Raman and Ishita’s dinner date and Shagun-Ruhi's shopping drama in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mohabbatein

Raman brings Ishita for dinner for giving a Dal Makhani treat at a Punjabi restaurant. He talks like cheese with much love and tries to propose her. Raman books the entire place to maintain some privacy for his love proposal and surprises Ishita. He says he is thinking to say something. She jokes that he always stays very busy and something or else will happen even this time to limit him from saying it. She proves to be right as he gets a phone call, which again disturbs the love birds, as always.

On the other hand, Shagun takes Ruhi for shopping and Ruhi starts troubling her to seek justice for Ishita. Shagun wants to bowl over Raman by showing her newly found love for her daughter. Ruhi gets done with shopping and says she is very tired. Ruhi says she won’t walk, being adamant and asking Shagun to lift her. Shagun buys many things for Ruhi, and says she has body ache and can’t lift all shopping bags and Ruhi together. Ruhi starts shouting infront of everyone. Shagun takes Ruhi in her arms and have trouble walking, while Ruhi laughs after teaching her a lesson. Looks like Ruhi is taking revenge from Shagun as she has been scheming and hurting her Ishi Maa. Will Ruhi make Shagun away from her happy family? Keep reading.



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