Zindagi Wins 2nd Episode 28th February 2015, Aaliya panics at her first day in the operation theatre, Bindass TV – Promo


Zindagi Wins new show on Bindass TV

A fresh new day starts at Life Beat Hospital. Dr. Malvika is treating a patient Rohit and learns from his C.T scan report that he developed Lung abscess which needs immediate intervention and urgent surgery.  She gets the go ahead from Dr. Sinha who asks her to take Dr. Aaliya for assistance. Aaliya and Malvika goes ahead for the surgery and also Aaliya does prayers and becomes nervous as she is handling a first major surgery.

Malvika informs Aaliya that presence of mind is very important and if the surgeon gets panic leads to major disaster. Around that time, Rohit gets difficulty in breathing [sinking] and Aaliya panics more. Malvika suggests Aaliya to calm down and reminds where her concentration has gone. Malvika successfully completes the surgery and later informs Aaliya on panicing and losing her presence of mind. Aaliya gets distraught with herself on not able to be calm and have concentration during the surgery. She puts effort to gain confidence in herself to overcome her weaknesses. Will Aaliya succeed in doing so ?

Dr. Aaliya listens to heart much and believes in selfless healing while Dr. Malvika believes in medicines and a perfectionist. Zindagi wins traces the journey of Aaliya, Malvika and how they tackle new challenges while being orthogonal to each other in their thinking. Stay tuned to Zindagi Wins this Saturday @ 7 PM on Bindass TV.

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Special Preview:
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