Veer sacrifices for Rajat and Anu's love victory in Shastri Sisters


veer shastri sisters

Rain romance scene will be ahead between Rajat and Anu. The viewers will get to see love rekindling between them, but Anu still maintains her decision to marry Veer. Rajat who heard Anu talking to Devyaani about finding happiness in her lover’s happiness, now values her decision and acts just a good friend to her. Rajat buys a ring for Anu and Veer’s engagement and tells Anu that he can bear this pain for her happiness. They both leave for home from her office and get caught in rain after his bike breaks down. They have some sweet moments. Neil feels like cheating Devyaani after seeing her growing trust on him. Devyaani starts liking Neil seeing his hidden talents. Neil feels guilty about his mistake to plant Bobby in her life and admits his mistake to her.

Devyaani is stunned and finds hard to forgive him. Later on, she accepts the current changes in Neil and forgives him for the sake of their true friendship and budding love. During the engagement, everyone dance on music and Rajat asks Anu for a dance. The couple dances which makes Veer doubt on them. Veer gets irked and makes Anu wear the ring on some other finger, making engagement ritual fail. Veer acts angry after getting a parcel sent by Astha. Astha plans to make a big issue, but engagement gets done with peace. Anu meets Veer in a restaurant and he starts insulting her, to her shock. He leaves her alone and Rajat comes to her rescue, and drops her home. Is Veer sacrificing his love to unite Rajat and Anu? Keep reading.


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