Rinki-Mihir’s dramatic marriage twist in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



Shagun’s trump card Amrita reaches on time as she planned and she gets glad to blame Ishita for this big mess. Amrita stops Nikhil and Rinki’s marriage. She says Nikhil is her husband and everyone gets shocked. She also gives proof of their marriage taken place in US and Nikhil is left speechless. Raman joins late and witnesses this. He breaks Nikhil’s garland and then beats him. He gets angry being cheated by Nikhil. Shagun starts blaming Ishita and questions her on how she gave the nod for Rinki and Nikhil without knowing anything well about the guy. Mrs. Bhalla is glad that Shagun has saved them from a disaster and is thankful to her. Rinki breaks down in the mandap as she had all hopes from Nikhil.

Shagun states Ishita did this intentionally to hurt Rinki, and no one believes her. Shagun tells them that Ishita met Amrita and still she did not stop the marriage. Amrita too tells them that she met Ishita and spoke about her husband, but did not mention its Nikhil. Shagun ignites more fire and Mrs. Bhalla agrees that Shagun is bad and this time its not her mistake to inform about Nikhil being a bad guy, she has stopped Rinki from getting into a wrong relation. Mihir goes ahead to marry Rinki, shocking Mihika the most along with others. With Rinki being a wonderful life partner for Mihir, what will be Mihika’s take on this? Keep reading.


  1. How stupid!!!what a downput i hate this tracj an i hate ishita so much because of her this happened how unrealistic is this why would someone marry when there in love wiv someone else to another person jus because someone asks them to pathetic!! Hate ishita feel sorry for mihika


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