Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 89 starring Syed Shabahat Ali and Reha Sukheja, 15th February 2015 on Bindass TV – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 89 starring Syed Shabahat Ali

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) thanks all for sending their stories to Bindass TV and today’s winning story is of a Delhi couple – Dhondiyal.


The story starts with Anu and Ranveer getting ready. While on one hand, he arranges things to look taller [putting things inside the shoes] but Anu doesn’t wear heels as she is already tall. He looks at the photo of Anu and his father comes there. He becomes nervous and his dad asks for how long he will only see photos and why is he not opening up to share his feelings to Anu. He motivates Ranveer to meet Anu as she will be leaving to college. Meanwhile, Anu asks her dad for 25,000 rupees for making portfolio. Her dad gets annoyed and speaks that even her studies expenses doesn’t cost much. But she dreams of becoming a model and have high aspirations. Her dad talks about her marriage after study but she doesn’t want to marry soon and will do what she prefers to do.

Anu and Ranveer reach the same lift of their building. She gets anxious to wait for the lift. Ranveer’s dad also joins them and he learns that Anu’s dad is unhappy with her modeling work. He speaks of helping her and wants to speak with some of his patients who work in TV advertisement. Rithvik (the host) speaks that Ranveer used to love Anu a lot and his short height complex always moves him away from her. Anu thinks him only as a good friend. Whether Ranveer will open-up to share his feelings to her or is there going to be the entry of a love hero ?

After reaching the college, Ranveer is confronted by some boys who poke fun at him and also makes taunt at his height and also talks about the difference in heights between him and Anu. Sameer takes his bag and asks him to take it and bullies him. Anu finds Ranveer to be bullied. Later, Ranveer’s dad is worried with him as he is not talking and has locked himself in the room after coming from college. Sooner then Anu comes there. She wants to stay at his home for that night and talks about her father’s behavior who has thrown away her portfolio and even teared it apart. RV’s dad consoles her and speaks of talking with her dad. Anu learns that Ranveer is quiet after coming from college and have locked himself in the room. She tries to meet him but in vain.

Ranveer is oblivious of Anu’s presence in his home and later in the night as he woke up to drink water he falls on her. She thinks he is feeling hungry and lying to speak on just drinking water. He takes dinner since she insisted a lot and he speaks of when alone they talk a lot but in college she doesn’t speak with him. [Aai Dil Tujhe Pata Hain song plays]. He gets hiccups and she asks whether he is fine. He thinks she is behaving like his mom and they have some laughs. [Gubbare.. tune plays]. Next morning, Ranveer’s dad finds Anu running and he meets her after a while. He speaks that his son getting depressed these days and asks whether he has spoken with her. He requests her to spend some time with him. He reminds her of the childhood when Ranveer used to only listen to her. She speaks of giving a shot when he asks her to go for some coffee and movie with Ranveer. Rithvik (the host) speaks that Anu and Ranveer never had love but there was some chemistry and the point was to revive it and the love hero has to do that job. Anu tries to wake him up and he thinks she came in his dreams. She gives him 15 minutes to get ready for the college and looks at his boxers and takes a photo. She asks him to get ready in 10 mins but he talks about getting threatened by Sameer.

They reach the college and she asks him whether they can for the coffee and he gladly accepts it but first goes to the library to return the book. On his way, Sameer confronts him and asks Ranveer to stay away from Anu. Sameer takes his bag and Anu comes to confront him. Ranveer makes fun of Sameer on how he is taking his bag and eventually gets it back very quickly. Anu and RV are happy and smiles. Later, Anu and Ranveer are spending time together at his home and his dad looks at them and smiles. [Love Mi Thoda song plays] She proposes that they need to go to movie but they talk about their heights and not suitable to watch at the theatre and instead wants to watch on the laptop. Anu finds her brother Aman to have some problem in his tuition class and she is worried. RV gives his word on speaking with Aman. It so happens that Rahul is confronting Aman who looked worried and RV goes to confront Rahul. RV tells him why they keep quiet and its because of the habit. He suggests that the day when he give a fitting reply then he will not be able to answer. He takes Aman away and resolves the matter. Anu finds RV helping Aman and she thanks him later. He speaks of realizing that people will find you weak when you feel yourself weak and speaks of not caring for his short height anymore. He sincerely asks whether she will be his date for the valentine party. She smiles and speaks of asking the same thing to him and gets glad. [Jitna Mehsoos Kare. song plays]

