Anu to hold Veer's hand; Rajat to oppose in Shastri Sisters


anu shastri sisters

Anu decides to meet Veer to keep Shastri ji’s words. She meets Veer and Kirti at a restaurant. Veer tells her that he does not care about her past, as even he went through such pain in his life. Veer and Anu have a talk and Rajat reaches there to know about Anu. He gets sad seeing Anu with someone. Veer asks Anu to trust him once and give a chance. Veer leaves the decision to Anu and goes with Kirti. Rajat catches Anu and asks her about her decision about marrying someone else. He does not see its his friend Veer. Anu tells Shastri ji that she is ready to marry Veer as she can’t see Rajat bearing more pain by his increasing hope. Rajat shares his pain with Sareen and cries recalling Anu’s love. He has faced many difficulties in his love and getting rejection again and again breaks him down. Rajat is unable to do anything, seeing Anu obey Shastri ji.

When Anu sees Rajat is leaving his work and putting himself in problem, her decision to marry Veer becomes more firm. It wrongly affects Rajat as he loses all hopes to get Anu back. Veer calls Rajat and shares the good news of his marriage. He invites Rajat and his family for a small get together. Rajat and everyone attend the party and are shocked to see Anu there. They come to know about Veer and Anu’s marriage. Rajat gets shattered and comes home. Later on, he meets Anu at her office and asks her to rethink about her marriage with Veer. Veer comes to meet Anu and hears Rajat and Anu talking. Rajat asks Anu is she happy. Anu tells him that she is happy as this is Shastri ji’s decision. Rajat tells her that he won’t let her marry Veer. What will Rajat do now? Keep reading.


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