Garudas unraveling one after another while Rudra's role in protecting Amrit gets bigger in Mahakumbh


Mahakumbh -Garudas Rudra

The Garuda mystery is unraveling with Shivanand trying to figure out 7 Garudas who are going to protect Amrit yet again in this Mahakumbh and gets reminded on Garuda’s protecting it 144 years ago. Rudra gets finer details on Amrit from Sahadev and his father’s predictions of it coming at this Mahakumbh. The Garudas are Rudra, Charles, Shivanand, Thappadiya Mai and Katherine and the latest entrant is Tiwari and his revelation of being a Garuda comes out after his fight with Charles. Moreover, the latest revelation is Shivanand to be the prime Garuda and he also knows that 4 are connected while 3 are unlinked and prepares to unravel the 7th Garuda which can only be known with Rudra’s help and vision.

Rudra’s equation with Swami ji and Nanu gets more deteriorated after he thrashed Nanu’s son Animesh in the wrestling bout. He also learns on Swami ji’s threat to Maya on forgetting Rudra and Swami ji makes it clear that he used her in bringing Rudra to Allahabad. After coming to know on Maya’s ill treatment he confronts Nanu and Swami ji and speaks of protecting Maya and have knowledge about their plans. The track progresses ahead with Maya’s perceived guilt makes her lead a simple life in an ashram, where she is going to meet Rudra’s mother (played by actress Shruti Ulfat). However, Rudra’s Dadi (grandmom) will be meeting Maya taking her along. Maya comes to know about Rudra’s motive in his life being the protector of Amrit. Dadi dislikes Maya for being member of Swami Balivesh’s kund and hatches a plan to protect Rudra. She doesn’t know about Maya’s true love for Rudra. Greyerson at his end is worried on Shivanand’s escape and dependent on Swami ji to find him. All the Garudas are going to link for their sole purpose of protecting the Amrit.

Who is the 7th Garuda ? What role Maya would play as the Garudas’ plot thickens and Mahakumbh proceedings going to start soon ? Will Shivanand’s confidence on patience and belief work in his favor bringing him success ? How Rudra work with Garudas in protecting the Amrit while spoiling all the evil plans of Swami ji and his family ?

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Rudra – The Protector of Amrit
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