He wants to know on why she started to come closer to him. Before she replies, his dad comes and informs her on finding some patients who are interested in giving Ad/TV commercial assignments. Anu’s dad asks her to not reveal about their plan since he wants RV’s self-confidence to remain intact. She replies on caring for RV and also confesses her love for him. Later, she learns that Aman is topping in his class from him. He talks about Ranveer and asks whether she likes him. She doesn’t answer but he replies on being very happy to see her with him. Anu comes to her college and informs a friend Pooja about getting her first modeling assigment. Pooja asks her whether she will continue to roam with RV since she did it so to get her first modeling work. Anu clarifies that she came closer with the pretext of modeling but now she cares for him and also loves him. She tells Pooja to keep that matter with herself and RV shouldn’t know it. Sameer overhears their conversation and meets Anu asking whether she will come with him for the valentine’s day. She replies no and Sameer then asks whether it was a choice or deal. On that note, she gets nervous.

RV asks Sameer about the deal. Sameer replies to RV that his dad has given her a modeling assignment and thus she is giving him company. Anu tries to take RV away but he wants to know about the deal and asks whether she is doing because of his dad. He wants to know the truth and she speaks of coming to talk to him on his dad’s insistence. She clarifies that it was not for any modeling assignment but he doesn’t accept it and speaks that she is lying and leaves. Anu slaps Sameer and leaves. RV comes to his home and confronts his dad for setting up the deal. Anu also comes there and he calls her as the cheat and having mean thinking and doesn’t want to see her. She gets teary eyed and cries and speaks of loving him before but with his behavior she doesn’t want to see him and leaves by saying she is not interested in modeling. Rithvik (the host) speaks that Anu and RV got a misunderstanding which has shaken their relationship. RV thinks that Anu was acting to show love and doesn’t believe she can love him. Now, his dad who is the love hero is going to help him.

RV reminsces some nice moments he shared with Anu and gets teary eyed. [Khoya Khoya Chand… Piya Lage Na plays]. Anu is also sad and heart broken at her end. RV’s dad saves Anu’s dad after he met with an accident and brings him to her home. RV also comes there and Anu asks his dad whether her dad going to be fine. He gives his word that her dad will be fine and leaves from there since there is an emergency. RV stays there to give his support to Anu and her dad. She remains quiet and doesn’t see him. He suggests she is lying to say on eating food and the lie can be seen on her face. He suggests they eat something as both are hungry but she doesn’t show interest. He starts to eat paper and she is then compelled to agree with him on eating food. He makes sure that they eat together and thanks her for eating with him. He gets hiccups and she takes care of him. He apologizes to Anu for speaking badly with her earlier and suggests of being angry at that time. She says that it was a misunderstanding and reminds that she has confessed her feelings for him in front of all the people in the college. She doesn’t know on how Sameer knew it and didn’t let her to confess love.

He asks if she goes with him for the valentine’s party so what he should mean – Love or sympathy. On that note, she bends down on her knees and proposes to him with I love you – Ranveer Lamba message. He gets up and confesses his love for her – I love you Anu Saini. Sooner then, both get a surprise when their fathers coming there. RV’s dad speaks of enacting a drama with faking her dad’s accident. Anu and RV shares a warm hug and becomes lovestruck with a smile. The story ends on that happy note.

Rithvik speaks about the need and importance of love hero for a couple to get reunited. A young couple are the guests on the show with the boy is much shorter than the girl in the same way of Anu and RV. The girl talks about the role of the boy’s dad playing the role of love hero. Rithvik talks about Bindass’ upcoming show Zindagi Wins which starts from next Saturday @ 7 PM.

Some Info on Cast & Note:
* Ranveer is portrayed by actor Syed Shabahat Ali
– Portrayed a prominent role of Ali [Yousuf’s grandson living in Pakistan] in Google India Advertisement – Reunion where two old friends from India and Pakistan were able to meet with help of Google Search. The video got viral and later the Ad appeared on TV in November 2013.

* Ranveer’s dad is portrayed by actor Ashish Kaul

* Anu’s portrayal is done by actress Reha Sukheja
– Studied Bachelor of Economics and her height is 6 ft 1 inch. Participated in Miss India Universe 2010, aged 19.
– She is an upcoming actress and model making her debut with this episode. Some recent news article about her in newspaper (Deccan Chronicle)
* This Episode’s Love story of Tall Girl and Short Boy is the first one selected from viewers who took part in Love Heroes Contest from Bindass TV.

Episode Video:
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