Love is in the Air… for Rudra and Maya but to face testing time ahead in Mahakumbh


Mahakumbh -Rudra and Maya

Maya comes back to Rudra after ending her stay in the Ashram where she met Rudra’s mom. Rudra’s Dadi was the one who brought her back. She manages to realize Rudra on his feelings for her. They get opportunity to open-up on their inherent feelings as they visit a fair (mela in Hindi). They decide to eat corn at a nearby stall and buys two each for them but the one belonging to Maya falls down on the ground and they decide to share the remaining corn. He makes her eat corn with his hands and both get smile on their face after sharing intense eyelocks. Love is in the Air for Rudra and Maya with his eyes speaking the language of love. Rudra has full confidence about Maya’s good hearted nature and intentions and knows her love is true. Thus, he got attracted  and developed feelings of love for her. He confesses his love for her but in his usual self – Rudra.

Maya never thought even in her dreams that Rudra is going to be in love with her and thus feels surprised with delight. While, their love is blossoming but it is bound to face tribulations and challenges as Rudra is the prime Garuda in protecting Amrit and he has to keep up with his responsibilities and duty. Rudra loves her and will come to her rescue when needed and even they are linked with Karma, fate and Mahakumbh. The question arises – How far they would go to keep their love and emotions intact ? Meanwhile, Shivanand after getting info on larger role of international syndicate in their pursuit of Amrit and risk of humanity begins to take cautious steps in saveguarding his Amrit knowledge – Garudas details and other secrets. Greyerson is confident on having a trump card and wants to exploit it. How Rudra & Garudas combat Greyerson-Swami’s evil plotting & Mauni Baba’s 7 Nags ?

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