorce needs another marriage and a husband is needed ? Why don’t give controls to girls on their life ? Aliya was having all the rights to lead her life on her own terms.

Aliya is seen returning after meeting the groom who is double her age and the man’s son will be going to college next year. Her mom suggests that only such proposals will come and not that of a prince. She wants to see Aliya settle down in life as soon as possible. Aliya is seen visiting a social networking site and chats with Raman for a while and ends the conversation. Later, she meets Raman – her school friend and he supports her and asks her to not worry much. She speaks that things are same though the society calls itself progressive. On her way back with Raman, she thanks him for listening to her since he didn’t give any direct and uncalled suggestions. He presents her a gift which makes her smile. She comes home and her mom asks about Raman and then makes a taunt. Aliya tries to convince her mom that Raman is her school friend but in vain and she then apologizes. Aliya’s mom speaks of putting her profile on all marriage networking sites.

Karan (the host) speaks that whether a divorcee girl cannot have friends. But Aliya’s parents were in a hurry to get her married and she didn’t got time to settle down. Karan says that divorce is a sensitive issue which needs time.

She meets some man and the first one runs after learning that she is pregnant. She meets other men but feels lost in those meetings. She comes home and her mom earnestly asks whether there is any progress and she doesn’t say anything. Her mom brings another proposal and she has to meet a boy. Aliya’s dad suggests that she need to be more calm in such matters. Next day, she goes to meet the boy Sujeet Sinha. She asks about his MBA studies and he speaks its more important to be a good person than studies. He also shares about his 4 year old daughter and she speaks of understanding him. He offers to drop her and during the car ride he tries to touch her. He then opens-up and speaks of not wanting to do marriage and then forces upon her and says why to have a marriage since he is already bored of it. She manages to escape from his clutches and comes back to her home after that attempt of physical abuse/rape.

Her dad asks what happened and soon they understood her condition. She speaks about Sujeet’s actions who was trying to inflict physical abuse and rape. Her dad wants to file a FIR at the police station but she stops him and informs that if she haven’t ran away from there then she would have been raped. She begins to cry and speaks of understanding her parents’ worries but if something worst have happened to her then who should be blamed. Aliya reminds her parents on how her marriage was fixed with Ritesh with whom she is getting divorced now. She asks why the marriage sticker is important for them. She is young and can take care of herself and parents and asks whether marriage is everything. She speaks its better to live happily being single than living with much stress and troubles. She suggests that women are independent today and doesn’t depend on men for her identity and living. Moreover, according to her destiny if there is a boy he will come and accept her full-heartedly with her child. Her mom apologizes and blames herself for giving problems to Aliya. Even Aliya’s dad gets in teary mode and speaks of not having any fear and asks her to decide on her future and there will be no forced marriage. She hugs her mom. The story moves forward by 5 years and Jiya is born to Aliya. She is married with Amit who is her life partner and he has given her all the happiness which a girl wants. Amit and Aliya are visiting her parents home. Amit thanks her for giving him a prominent role in her life. The story ends on that happy note with Aliya’s fightback succeeding and destiny giving great support as well.

Karan Tacker speaks that a broken marriage can shake you but cannot defeat you and suggests that re-marriage with the girl’s happy consent is a welcome and positive change. He signs off by asking the girls to have dreams and to not be quiet since they are not lesser than anyone [Ladkiyan Kam Nahi in hindi].

Episode Video:
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